Monday, April 8, 2013

The Aries New Moon 2013: A New Birth.

These are some old and new thoughts about the New Moon and what kind of seeds we could plant.  Take advantage of the Earth's energies and use them to shape your coming year.

The Goddess always works in threes.

                                         Susan Seddon-Boulet, Triple Goddess

Astrologers hold that the new year starts not only at Spring Equinox each year when the Sun moves over the equator from Pisces into Aries, but also at the first full Moon in Libra/Aries, which marks religious celebrations around the world; and most especially it begins at the Aries New Moon, since the new Moon initiates timing rhythms for earthly cycles.  This Aries New Moon 2013 is special though, because it is the doorway to the future.  So mark it well.

Just as with the Goddess in her triune form of Maiden, Mother & Crone, there are three steps to this dance:  Spring Equinox marks the physical experience of taking in equal amounts of light and dark, offering us a new balance, a new potential to work with on an instinctual level.  The Full Moon marks a shedding of skin and a new birth, a sacrifice and a resurrection, because now the new Aries energy of Self encounters its need for the Other, a Partner, a bonding with the world.  At this first New Moon of the year, choose to plant the seeds of the wisdom of your heart, which knows what needs to be created this year.  And so on this New Moon, we plant the seeds of the future.  Our future.

The New Moon's energy is seeded with the results of the recent Venus and Mars conjunction, the sacred marriage in the sky that heralds a new cycle of love and desire.  This year, the lovers join with the Aries Sun to imprint their union on our consciousness.   When Venus and Mars unite in the fiery rays of the Sun, you know that this new energy must be brought to consciousness. That's how Love and desire stay true to each other.  The sacred lovers declare, “Be who you are, love who you are, act out of who you are.” 

While common knowledge would hold that Mars is more powerful then Venus here in his own sign of Aries, our Mars is 'clothed in the Sun’  and is consciously uniting with his Lady Wisdom, his inner guidance and spiritual yearnings. One vision of this union is the re-birth of the divine Masculine in the arms of our Lady Wisdom.  That partnering would give rise to real change in our world.

This Aries New Moon draws us down into the depths of creative fire. What kind of life does your Spirit long for?  What do you really desire?  Do you love it or just need it?  Both are acceptable as long as you understand the difference.

One thing's for sure.  This new Aries energy can bring us to a whole new frontier.  Let it!

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams! 



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