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The Cosmic Story: Scorpio New Moon, October 30, 2016

The Cosmic Story: Scorpio New Moon, October 30, 2016
Entering the Cauldron of Regeneration

The Sun entered the sign of Scorpio on Saturday, October 22, 2016. Leaving behind the airy social realm of Libra, we now plunge into the dark watery realms of the Unconscious. As we worked to balance our inner and outer lives in Libra, now we come to the point where we have to let go of what no longer serves us. This requires that we turn within and look at those emotions which keep us imprisoned in our pasts.
As we face our inner darkness, the world outside is also growing dark. The Sun moves lower into the southern hemisphere, bringing them the warmth of Spring and coming Summer, while leaving us in the North with fading light, shorter days and colder weather. Nature is letting go of its life as the year dies.

Just after this intense New Moon we'll be celebrating Samhain, the last Gate of the Wheel of the Year. At Samhain, the old year dies so the new year can be born. The veils between the world are very thin, and the spirits of the dead are very close to us. We celebrate Samhain, Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, the Day of the Dead, All Saints Day and All Souls Day to honor our ancestors at this transitional time. 

Hecate ~ Katlyn Breene
The great goddess who embodies the energies of Samhain is Hecate, most ancient Goddess of the Triple Crossroads, Queen of the Witches and Guide and Protector on the road to the Underworld. She stands at the Crossroads with her two torches and her black dog at her side. She can see the past, the present and the future and while we each have to choose our path, she lends us one of her torches and sends her faithful companion to guide our steps into the mystery of our future selves. For more about Hecate:

Scorpio New Moon

Scorpio is often considered the most powerful sign in the Zodiac, and those who incarnate as Scorpios, some of the most powerful souls. For Scorpio's initiation is pivotal to our soul's growth, which is to die to be reborn again. For anyone living under patriarchy, where we have been disconnected from our feminine, soulful consciousness, death is the ultimate test to our unconscious Ego. We have been taught to fear death as a punishment or an end, rather than as a transition, a change that will give us back eternal life. And so FEAR is the Gatekeeper we have to face as we sink into the dark, murky emotions from past lives which keep us stuck in old patterns of disconnection, betrayal, horror and hurt. 

 Charon & Psyche ~
John Roddam Spencer Stanhope
It's interesting that the American elections are always held during the Sun's transit through Scorpio, signaling a transition of power, a transformation of our collective lives. Indeed, that's also what Scorpio is about. Power. The ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Pluto, or Hades, is the Lord of the Underworld, ruling the unconscious depths within us. These depths can lie quiet when we live by ourselves, but they get stirred up when we relate to others. And that's why Scorpio also rules intimacy, the emotional sharing that's necessary for a deep, rich life. And Mars the Warrior is what is needed to give us the courage to face those emotions.

Scorpio is concentrated emotional power which propels the energy of evolution, and so it is the repository of unconscious instinctual drives, old emotional patterns and attachments and the compulsive tendencies that we bring with us personally and collectively from other lifetimes as well as from our early childhood. These old emotional wounds keep us stuck in fear and suspicion. Jung called them the Shadow. They are the parts of us that we can't see about ourselves and which we tend to project onto others instead of taking responsibility for ourselves. The Shadow is alive and well in our culture at the moment. Perhaps the very obvious examples we see in the news will help us deal with our personal Shadows.

When we operate out of these unconscious patterns, we tend to use emotional manipulation, defensiveness and vindictiveness to get our way. This is the lowest form of Scorpionic energy, the unconscious energy of survival at all costs. The Snake often symbolizes this aspect of Scorpio, although its transformation is possible with the shedding of its skin—or our unconscious Ego drives. In many ways, snake is best seen as our instinctual wisdom so perhaps the better symbol is the Scorpion, which will sting itself in its frenzy to sting the other. We've seen this kind of lower Scorpio energy in some of Donald Trump's attacks on women and minorities instead of admitting his own mistakes.
Scorpio has three symbols because it concerns the process of transformation, and three is the number of process. The unconscious residue from other lifetimes which eats away at us is symbolized by the scorpion. Once we begin to recognize our Shadow and can name it, the symbol shifts to an Eagle. And Eagle is the highest flying bird, able to see far and wide. Like Great Spirit, it gives us an overview of our lives. Eagle Scorpios can look at and name their Shadows, but they can also repress those shadowy instincts and certainly not talk about them! They use their will power to keep those negative instincts in line. 

