Monday, November 22, 2010

Sun in Sagittarius

Today the Sun went into Sagittarius.  Whew! Now that we're out of Scorpio - and after that most beautiful Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon the other night - we're done obsessing, releasing and transforming (hopefully!).  Now we get to attune ourselves to the higher laws of our planet and cosmos.  Sun in Sagittarius is much more fun, as you'll know if you have any Sag friends.  So lift up you Spirit to the skies!   I always love the early evening skies at this time of year.  It is usually a beautiful sapphire blue and of course, with the approach of the holidays at Winter Solstice, even though the days are getting shorter and the darkness is growing, there is a peaceful feeling in the air.

For those of you who have planets in the early degrees of the mutual signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces - you will want to shine some light on those aspects of your psyche.  For example, I have my Mercury at 4* Gemini, which will be receiving a square from the Sag Sun in a few days.  As the square builds to exact, I might feel pressured to write more about my beliefs or at least talk about my truth.

Sagittarius is the sign where we unite our animal nature with Spirit - the horse man or centaur.  While many centaurs were quite wild (as they are, for the most part, in Harry Potter's world) the centaur Chiron was a great healer, astrologer, and respected oracle, who taught many culture heroes: Asclepius (great healer and doctor), Ajax (warrior), Hercules (hero),  Aeneas (Trojan founder of Rome), Actaeon (the hunter who Artemis changed into a stag), Theseus (who killed the Minotaur), Achilles (warrior), and Jason (who led the Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece).

So let the energy of Sagittarius and the wise centaur help you become a culture hero or heroine as well.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taurus Full Moon, 11.21.2010

Greetings everyone!

Before we begin the holiday season, this Taurus/Scorpio full Moon gives us the opportunity to unload our old baggage, clean out our emotional closet, and re-discover the values of life we want to embody.  As we passed through the veils of death this All Hallows, we were supposed to honor our dead (both our literal dead and those parts of ourselves that are no longer viable) and release them.  This full Moon, helped along by Venus and Jupiter going direct, gets the job accomplished if you want it to. 

The work isn't simple.  It is often a titanic struggle.  With the arrival of winter through the Scorpio gate, we have to shed our old skins so that we can grow new ones. The skins can't be shed if we don't release the old feelings.  And if we don't move on, we will find ourselves back in the same place next year, only more discontent and uncomfortable.   This year's Taurus full Moon invites you to accomplish this task, because the years ahead will demand real wisdom from us.  Taurus is practical and understands the laws of life.  It also wants to build something that will last.  That's why we say it rules our values and self-worth.  We know our worth when we live our values and ideals.   We can't be truly wise if we cannot accept life on its own terms and give it meaning.  It is those feelings of being a 'victim of life' that keep us unbalanced, unaware and resentful.  These old feelings have to go!  If we can do this, we have the opportunity to create a deeper, more creative life.

This month's Full Moon Cosmic Story newsletter gives you some insight into the energies at play leading up to the full Moon on Sunday.  If you go to you'll see the Taurus Full Moon newsletter and link.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Venus and Jupiter goe Direct on Thursday the 18th

Two planets that have been in retrograde motion - seemingly moving backwards from Earth's point of view - are going to station (stop) tomorrow and resume forward motion.  

You don't have to understand the language, just visualize that the Earth had pulled ahead of both planets in their respective orbits and now they are going to move forward again.  Look at the night sky where Jupiter has been shining in the past months and watch its movement.  If you get up early enough, you'll now see Venus as a Morning Star.

Venus and Jupiter share many attributes for they are both benign energies, helpful and joyful, expansive and creative.  They give us hope for the future.

Venus went retrograde on October 8th at 14* Scorpio, the degree of the Scorpio new Moon a few weeks ago, confirming the importance of the cosmic message to us:  Telephone linemen at work installing new connections.   Have we made those new connections?  I hope so.  If we take a stand on our beliefs and values, we communicate in ways that create peace within our own families, communities and nations.  We can do this with strength and love.  They are not mutually exclusive.   

The planet Venus just turned to direct motion, becoming a Morning Star in the process of descending to the Underworld of Scorpio.  Venus turned direct on November 18th at 28* Libra:  A Man becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting him.   At first I was going to change ‘man’ to ‘person’, but then I realized that the image being a man is the point.  First, sorry men:), but in general in my experience, men have a much harder time accepting the invisible, the spiritual, the intuitive than women do.  We’ve all been waiting for you to join us in our beliefs.  Welcome home!  Also, the man in the image symbolizes our action-oriented, outgoing side.  Venus wants us to see that when our actions are based on our values and beliefs, we are helped and sustained by spirit.

Jupiter has been retrograde since July 23rd and it also goes direct on November 18th.  When Jupiter is retrograde, we turn our search and curiosity within, questioning old beliefs and working to discover new aspects of ourselves. 

  Jupiter went retrograde at 4*Aries: Two Lovers strolling on a secluded walk.  This symbolizes the process of becoming conscious of our polarities and working to integrate them, so that we are whole human beings.  This is a dynamic inter-play of masculine and feminine energies.  Jupiter turns direct at 24* Pisces: On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction.   Taken after the image of the couple, we can see that the goal of this Jupiter retrograde is to make sure that we integrate all of the energies within ourselves as well as taking our unique purpose and interacting with others of like mind.  In remembering we are all in this together, we also have to be unique individuals.

Take time this weekend to enjoy yourselves.  We all deserve it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Moon in Scorpio joins Venus retrograde.

Today is not only the new moon in Scorpio, it is my oldest son's 35th birthday.  Yeah Michael!

It's an interesting day became the Moon joined with Venus early this morning.  What did Venus tell the Moon?  What is the Goddess of Love, Peace and Beauty finding out as she travels, like Psyche, in the underworld?  Or rather, what did she find out, since Venus has moved far enough away from the Sun to be a Morning Star.  This Morning Star Venus is still retrograde at 2* Scorpio - so she is still on her journey.

Perhaps what Venus is learning is  that holding onto hurt feelings is like a death.  That forgiveness is about learning that the lessons of pain, loss, betrayal, and rejection can give you the biggest and most understanding heart.  Perhaps what Venus told the Moon was that Love was worth dying (to our old ways) for.

Venus going through Scorpio is brave - who wants to face death?  But when she emerges again - back in Libra - she'll know how to be strong in the face of other people's unconsciousness.  She can be strong in LOVE>

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The US Election 2010

Today's election in the US might see some surprises.  At 8:36pm Eastern time, the Moon in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces.   All those big expectations (when the Moon opposed Jupiter at 3:24pm Eastern) might come to naught.

Then the moon is void of course until Wednesday morning at 1:19am Eastern when it goes into Libra.  So we won't know the outcome of all the races for a while.  Then the Moon goes into Libra and will square Pluto and the North Node and then conjunct Saturn.  So everyone will be depressed because probably, nobody really won. 

Hopefully, there'll be balance between both parties and people are going to have to learn to CO-OPERATE!  A new concept, huh?

With Neptune stationing on America's 4th of July chart moon, we will have to see through the illusions and realize that we're all in this together!