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Aquarius/Leo Lunar Full Moon Eclipse, August 7. 2017

The Cosmic Story: Aquarius/Leo Lunar Full Moon Eclipse, August 7, 2017
Lammas & The Power Gate of Leo

With this Monday’s Aquarius Full Moon, which is a partial lunar eclipse, we are half-way through the Sun’s journey in Leo. A lunar eclipse is a potent Full Moon which offers us a chance to release old emotional patterns we’re still holding onto. On the Aquarius/Leo axis, those patterns relate to how we hold ourselves back to ‘fit in’, how we hold onto ideals and judgments that no longer serve us, and most especially, how we let our heads overrule our hearts. How we dim our light.
All eclipses help us shift our reality. The light and energy of the Sun is blocked out from the Moon by the Earth, disrupting and then re-aligning energies. This eclipse asks, how can we let our Leo leadership abilities, our creativity and our bravery shine out to add to, not take away from, the Aquarius group Mind? I like to think of Aquarius as The Round Table where we all sit as equals, and this eclipse tells us to stop being afraid to let ourselves shine out, especially when we’re with our group. So let your Lioness roar and call out to your group. The roars from your pride will come back to you. And then let your group—your pride—support you.

In Leo, we look to the characteristics of the lion to understand why Leo is associated with the Sun as well as the Heart. While male lions are often solitary, groups of lionesses live together with their cubs and a few lions, forming a pride. Male lions protect the pride, and it is in this role of defender that we see Leo’s leadership ability. Both male and females hunt for the entire pride and perhaps that’s where Leo’s well-known generosity is rooted. Lions are also playful – one of the ways lionesses teach their young. Just as humans play with their kittens! Don’t forget, fun is definitely a Leo word! And passion! Another good Leo word, for passion ignites consciousness!
We are most creative and ourselves when we’re having fun!
Lions and lionesses are featured in most ancient mythologies and depicted in cave paintings and temple carvings from over 40,000 years ago. From Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia to the Americas, lions have been connected with royalty. Lions came to represent kingship and bravery, while lionesses were seen as fierce hunters and warriors. Many ancient goddesses have lionesses supporting and upholding them. The fierceness of a mama Lioness protecting her cubs is well known and these ancient lioness goddesses were invoked to protect their people. 

Sekhmet ~ Katlyn Breene
Perhaps that’s what we are being called upon to do now as the Sun and Mars dance in Leo. The divine Feminine warrior has been resurrected (have you seen Wonder Woman?—definitely in tune with the new Venus in Aries cycle) so we look to Sekhmet, the Lion-headed Goddess of Egypt to show us what a feminine solar warrior does. She shows us how to protect our people, our world, our Mother Earth from the savagery of patriarchal beliefs, especially from the cancerous religion of capitalism. She fights and will destroy, she heals and protects, she loves and rejoices. She has 10,000 names.
Did you know that we have fossil remains of lions from over 500,000 years ago? 10,000 years ago, during the Age of Leo, the lion was the most widespread large land mammal after humans. No wonder the ancient Egyptians honored the mysterious Sphinx, which might have come down to us from that long-ago age, along with Sekhmet, whom you met in my 1st Leo New Moon newsletter. (if you didn’t already know her!) The strength, power and beauty of these lady warriors is returning to our collective consciousness; not as pale imitations of male heroes but as uniquely powerful women warriors who also know the power of love.
The Queen has returned!

The Lionsgate

This year, the opening of the Lionsgate is especially potent, since astrologically, the Leo Power Gate is at 15* Leo (just as there is a powergate at 15* Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius). With the Full Moon occurring at 15*25’ Aquarius/Leo, we are truly in this energetic vortex. This is the degree in these four power signs that is a doorway to the riches of each of these archetypal journeys. In Leo, the riches we discover are self-confidence, power, leadership, pride, creativity, self-awareness and light, our light. In Aquarius, we discover our visions for the future, our connection with society and our archetypal Mind. This Aquarius Moon will shape and embody these Leo gifts, will take Leo’s offerings and shift out what is useful for our collective well-being.