But that's just a step to the third part of the process: the death of old habits and complexes. The re-integration of those repressed emotions and instincts then give rise to a new birth, which is symbolized by the phoenix, who burns up old karma and arises out of the ashes with a new, spiritual vision. This is the initiation of Scorpio. To go through all the tests that life brings us and learn from our mistakes and find the meaning of what it is we are sent here to learn.

The two ruling planets of Scorpio are Pluto and Mars. Pluto, as Lord of the Underworld, contains the raw primal power of evolution, the unconscious urge to be more than we believe we can be. We can't stop Pluto's energy of transformation—we have to give over control and roll with it. Pluto exposes what is dead and decaying within us as well as within our society. And then he wants to throw it in the cauldron of transformation so we can use that energy for new life once it's cooked enough.

Mars is our desire nature, our ability to go after what we want, our will to achieve. As Aries' ruler, he goes out into the world to conquer it, to become 'somebody'. In Scorpio, Mars becomes a tightly focused laser with the ability to turn within and use its willpower to achieve its goals. This is the energy we need to face our Shadows and dance with them until they yield the golden energy within them. 
So with this Scorpio New Moon, we have a chance to plant a seed of power, the power to transform what is dead into soil for new growth. It is a time of letting go and shedding our old skin (that Scorpio Snake).

Scorpio New Moon October 30, 2016

The Scorpio New Moon occurs on Sunday October 30th at 10:38am PDT/ 1:38pm EDT/ 5:38pm GMT. 

The Sabian symbol1 for the Sun and Moon at 8* Scorpio is: A dark lake bathed in Moonlight; a powerful dragon slowly rises from the water. This beautiful and intense symbol speaks of the power of the unconscious to inspire us through the imagination. It reminds me of the dwarf king's initiation in Guy Gavriel Kay's magnificent Fionavar Tapestry trilogy. In this story of the end of an age and the defeat of an ancient evil, Matt Soren, the true king and Kaen, who has ruled the dwarves in Matt's absence and who has gone over to the dark side, must throw their creations into the magical lake on Full Moon night. The guardian spirit of the lake is a Dragon of great antiquity and power, who arises to choose which candidate is worthy to be king. Like Matt, we too must give our offerings to the Collective Unconscious and see what arises from that exchange.

Mercury, which entered Scorpio on October 24th, is conjunct this New Moon. Mercury in Scorpio has strong emotional intelligence, able to see below the surface and strategize its next moves. There's a strong will here and an ability to communicate its vision to others. The Sabian symbol1 for Mercury at 10* Scorpio is: Dinnertime at a beautiful old home; the father says a prayer and breaks bread. This image of gathering together, sharing food and blessing the meal helps us remember what is important in life. The blessing unites us with higher consciousness, shaping the mundane into the magical. 
Both rulers of this Scorpio New Moon are in Capricorn, the sign of our collective culture. While Pluto has been swinging his cosmic wrecking ball back and forth, bringing down rotten structures and dead weight, Mars is working to preserve what is still useful. Mars in Capricorn is happy to focus on what needs to get accomplished and does it. Mars here exhibits leadership and experience, taking responsibility for his actions.
On the day before this New Moon, October 29th, Mars in Capricorn will square Uranus in Aries, perhaps setting off some unpredictable chain of events, especially regarding the US election. Personally, watch out for accidents because this energy is intense, dynamic and erratic. Freedom to be you clashes with the need to take responsible action. Mars has set off the Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square throughout this past month, so if you've been feeling the Bern again, try to find ways to turn your ideals into action. On the day of the US elections, Mars is at 29+* Capricorn, signaling a responsibility to act thoughtfully and conscientiously before Mars slips into Aquarius at 9:52pm PST. That means, “Go vote!” Whether or not you're happy about your presidential choices, voting for members of Congress is even more important. 
The Sabian symbol1 for Mars at 23* Capricorn is: A soldier receiving two golden medals for bravery. When we stand up for our principles and do the right thing, people take notice and we become examples. This is the perfect time to stand up for our ideals, even without getting those medals!

