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The Cosmic Story: Virgo Solar Eclipse New Moon, September 1, 2016

The Cosmic Story: Virgo Solar Eclipse New Moon, September 1, 2016

Are you The Captain of Yourself?

As we begin September, we once again enter eclipse season. This is the time of year when the Sun, Moon and Earth all dance on the same plane and so align with each other. The partial lunar eclipse on August 18th just skimmed the Earth's shadow, but this solar eclipse is very close to the lunar nodes and so there will be an annular eclipse of the Sun, meaning there will be a ring of fire around the Moon. It will be visble mostly in the southern hemisphere, but as always, all of us will be affected by the disruption of energy flow from the Sun to Earth. This gives us another chance to re-align ourselves with new intentions and new energy.


The lunar nodes move through the signs every year and a half or so. The South Node shows us what we have to leave behind. With the South Node in Pisces, we have to leave behind our addictions, our feelings of victimization and martyrdom, our illusions and delusions. With the SN conjunct Neptune, it's time to release old wounds and old fantasies that no longer serve our collective evolution. It is both a personal and collective call for releasing the soul toxins that keep us stuck in a morass of 'could have beens' and 'should have dones', of guilt and shame. Pisces symbolizes Jung's Collective Unconscious, the brooding sea of our collective soul, which has been traumatized by millenia of war, domination and brutality. It is also the place of our redemption, allowing us to feel each other's pain and understand each other's needs. 


The North Node is the place we have to develop, an energy that can heal the South Node's wounds and pain. The NN in Virgo calls us to develop a few things. First, it calls us to integrate our body, soul and spirit, becoming virginal or as my youngest, Virgo son once told me, “I am the captain of myself, mommy!” To be a virgin means to belong to yourself, to acknowledge and live out your own original being. Second, the Virgo NN calls us to service. That means that our gifts, our talents and our purpose here on Earth are meant to be shared with the world. While our SN addictions can make us selfish, our NN integrity can make us self-less, meaning we no longer have to live in the singular universe of 'I am' but can allow ourselves to gather in a universe of 'we are'. We are in this together. The Virgo NN takes the Pisces SN sufferings seriously. It's time to do something!
The Piscean pain and suffering we see in the world isn't just a matter of human suffering, but of Mother Earth's suffering, of the animal kindom's suffering. The Virgo call to service is alive and well in many places right now, as African refugees in Italy work to help earthquake victims, as firefighters battle raging wildfires in the American west and as our Native brothers and sisters work to protect Mother Earth's sacred waters and land in North Dakota. These spiritual warriors are taking a stand for Mother Earth, against the greed and insanity of the corporate machinary. We need to listen to our Native people, who still acknowledge their connection to Mother Earth. They know this is a time of choice, a time when we have to stand up for Mother Earth and each other. The keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Calf pipe, calls on each of us to realize that we are on the brink of destroying Mother Earth's capacity to heal herself. The healing has to begin within each of us so that we can work together to heal the Earth for our children.

Ancient astrologers called Virgo a 'barren' sign, meaning nothing can grow. But this is So Wrong! Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, a being who 'belongs to herself'. Virgin forests are full of Life, just as being virginal means we're full of potential. Virgo is the sign of the Mother goddess who gives life to the world, symbolized in many statues of Isis and Horus, Mary and Jesus. The fruitful womb which gives birth to new ways of doing things, to new forms. Virgo is the sign where we realize that potential in the world. This is the harvest of being Virginal. The alchemical vessel which transmutes unconsciousness into spiritual awareness, where we manifest the truth of our being.
Isis—ancient Goddess of the magic of the Word and so very dishonored by us calling those Islamic terrorists by Her name—brought knowledge and wisdom to humankind through her humility, perseverence and healing abilities. This is Virgo's true purpose. How can we all serve the greater good and help heal our world? Look at your chart to see where this Virgo New Moon solar eclipse occurs. It will give you a clue to where this new life wants to take hold.
Once again, please remember that we are still holding space for the powerful Uranus/Pluto square of 2012-15, which challenges us to find our unique role and do our part in transforming a deadly version of society that is poisoning the Earth, killing animals and people, and is only concerned with domination and power. This is the end of patriarchy—the rule of the Fathers and the white race—and it isn't going down easily. All myths about patriarchal fathers show us that they'd rather eat their own children than die themselves. This vision of life is so afraid of dying that it would rather kill off the world than die itself. And so, it is up to us to kill it by taking away its power.

Virgo Solar Eclipse 2016

The Virgo Solar Eclipse occures on Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 2:03am PDT/ 5:03am EDT/ 9:03am GMT. 