1st Harvest

This is the season of Lammas, the Celtic festival of first harvest, when the King sacrifices himself for the good of the land. It is the festival of first fruits, which are always offered to the gods. For each of us, it is a time to celebrate the beauty and wonder of life as well as to release/sacrifice those aspects of our character—you can call it the Shadow—that interfere with us shining our light into the world. You can read my Lammas story at The Bard’s Grove. It’s also interesting that after Lammas, the light begins to decrease rapidly as the Sun descends toward the equator at Autumn Equinox (for the Northern Hemisphere—Down South, Happy Imbolc!).
So in this time of great Light, we are called to shine out at the approaching darkness. This is our time to do it, if there ever was a time in history. Chaos is breaking through, as the grip of patriarchy loses its strength. An old order is dying and if we want to create the ‘paradise’ that we actually have the potential to create, we have to step up. We have to stop wars, stop the degradation of our environment, have to stop poisoning our food, our people and our minds. Those in power won’t stop—these poisons give them power. We the people—especially Americans who will be singularly affected by the August 21st total solar eclipse—are responsible for our future. That’s the whole promise of America, isn’t it? Self-determination. So as light-bringers, our work is to be creative and find ways to heal the minds and hearts of our fearful neighbors.


The Aquarius-Leo Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipses

The eclipse occurs on Monday, August 7, 2017 at 11:10am PDT/ 2:10pm EDT/ 6:10pm GMT. This lunar eclipse will be seen all around the world except for the Americas. Since we’re the only ones getting hit by the solar eclipse in two weeks, we can’t complain!

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 16* Aquarius is: A big businessman at his desk. Oh, this symbol can be taken quite literally about you know who! Or we can see someone who understands how to organize large groups of people and things. As a sign of collective consciousness, Aquarius can be future-oriented (Uranus as ruler) or stuck in conventionality (Saturn as ruler). Let’s vote for an organizer who understands what people need and want. So use your imagination to figure out how to release the control and greed factors of being a ‘big businessman’ within your own psyche – that’s the Shadow to be released. Let life flow a bit and let it reorganize itself. The true patterns of life will emerge. Then you’ll know what to do.
The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 16* Leo is: The storm ended, all nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine. The potential of this degree is a release from ‘the dark night of the soul’, a rebirth of the light and a new beginning. Here comes the Sun! And life rises up in response.
As this new life arises, let it self-organize. Don’t be afraid to be weird or original if that’s what life demands. Who knows what we’re really here for?
Reading the story of the chart is interesting. All 4 elements are involved and therefore we have lots of trines, which create blessings for us. Creativity, opportunity, an open Mind and Heart are the gifts attending this eclipse. Earth—Pallas in Taurus, Mercury and Vesta in Virgo, Juno and Pluto in Capricorn; Water—Venus and Ceres in Cancer, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces; Fire—Eris and Uranus in Aries, Mars, Sun, Moon and North Node in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius; Air—Jupiter in Libra, Moon and South Node in Aquarius.
As you can see, fire is definitely strong with air fanning the flames. This is a lot of masculine energy. We have lots of inspiration, passion, vitality. It wants to go into something or it will burn through your life. The feminine energies of earth and water use their magic to tame and channel those energies though. Understand that your emotions, when named, become feelings which can tell you what you value. Earth is your grounding, so you don’t fly away into the vortex. Remember, the feminine warrior! We have the ability to ground and nurture all that creativity, especially with the Moon tempering the wild winds of Jupiter into the solid, contained Leo bonfire.