The Sabian symbol1 for Uranus at 23* Aries is: A woman in a summer dress is carrying a precious veiled burden. New life is possible when we know what's important and precious. This is a great image for the protesters against the Dakota Pipeline. They are holding the space for the Water. Water is Life!
Also on Saturday, October 29th, look for the Venus/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius, making this day even more intense. When Saturn and Venus join together, we often feel unloved and unappreciated, as well as frustrated that we can't connect to what we love. (Donald Trump has a natal Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, so he might be feeling this one very strongly, since it also is near his Moon and South Node in Sagittarius.) It may feel like you can't get what you want—as the Rollings Stones sing it, You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find you get what you need!

The Sabian symbol1 for both Venus and Saturn at 15* Sagittarius is: Ground hog, out of its winter sleep, looks for its shadow. This is a image of prophecy, the foreshadowing of events and the willingness to believe in the possibilities presented to us. So put your intuitions to the test today and trust yourself!

The New Moon, and most especially Mercury, trine Neptune in Pisces, opening us to the Collective Unconscious and its deep stories and ancient songs. Meditate and listen to your imagination today to discover what deep soul longings want to be reborn within you. The Sabian symbol1 for Neptune at 10* Pisces is: The aviator sails across the sky, master of the high realms. This seems to echo the energy of the Scorpio Eagle, the ability to see further and deeper than usual. So attune yourselves to higher wisdom and find that new perspective that will give rise to a better future for yourself and for all of us. Don't doubt yourself! 
It's time to step into personal as well as our collective Darkness with courage and a willingness to 'take Death as your adviser' as don Juan advised Carlos Castaneda. 
Have a blessed Samhain/All Hallows. Ask advice from your ancestors and face the unknown with courage. 
Bright Blessings!
Sweet Darkness -- David Whyte

When your eyes are tired
the world is tired also.

When your vision has gone
no part of the world can find you.

Time to go into the dark
where the night has eyes
to recognize its own.

There you can be sure
you are not beyond love.

The dark will be your womb

The night will give you a horizon
further than you can see.

You must learn one thing:
the world was made to be free in.

Give up all the other worlds
except the one to which you belong.

Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness
to learn

anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive

is too small for you.

~ David Whyte ~

(House of Belonging) 

1.  Steve Eardley, The Revised Sabian Symbols.

Copyright 2016 Cathy Pagano.  All rights reserved.

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The Cosmic Story: Aries Full Moon 2016

The Cosmic Story: Aries/Libra Full Moon 2016
Make Love Not War

Volatile. Tense. Strained. Charged. Explosive. Inflammatory. Turbulent.

This weekend's Full Moon is supercharged by disruptive Uranus, the newly discovered dwarf planet Eris, intense Pluto and assertive Mars. Wow! Explosive energies. Or transformative energies. It's up to us. The Full Moon falls right into the lap of the intense Pluto/Uranus squares of 2012-2015. Have we woken up and evolved yet?