The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 10* Virgo is: Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows. This interesting image seems to indicate that if we use both our heads/brains we can see beyond the shadows and find a unity within ourselves. This represents our two brains—head and heart, right and left sides of the brain, our intuitive, feeling wisdom along with our rational, intellectual knowledge. The need to see beyond the shadows of our culture and our personal lives into the real issues that face us.
Besides the Sun and Moon, we have the North Node, Jupiter and Mercury retrograde in Virgo. So we know this is part of our collective destiny now to become a disciple—a learner, a discerner, an analyzer. Mercury turned retrograde on Tuesday, August 30th at 9:04am EDT/6:04am PDT until September 22nd. So Mercury will be in Virgo from July 30 to October 7, energizing our analytical mind and helping us discern what we need to do. The Sabian symbol for Mercury retrograde at 30* Virgo is: Totally intent upon completing an immediate task, a man is deaf to any allurement. This image shows us the total concentration needed to achieve a spiritual goal. So Mercury will be working for us these next few months. If you meditate, you will find what you seek.
With Virgo's traditional ruler, Mercury retrograde, joining Jupiter again in the evening sky (along with Venus), we get to see the beauty and power of the cosmos speaking to us of what we need to do now. Can we let go of a false sense of separation from Mother Earth, the cosmos and each other? Can we change our materialistic view of the world and instead engage in the wonder, beauty and mystery of the life we've been given? When our hearts overflow with wonder at the beauty all around us, how can we not acknowledge a deeper, more spiritual vision of life?
A New Moon is a time when the Sun and Moon join together; a solar eclipse is a special New Moon when we get to release old habits, emotions and beliefs so something new can be planted within our psyches. This solar eclipse becomes part of the ongoing Saturn in Sagittarius waning square to Neptune in Pisces, which challenges us to leave behind old beliefs, addictions and illusions of separation and find a way to incorporate the needs of the many with the needs of the individual. Mr. Spock knew it was only through that selfless sacrifice of our petty needs that we can be rebirthed into a larger vision of life.
With this New Moon's inclusion in the Saturn/Neptune square, we now have what's called a T-Square: the New Moon is opposite Neptune and square Saturn. This aspect creates more tension than the square, putting Saturn at the point of greatest tension. Saturn in Sagittarius, along with Mars, generates the energy we need to stand up for Truth—or if unconscious, the mistaken beliefs that drive us to act aggressively and with 'righteous anger'.
When the Sun squares Saturn, we are challenged to become our own authority, otherwise someone or something else will BE that authority over us. We can fall into doubt and insecurity about what we want and what we believe. It's a question of believing we are worthy of the life we want. When the Moon squares Saturn, we can fall into fear and denial, since the Moon is about our unconscious belief in ourself and what's possible. Or Saturn can give structure to our dreams and hopes, and give us the focus we need to accomplish things.
When the Sun opposes Neptune we often have an unrealistic and confused sense of who we really are and what we want. Or we can be infused with Spirit and know that there is magic in the Unknown that supports us. When the Moon is opposite Neptune we receive information unconsciously that either supports our spiritual growth or increases our delusions. We are extra sensitive to everything and everyone around us, and might want to escape into fantasies. Or it can open up our imagination so we can visualize a bigger life and purpose.
This ongoing Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces is approaching its third and final square on September 10th (here's a shout out to my grandson Raiden on his 1st birthday—don't let anyone tell you you can't do something today! Believe in your Self.). The T-Square insures that we integrate the Truth of our beliefs into our everyday life. It helps us shed our fear-based beliefs that our society, our family, our religions and our educational system have controlled us with.
The Sabian symbol for Saturn at 11* Sagittarius is: In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body. I'll bet that human shape is female. The left side is the feminine side and containers symbolize the feminine. Once again, we are urged to open to our intuitive, feminine light.
The Sabian symbol for Neptune at 11* Pisces is: Men travelling a narrow path, seeking illumination. The quest for enlightenment is often a masculine task, so for men and our rational, left brain. The enlightenment really comes from the flame in that feminine container. That's why the quest for the Holy Grail is a masculine task. It is the search for the feminine source of Life.
These two symbols find their resolution in the symbol for the Solar Eclipse degree. We have to balance head and heart, letting the heart lead the way. This will lead us to great spritual awareness and the world to a more compassionate vision. We have to develop a more wholistic vision of the world, which includes embracing the magical and mystical aspects of life.
Jupiter ends his journey through Virgo on September 9th, entering Libra at 7:18am EDT until October 10, 2017. He will bring his expansive, curious, spiritual energy to our relationships, engendering a truly fair and balanced awareness about how we relate to each other and the world.
Enjoy the energies of the Eclipse.