The Leo Sun is once again aligned with Mars in Leo, just like at the 1st Leo New Moon. The Aquarius Moon will be blocked from making her usual judgments by the eclipse, so see where your Martian energy wants to take you. Let it play—Mars is just an aspect of Eros—the god of desire! Listen to your heart—your head is anchored in the past (South Node in Aquarius conjunct Moon). Old friends, groups, communities, goals, ideals will tug at you. Stand your ground; let Pallas Athena help, because the wise strategist squares this Full Moon from Taurus. Let that peaceful energy shift through all the things we think we ‘need to do’ and find what we ‘want to do’.
The fire of Eris in Aries will block any effort to go ‘against the heart’ by creating discord in your life—so listen for the signs. But if you resonant with the cosmic laws of life, Saturn will hone your desires and help build trust in the outcome. Both Uranus, which just turned retrograde on August 2nd and the Leo North Node add a bit of color and celestial magic to the fires burning within and without. (2017 is the worst year for fires on record.) We need to contain our inner fires—as within so without! Let’s work some Earth magic and help stop those fires as we stop burning. What’s happening in the world is intense, but don’t get caught up in it. Be in the world but not of it. Listen to your own rhythm—your heart’s rhythm.
Jupiter in the air sign of Libra expands and accelerates our quest for wholeness and balance, and adds this beneficent energy to the Full Moon. If we want to heal the divide between us, we have to heal the divide within us. Balance your feminine imagination with your masculine rationality, your receptive side with your assertive side, your love with your will.
Know your desires, check in to see if your heart agrees and let Pallas in Taurus find ways to build it into your life. The universe will provide us with opportunities and choices. Pallas can help with the choices. She’s connected with the power and riches of Pluto in Capricorn and has the analytical awareness of both Mercury and Vesta in Virgo to shape it into a masterful form. Trust Pallas’ groundedness—she knows how to deal with things. Just don’t repress your Sun/Mars energy! You’ll probably end up hurting yourself.
Go outside and be in nature so you can hear Mother Earth’s wisdom.
Venus and Ceres, the nurturing Mother, swim together in Cancer. Our hearts need are our hearts need. Love what really nurtures your growth, not what nurtures your fears. This aspect is like the Tarot card, the Empress. She is life’s fertility, beauty, peace and abundance. Let her swim and imagine, because Neptune in Pisces will support her imaginings with the power of the Collective Unconscious. The World Soul needs us to acknowledge what we’ve rejected and vilified. Instead of power, ask for love. Instead of work, ask for creative expression. Instead of money, ask for vitality and fun. Instead of fear, ask for hope!

Uranus begins its yearly retrograde on August 2-3 at 29* Aries: The music of the spheres. It’s time to turn within and listen to the voice of your soul. The wisdom is there. Pay attention to your dreams – the best source of news about YOU!
Jupiter in Libra has its 3rd and final square with Pluto in Capricorn on August 4th. Jupiter expands and accelerates, while Pluto takes us deep into our evolutionary path. Watch for the signs – it’s time to deepen! The movie Detroit comes out today. It’s about social justice or injustice. Will we heed the message? Jupiter/Pluto evolution.
Mercury goes retrograde on August 12th at 12* Virgo. The Sabian symbol for 12* Virgo is: After the wedding the groom lifts the veil from his bride. The feminine is the dream of love and connection, of safety and home. The masculine must unveil that dream and act on it.
The most fun part of this retrograde is that Mercury stops and turns direct on September 5th at the degree of the Total Solar Eclipse at 29* Leo: A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves, ready for rebirth in human form. The longings of the heart cannot be ignored forever. Mercury wants us to name it, be it, and do it.
On August 15-16, Venus opposes Pluto and she squares Jupiter. When love comes up against power and expansion, it’s always wise to listen to your body, trust your intuition and know your values.
This lunar eclipse is speaking to us Baby Boomers born between 1946-1950, when Pluto traveled between 12*-16* Leo. Our evolutionary path is calling to us. Be The Fool and follow your dreams!

Until next time. See you at the Solar Eclipse!

Red Bird Explains Himself

“Yes, I was the brilliance floating over the snow
and I was the song in the summer leaves, but this was
only the first trick
I had hold of among my other mythologies,
for I also knew obedience: bring sticks to the nest,
food to the young, kisses to my bride.

But don’t stop there, stay with me: listen.

If I was the song that entered your heart
then I was the music of your heart, that you wanted and needed,
and thus wilderness bloomed that, with all its
followers: gardeners, lovers, people who weep
for the death of rivers.

And this was my true task, to be the
music of the body. Do you understand? for truly the body needs
a song, a spirit, a soul. And no less, to make this work,
the soul has need of a body,
and I am both of the earth and I am of the inexplicable
beauty of heaven
where I fly so easily, so welcome, yes,
and this is why I have been sent, to teach this to your heart.”

~ Mary Oliver ~

(Red Bird)

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