Friday, November 5, 2010

New Moon in Scorpio joins Venus retrograde.

Today is not only the new moon in Scorpio, it is my oldest son's 35th birthday.  Yeah Michael!

It's an interesting day became the Moon joined with Venus early this morning.  What did Venus tell the Moon?  What is the Goddess of Love, Peace and Beauty finding out as she travels, like Psyche, in the underworld?  Or rather, what did she find out, since Venus has moved far enough away from the Sun to be a Morning Star.  This Morning Star Venus is still retrograde at 2* Scorpio - so she is still on her journey.

Perhaps what Venus is learning is  that holding onto hurt feelings is like a death.  That forgiveness is about learning that the lessons of pain, loss, betrayal, and rejection can give you the biggest and most understanding heart.  Perhaps what Venus told the Moon was that Love was worth dying (to our old ways) for.

Venus going through Scorpio is brave - who wants to face death?  But when she emerges again - back in Libra - she'll know how to be strong in the face of other people's unconsciousness.  She can be strong in LOVE>

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