Sunday, March 18, 2012

Red Egg Meditation for Spring Equinox 2012

Red Egg Meditation for Ostara/ Spring Equinox, 2012

The egg is widely used as a symbol of the start of new life, just as new life emerges from an egg when the chick hatches out.   As a source of new life, the egg was a symbol of creation, spring, and fertility in many cultures and religions, long before the advent of Christianity.  The ancient Persians painted and exchanged eggs for Nowrooz, their New Year celebration, which falls on the Spring Equinox; Romans gave red-painted eggs as gifts at the new year; an egg is one of the symbolic foods on the plate at the Passover Seder which celebrates the new life of the people of Israel when they were redeemed from slavery in Egypt.  

Christianity inherited this rich natural symbolic tradition.  However, the great spring festival of Easter, the Christian Passover, added a new meaning to the symbolism of the egg, for just as the hard shell of the egg is broken open so that new life can emerge, so was the rock-hewn tomb of Jesus broken open when he rose from the dead on the third day.   Ancient cultures saw the egg as a symbol of the rebirth of nature, but Christians came to see it as a symbol of the rebirth of mankind.
Christians see the Easter egg as a symbol of resurrection: while being dormant it contains a new life sealed within it.  In the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Christ, shed on the Cross, and the hard shell of the egg symbolized the sealed Tomb of Christ — the cracking of which symbolized His resurrection from the dead.

A sacred tradition among followers of Eastern Christianity says that Mary Magdalene was bringing cooked eggs to share with the other women at the tomb of Jesus, and the eggs in her basket miraculously turned brilliant red when she saw the risen Christ. 

This meditation is to help you clear out the old energy within your astral body so that new possibilities can fill you.  Sit and relax and close your eyes.

1.      Ground and Center.
2.      In front of you is a spiral staircase going down into the Earth. Slowly walk down the spiral staircase, sinking deeper into mediation to the count of 10.  At the bottom, you see a door.  Open it and walk through.   You find yourself in front of a silvery, misty lake.  You can make out trees along its edges, shimmering darkly. The air is a silvery mist.
3.      Undress and step into the waters.  Swim out until you are cradled in the mists and waters.   Now lay back and float.  Breathe.   After a while, you can no longer tell if you are suspended in water or mist.  Relax.   
4.      Take 3 deep breaths and open your crown chakra.  Your next breath draws in the watery mists through the top of your head.  The silver mist settles around your crown chakra.  As you gently breathe into your crown, name the belief that connects you to your highest ideals.   Thank it for sustaining you – and let it go – let it dissolve into the mist.
5.      Now take a deep breath and exhale it through your 3rd eye.  Let the silver mist descend to your 3rd eye and encircle it.  Breathe into your 3rd eye and see what story you imaginally live in – optimistic/pessimistic/spiritual/etc.  Thank it for guiding you – and let it go – let it dissolve in the mist.
6.      Now take another breath and exhale through your throat chakra.  Let the mist fill your throat and let it speak your truth (silently or aloud).  Then thank it for defending you and let it go – let it dissolve in the mist.
7.      Your next breath goes through your heart.  Open it wide.  Let what you love fill your heart.  Thank them for giving you comfort.  And let them, too, go into the mists.
8.      Rest in your heart.  With each breath feel the empty chakras above your heart.  They now only contain the stardust of creation, matter in its dormant stage, waiting for the spark of life.  Let the stardust fill these higher chakras.  Rest in the silence.  Breathe.
9.      Now breathe into your solar plexis.  Let the silvery mist descend to your center of self-identity, your ego.  Who are you?  See yourself reflected in the mists, both the reality and the ideal.  Thank your ego for taking care of things, and let it go, let your identity dissolve in the mist.  What does it feel like?  (Ride the fear, breathe in the unknown.) You are Free!
10.   Let your breath fill your abdomen and feel your sacral chakra expand and contract with each breath.  Let the silver mist descend into your belly and let it take on the shape of your feelings, your hurts, and your yearnings.  Thank these desires for energizing your life.  Now let them go flowing back into the mists.
11.  And now feel your breath at your root chakra, down in the place of engendering and birth.  How are you rooted to your life?  What makes you feel solid and secure?  Feel your connection to the Earth, bless it and let it go.  Yes, even this, let go into the mists.
12.  Pull the silence, the emptiness, the original matter of creation down through your body.  Let it fill you as you wait for re-birth.
13.  Breathe.   Now stand up in the water which is mist and sink your ‘empty’ awareness down into the fires at the center of the Earth.  Pull Earth’s hot, raging fires up your spine.  Now lift your awareness through the top of your head and feel the pulsing energy of the stars.  This is a cool, subtle fire.  Pull Heaven’s eternal fires down your spine.  Let the fires meet and flow through you until they blend into a golden light in your heart.  You have taken in the power of the new light and it is entraining with your energy signature.  Breathe in and out, just feeling the energies. This is the energy of engendering creation, the great God of light come to fertilize the great Goddess of life. This is the energy you will use for your rebirth this year.
14.  The golden light glows brightly then condenses into a snake of golden light which crawls down your spine and out your root chakra.  It coils around a red egg that is floating in the watery mist.  The egg is the Goddess’ gift, her sacred temenos of life.  The golden snake flows over to the egg and circles around it.   It glows golden and crimson with new life, new possibilities. 
15.  Now the golden snake of light sinks into the red egg of life.  It is done!  Give thanks. Your new life is fertilized!
16.  Now take up the red egg and imagine placing it on your crown chakra.  Let an image come to you.  This is what you are ready to believe in this year.   
17.  Place the red egg on your 3rd eye.  What do you see, feel, think?  This is your new story.
18.  Take the egg and place it on your throat chakra.  Listen for your new truth to arise.
19.  Hold the red egg in front of your heart.  Let those you love be with you, and let something new to love be born amongst you.  This is your heart’s desire.
20.  Take the egg and put it on your solar plexis.  What new thing do you know about yourself?  How would you name yourself now?  This is your new identity.
21.  Nestle the egg against your belly.   Feel what’s energizing within you.  What excites you, intrigues you, pleases you?  This is your motivation, the engine that drives you.
22.  Tuck the red egg down in your root chakra.  Feel the vibrations.  Look to see how the upper chakras are glowing, pulsing, dancing with light.  Let an image arise of what grounds you in this life.  Why are you here – what holds you?  This is your purpose.
23.  Now hold your egg and turn around 3 x’s.  In front of you is a wooden door.  Look at it – does it have images on it.  This is the doorway to inner realms.  Go through it and turn and close it until you return next time.  There is a spiral staircase in front of you.  Slow walk back up to the count of 10 to 1, becoming more aware of your surroundings until you reach 1 when you can open your eyes.