While most of us know about revolutionary Uranus and evolutionary Pluto and their 60s dance, and the always on-demand warrior archetype of Mars, few of us know about this new 2nd largest dwarf planet in our solar system out beyond Pluto. Named after the Greek goddess Eris who was made famous in Homer's Iliad as the Goddess of Discord, Strife & War. As with all patriarchal myths, we have to dig deeper to see the real goddess energy behind the perceived (by Greek men) energy.
In Homer's tale of the Trojan war, Eris is the sister of Ares, the war god. When she isn't invited to a wedding, she comes anyway and roles a golden apple into the banquet hall where all the Greek gods are celebrating. For the Fairest One it says. Thereby causing Strife among the gods, who turn to a human prince, Paris of Troy, to make their choice between Hera/Power, Athena/Wise Strategy and Aphrodite/Love & Beauty. The human prince chooses Love. And so starts the Trojan War.
Like the 13th Faerie/witch/wise woman in the fairy tale Briar Rose or The Sleeping Beauty of the Woods, this aspect of the Divine Feminine was rejected by patriarchy, and it will always cause trouble if we don't acknowledge it. This is the feminine warrior who stands up for the truth of our hearts. And when she's ignored and enslaved, she causes strife and discontent. It's a big Shadow coming into clearer view in America at the moment. What kills love quicker than being forced? Aphrodite with her beauty and sexuality has been made to serve all patriarchal systems, and now we see the disease of that rape. Aphrodite's revenge is to cut ourselves and others off from our hearts and souls.
When we 'disconnect from our hearts', we're disconnected from our essential grounding and are plagued by our fears and insecurities. Then we disconnect from others. Through fear's lies and hypocrisy, we create discord and strife, choosing competition, domination and control rather than cooperation, consideration and compromise. And to win what? Money, power, fame—all the things that young prince Paris rejected. And the Beatles sang, “Can't buy me love!”
The core disease of our society is the disconnection between our Heart and our Head.
So the Sacred Marriage of Love and Strength must be consumated within each of us.

According to Wikipedia, the Greeks had another view of Eris. In Hesiod's Theogony, Eris/Strife, the daughter of Nix/Night, brings forth her children: Hardship, Forgetfulness, Starvation, Pains, Battles, Wars, Murders, Quarrels, Lies, Stories, Disputes, Anarchy, Ruin and false Oaths.
It's important to understand how our Western culture has been shaped by a patriarchal mindset. Strife does cause hardship, pain, forgetfulness, murders, quarrels, anarchy and ruin. And of course, false oaths, lies or broken contracts do cause strife. As the daughter of Nix/Night, Eris' mysteries are dark, but not evil. Starvation, forgetfulness, pains, stories and disputes comprise the painful aspects of life. That's just part of having a human, earthly nature. That's what we're here on Earth to experience. Perhaps it's even our soul's initiation: Who do we become in the face of the darkness of human nature? How do we handle those experiences? Do we choose war and betrayal? Or courage and compassion?
Strife and discord are part of the human experience. But the interesting thing is that if you look up the origin of the word discord, it means dis-against and cor-heart. So discord means to go against the heart. Of course it does. We are not thinking with our hearts when we choose wars, murders, quarrels, disputes and lies. Paris was a smart man when he choose love. Perhaps he was a follower of the Goddess, a kind and strong warrior of heart. And so he chose connection. But the rest of the guys were set on war and spoils, hell bent on strife. This story sets the tone for for the next 4000 years of patriarchy. Make War, not Love!
So what does this have to do with our upcoming Full Moon?