Walk in the Light,

My mind was a mirror -- Ernest Hyde

My mind was a mirror:
It saw what it saw, it knew what it knew.
In youth my mind was just a mirror
In a rapidly flying car,
Which catches and loses bits of the landscape.
Then in time
Great scratches were made on the mirror,
Letting the outside world come in,
And letting my inner self look out.
For this is the birth of the soul in sorrow,
A birth with gains and losses.
The mind sees the world as a thing apart,
And the soul makes the world at one with itself.
A mirror scratched reflects no image —
And this is the silence of wisdom.

~ Ernest Hyde ~

(Spoon River Anthology)

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Cosmic Story: Aquarius Full Moon (Eclipse), August 18, 2016

The Cosmic Story: Aquarius/Leo Full Moon 2016

This late summer Full Moon featuring Leo and Aquarius reminds us to go have fun with like-hearted individuals. Find your group and celebrate! Leo is all about the Heart, and when Sister Moon comes around to face this Leo Sun, she has to shine back at him the bigger reality of Aquarius—that we cannot thrive unless we share our heart's love and creativity with others, for others.
A beautiful representative of the Leo Sun is the Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet: Lioness, Goddess, Heart of the Sun. This ancient goddess comes down to us from the Age of Leo, when the lioness Sphinx watched over humankind. Below are only a few of Sekhmet's names that we still know of from this earlier Age. 

Goddess Temple: Women of Sekhmet Festival

Sekhmet, Great One of Magic
Mother of the Gods
Lady of the House of Books
She Who Walks On Forests of Rose Petals
One Who Was Before The Gods Were
Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time
Lady of Radiance
Revealer of the Ancient Paths
Flaming One
Finder of Ways
Protectress of the gods
Lady of the Scarlet-Colored Garment
Pure One
She of Great Beauty and Hope
Keeper of the Light
Lady of Strong Love
Self Contained
Only One
Lady of Enchantments
Opener of Ways
Lady of Transformations
Lady of the Many Faces 

Sekhmet, Leo and the Sun are all associated with the Heart. And like Sekhmet's names, the truth of the human heart is that we are full of possibilities; we are made up of many talents. This divine goddess shows us the abundant gifts that are possible if we trust our hearts to show us the way. This Path of the Heart is the road to Wisdom—to living a fulfilled, whole, self-aware life.

In Gregg Braden's video series Living From the Heart, he talks about the most important question we can ask ourselves: “Who Am I?” A very Leo/Aries sort of question. He then goes on explain how our left brain logic is not the only way to think about life and find direction. He talks about the new scientific discoveries that show us that our hearts actually have more neural networks than our brains. It is this Heart knowledge that gives us connection, compassion and insight into life—our feminine right-brain, the brain of the imagination. It is in uniting our head and our heart that we create a balanced life. “Fusing these two powerful neural networks, the brain and the heart, allows us to open the door to super-learning, deep intuitive wisdom and self-healing.” (Gregg Braden)
Too often, our heart wants something and our ration brain tells us why we can't have it instead of figuring out how to get it! Patriarchy has tried to cut us off from this source of deep wisdom by telling us that our hearts can't be trusted with important issues! Really????
Our feeling nature, our imagination, our wisdom. The Heart can show us how we can best express who we are. Like Sekhmet, we have many names and many abilities and many ways to express those abilities. Healer, Lover, Creator of Beauty. Transformer, Awakened, Keeper of the Light. The Heart is like Sekhmet, Great One of Magic. For our hearts are the wellsprings of magic.
We are living at one of the most important turning points in our civilization—as well as bringing in the Age of Aquarius. And one of the ways to deal with the changes and transformations coming is to understand that life does not emerge from competition and conflict as Darwin theorized, but from cooperation and connectedness. We have to understand this cosmic law if we want to create a healthy and creative future. We do better working together then alone, competing with the world. When our hearts are engaged, we know this truth.
That's the message of this Aquarius Full Moon. To shine brightly, Leo's fire has to be shared with the group. Just as within ourselves we have to unite our left-brain knowledge with our right-brain wisdom, so we have to unite our heads and our hearts. Leo rules the Heart Chakra, the energy center that unites our lower and upper chakras, our gut and our brain. It is the heart that brings it all together. Our Aquarius intelligence is as vast as the cosmos, and yet our Leo Hearts are made to open to that intelligence and transform it into LIFE.
What a blessing to us that we've been given these Hearts! Leo is generous and wants to share her bonfire. So open your heart and share in the blessings.