Welcome back.  And happy Spring! 

Tend your inner red egg home and warm it every day with the fires of life.  Let your imagination feed it; let your passion give it warmth. It will grow quickly if you care for it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grand Earth Trine Magic: Time to Manifest

Magic is in the air today.  Make sure you go breathe it in.  Then do a ritual to help you manifest your heart's desire, because there is a grand trine forming today and tonight in the earth signs of the zodiac.

That means manifestation.

A trine is a triangular aspect which contains the flow of energy in a positive, creative way.  It often reveals past life talents in a chart.  See what past life (or lost dreams) energies want to help you now.   Use this trine with confidence because it can help you magnetize favorable outcomes.  Don't forget that you're not in this alone. Trines are generous with their riches.  They want us to share.  Magnetize something that will benefit all of us.

The earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.  The planets are Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Mars.  If your sun, moon or ascendent are in earth signs, you'll add a stronger energy to your ritual.  If any of these 4 planets are your ruling planet (meaning the ruler of your ascendent and if you want, the ruler of your sun sign), you'll probably have an easier time focusing the energies of this trine. 

So center your ritual or meditation around these images.

1.  Pluto is in the cardinal sign of Capricorn.  That means it drives the energies of this trine. Pluto is the energy of Death and Rebirth, of the passion that drives evolution, and the riches that come to us when we let the old die to make way for the new.  Pluto in Capricorn is slowly shredding the fabric of the patriarchy, leaving openings for new and better ideas about how we can live our lives here on this beautiful home of ours.  What aspect of this disintegration really speaks to you of the need for healing or rebirth?  Trust that feeling.  Follow your passion.

The Sabian Symbol for Pluto at 10* Capricorn is: On a sailboat, seamen are feeding an Albatross.  This symbolizes our interdependence with all of life.  Helping, nurturing and cooperation are important aspects of any society.  A sailboat uses the wind and the waves to travel over the waters, an apt symbol for working with your dreams - both your night dreams and your day dreams.  Seamen work with the energies of wind and water, hot and cold, above and below.  There is a belief that an albatross is the soul of a dead seaman, and so this would become a symbol of our need to feed our lost souls.

2.  The 2nd earth sign is Taurus.  This sign 'fixes' the energy of transformation from Capricorn, concentrating it because Taurus is where manifestation begins.  Both Jupiter, the planet of expansion, of luck, of travel and cosmic law and Venus, the planet of Love, beauty, sexuality and money are conjoining tonight in Taurus.  Go out and see it in the western sky after sunset.  Venus rules Taurus as the Empress in the Tarot decks, the Earth Mother and Queen of new Life.  Jupiter rules the Tarot card called The Wheel of Fortune, bringing in positive change.  Jupiter brings us more room to grow, to plant, to become in Taurus.

The Sabian Symbol for 10* Taurus is: A Red Cross nurse runs to aid a wounded man.  Here is another call for unity with all of life, our compassion and our need to be of service.  How will this new life you want to manifest be of service to the world?  Don't forget to make it be beautiful, feminine, nurturing and compassionate.  It's not all about the money.

3.  The 3rd earth sign is Virgo, a mutable or dispersing energy that wants us to 'get real' and down to the practical issues involved in manifestation.  Virgo pays attention to the details and makes sure everything is working well.  Mars is our desire nature, our action-oriented energy that can either carry anger and aggression or determination and willpower.  

The Sabian symbol for 10* Virgo is: A man with two heads looking out into the Beyond.  This is a great symbol for our ability to look both within and without, above and below.  It seems the basic paradox of life is that while we all appear to be separate, we're really all One Being.

Virgo is good at ritual, so when you set up this ritual, call in your Virgo/Mars energy to direct where you want this magical energy to go.  Then call in the four energies.  Let them work on your imagination and see them combine into a triangle of Light.  Set this triangle as a seal over whatever it is you want to manifest behind your 3rd eye.

Have a magical day!