Thursday, December 2, 2010

Neptune and Mars: Practical Inspiration

Today Mars and Neptune form a positive astrological aspect called a sextile.  But Mars and Neptune are completely opposite energies.  And yet they are also very similar in their power to overwhelm you.

Mars is not just the God of War.  He is the god who grapples with things.  And he is the defender and protector of life.  Mars in astrology symbolizes our passion, our way of getting what we want, our energy and will power.  But never forget that he is a warrior and can lose his temper.

That's where he's like Neptune - they both have anger issues.  Neptune, the god of the seas, can let loose his fury in the waves he sends to destroy what has displeased him.

But astrologically, they are very different energies.  Where Mars uses his will to get his way, Neptune patiently dissolves what stands in his way.  Neptune symbolizes our fantasies, our longings, our addictions and our spiritual imagination.

So, today they are linked together in a sextile, a 60* aspect which is a mentally energizing aspect.  A waning sextile between two planets gives us the opportunity to reform ourselves and our environment through out-of-the-box thinking.  There can be a lot of insight and intuition present with a sextile.

That's what this Neptune/Mars alignment can offer us today.  Together, they give us the opportunity for Mars (taking action) to make our dreams (Neptune) come true.  Spend time doing some artistic project today to get your creative juices flowing.   And then focus your Mars grappling energy to use those intuitions to solve problems or open to creativity.

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