Thursday, December 16, 2010

Preparing for next week's Gemini Lunar Eclipse

With Mercury retrograde, the mind (Mercury) is inwardly focused, helping us search out the inner darkness that keeps us off balance and unsure of ourselves.  In Capricorn, we look to how our society influences us.  Where do we 'buy into' our collective culture and what shadows does that create?
While we're pondering these deep issues, sometimes the 'real' world responds with chaos as life begins to change around us.    I’ve heard stories of things knocked over, spilled water, dropped objects, missed mail more often in the past few days than in the preceding months!  Mercury is traveling very fast this time, and perhaps we are simultaneously moving through our world at different speeds. Perhaps our 'phase' is off.

Pluto, Mars, Mercury and the North Node in Capricorn focus our attention on our responsibilities to our Earth and to our society.  Pluto, North Node and Mercury in a wide square to Saturn in Libra challenge us to restructure our collective life through truth, fairness and social equality.  We begin in our own lives, so personally, we are called to inner balance, so look to your relationships to show you exactly where your shadow comes into play.   

As Pluto moves through Capricorn in the next decade, we will see the end of our patriarchal culture.  Humanity must grow up and do away with both patriarchy and matriarchy and create a society of equal partnership between men and women. 

To begin this process, at the December 21st lunar eclipse, Mars will be transiting at 11* Capricorn, the same degree as the Cancer lunar eclipse last December 31, 2009. Watch for issues you were dealing with this time last year.  How have you changed?  Mars in Capricorn gets things done, and with its square to Saturn, will make sure that whatever we do, we do with integrity and truth.

The Sabian symbol for the Mars at 11* Capricorn is:  A large group of pheasant on a private estate.  This symbol tells us something about how our natural resources have been privatized by rich individuals.  This is a natural outcome of any economic or philosophical system that values one person or thing above another.  This is an attitude that gives rise to big shadows such as greed and ignorance and violence. 

It would help the world if we looked at what makes for real security.  On an international level, perhaps we need to see how our western shadow creates the very terrorists that plague us.  On a personal level, we need to break free of our worries about social status and wealth, and think about what keeps us stuck in a consumer mentality.  The question is, what can we do for our country and for our world?

 Mars grapples with things – that’s one of his functions.  So grapple with this: do only the few continue to own the pheasants or can you imagine a world where the pheasants are free to come and go as they please as we all share in the beauty of LIfe.   

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