Aquarius Full Moon, August 18, 2016

This Aquarius Full Moon occurs on August 18, 2016 at 2:26am PDT/ 5:26am EDT/ 9:26am GMT. Although billed as a lunar eclipse, this Full Moon barely touches the edge of Earth's shadow.  It lasts around 30 minutes.  So there's not the disruption of energies usual for an eclipse. You decide—if you have planets at these degrees, you might feel it more than others.
The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 26* Leo is: After the heavy storm, a rainbow. This is a beautiful, ancient symbol uniting Heaven and the Earth. All things are in balance when these two powers are in harmony. This is the harmony of Head and Heart. The beauty of a rainbow is especially poignant after the violence of a heavy rainstorm. First we have to face our Shadows, especially the Leo shadows of pride and self-centeredness and the Aquarius shadows of judgement and rigid thinking. Then we'll be ready to fulfill the promise of the rainbow—to express our beauty, our worth, our creativity for all to see.
The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 26* Aquarius is: A mechanic testing a car's battery with a hydrometer. This image suggests the practical application of known universal laws. The battery gives the car electricity—the spark of life. We have to keep that in tune if we want to make our way into the future. Use your energy well. Ask for help when you need it. Your heart will know who to trust.
Uranus retrograding at 25* Aries trines this Full Moon and sextiles the Leo Sun, energizing this heart opening with the need to be yourself in the midst of your group. Like Aquarius, which it rules, we have to understand that we all have an equal part to play in the world. My image of Aquarius is of King Arthur's Round Table—a place where equals meet to join together to make the world a better place.
Saturn just turned back to direct motion on Saturday, August 13th.. What have you learned about yourself and your beliefs since it went retrograde on March 25th, a few days after the Libra Lunar eclipse? Saturn in Sagittarius focuses our attention on our beliefs, so we discover our Truth and have the maturity to stand up for ourselves. Now that Saturn is going forward again, keep focused on your truth so you stand up for what you really believe in as you engage with the world. Saturn is still squaring Neptune in Pisces, which can either throw us into confusion about what we believe in, or it can inspire us with bigger and greater beliefs.
The Sabian symbol for Saturn direct at 10* Sagittarius is: A theatrical representation of the golden-haired goddess of opportunity. Sometimes these symbols reflect the world-view of the psychic who spoke them. I can imagine Isadora Duncan as this golden-haired goddess! Anyway, on a deep symbolic level, this image speaks to the call of opportunities in the world around us. What is calling us? What can we do to make the world a better place? There's plenty of opportunities—just follow your heart and hear the call!
Mars is moving forward in Sagittarius and will once again join up with Saturn at 10* Sagittarius on August 24th and squares Neptune in Pices on August 25th. You might want to wait til then to jump into the opportunities presented to you, since the inner planets, especially Mars, triggers the effects of these outer planet squares in our lives. Stay open, listen to your heart and see what comes your way.
Mercury is moving through his own sign of Virgo now, slowing down as it gets ready to turn retrograde on August 30th at 30* Virgo. Before his retrograde, Mercury opposes Chiron in Pisces on August 19th and joins Jupiter in Virgo on August 22, opening the mind to the needs of the many and how we might help heal some collective wounds. It's another example of uniting the head and the heart, our logical mind and our intuitive, feeling heart.
The Sabian symbol for Mercury retrograde at 30* Virgo is: Totally intent upon completing an immediate task, a man is deaf to any allurement. 30* of an sign is important—it's the culmination of that sign's energy. Can we stay focused on our work like this man? Can we complete the task of this year—to find our unique Self and Truth as we shed the lies of patriarchy?
Venus is also in Virgo and having connected to the Neptune/Saturn square earlier in the monthn now joins Jupiter and then Mercury at the end of the month, once again aligning our heart and head as we head into the fall and our harvest time here in the North. Our friend down South will be looking forward to Spring right about now!
The Aquarius Moon and Aries Uranus form the base of a mystical YOD to Mercury & Jupiter in Virgo, challenging us to take up this sword of Light and use our analytical brains to listen to the power of the heart. The healing comes from listening to those things and people who have been made irrelevant under patriarchy. So listen to your heart, your gut, your feelings, your imagination, your wisdom and get your analytical, logical brain to figure out what you need to do.
Look around you. The world is a beautiful and fragile gift we've been given. Look at your family and friends and be grateful for the love you have. Appreciation, cooperation and creativity are all worthy gifts of Leo and Aquarius. What abundance we have to celebrate!

Walk in the Light,

Being a Person

Be a person here. Stand by the river, invoke
the owls. Invoke winter, then spring.
Let any season that wants to come here make its own
call. After that sound goes away, wait.

A slow bubble rises through the earth
and begins to include sky, stars, all space,
even the outracing, expanding thought.
Come back and hear the little sound again.

Suddenly this dream you are having matches
everyone's dream, and the result is the world.
If a different call came there wouldn't be any
world, or you, or the river, or the owls calling.

How you stand here is important. How you
listen for the next things to happen. How you breathe.

~ William Stafford ~

(Quiet Places: Poems)