The Aries/Libra Full Moon, October 15-16, 2016

The Aries/Libra Full Moon occurs on October 15 at 9:23pm PDT and on October 16th at 12:23am EDT/ 4:23am GMT. 
The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 24* Libra is: A butterfly with an extra left wing, balancing on a wreath of baby's breath. This is an image of delicacy, for what is more insubstantial than baby's breath? What is the delicate balance we have to sustain? Butterfly is an apt symbol for the psychological freedom that comes from transformation. Butterfly symbolizes our soul and for this butterfly to have a third wing goes back to the tension of opposites and the transcendent function which creates the new pathway. And of course, left belongs to the feminine, so the feminine capacity for imagination is becoming more conscious and connected to the Self. Steve Eardley's The Revised Sabian Symbols states that this image is connected to Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance, to the High Priestess and to Aphrodite, 'to grace and poise and to graceful harmony and interdependence'. Our conscious viewpoint must be graceful if we want to relate well with others. Why be crude?
The Sabian symbol for the Moon and Eris at 24* Aries is: Spring breeze blows a gauzy white curtain into the shape of a cornucopia. The breath of new life, those gentle Spring breezes, can shape our imaginations. When we open our inner windows and let in fresh air, the thoughts and ideas that are 'in the air' take shape for us. Stay connected with your heart while you listen to the wind. The cornicopia is a symbol of abundance and nurturing. Why not imagine what good things you desire? Now this is where the balance needs to be struck between Self and Other. Yes, imagine what you desire, but also keep in mind the needs of other beings and the Earth. This mindset will ensure prosperity for all of us.
The Sabian symbol for Uranus conjoining the Moon at 23* is: A woman in a summer dress is carrying a precious veiled burden. The word burden comes from the same root word as 'to bear, to give birth, to carry'. When I first saw this symbol, I immediately felt the woman was carrying a baby. There is something precious about new life that needs to be veiled from too many eyes and opinions. The summer dress goes along with the cornicopia—summer is a time of growth and abundance. So there's that abundant attitude. And yet, she has a responsibility (part of the burden) to that veiled being. Once again, how do we make the Other a precious part of our consciousness? 

Every year, the Aries/Libra Full Moon makes us aware of how we balance Self with Others. Aries fire leaps into the world, ready to take on any experience to achieve its purpose, which is the search for an individual identity—scientist, inventor, warrior, mother, teacher, writer, fisherman, tinker, farmer, artist… . There's that Spring breeze blowing our imagination wide open! And because that's Aries purpose, Aries energy is self-directed. What do I want? What will fulfill me? It's ruler is Mars the Warrior, because we need both his desire and his will to grapple with life to get what we want.
Libra's steady flow of air circulates our breath and connects us to others, motivating Libra's purpose, which is to learn how to be in relationship with others. Libra is open to listening to, working with, helping and loving other beings and uses her ability to connect to others to bring fairness and balance to situations. Libra's ruler is Venus/Aphrodite, the goddess energy of Love, Sensuality and Wisdom. The energy of connection.
So at the Aries/Libra Full Moon, we work to unite these opposites of Self and Other. When the Warrior loves and is loved by the Goddess of Love, he becomes the Protector of Life. Whether we speak of Arthur and Guinevere, Mars and Venus, Aragon and Arwen, a warrior's energy needs to be bound by Love, otherwise he just wars on everyone and everything. The strength and power of the Masculine needs the softness and heart of the Feminine to make the best warriors.
So how do we hold the balance? As Jung would say, we need to stand in the tension of opposites, working to reconcile opposing needs, and wait until a third way opens for us. Then watch life change. What better energies to work with than the power of our will and the power of our heart's love, since this is the time for us to stand up for the truth of who we are at the same time as we also stand up for other people, for our environment and all of Earth's children. Hold both in mind until you figure out what you need to do.
This Full Moon is once again resonating with the waning Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square. Revolution and evolution on a personal and cultural level. When we throw together the awakening, disruptive energies of Uranus with Eris' warrior energies on this Aries Moon, we can certainly expect the unexpected this weekend. Full Moons facilitate an awareness of something in our unconscious that's been influencing us. Our Shadow. A hurt, a pain, a grievance that shapes our actions. If we leave these unexamined feelings simmering in the unconscious, they can shape events in our outer lives, magnetizing experiences that will shake us and wake us up. Especially if we keep disconnecting from our hearts.
Pluto just turned to direct motion in the past few weeks, and so begins the next phase of his demolition derby. Mars, that warrior ruler of Aries, has joined Pluto in Capricorn, making for a dynamic duo that challenges this Full Moon. Our desires, shaped either by the patriarchy's vision or by a new vision of the possible future, become the hinge of these energies, and it's up to us whether they are used for life or for destruction.
Pluto reveals the horrific dead matter of our culture, such as the revelations about Donald Trump's crude sexual mindset, only the latest example of an old collective, patriarchal male mindset of domination and ownership over women and our bodies. Or Pluto reveals our own mindset. Those Hillary emails show us what all politicians have to do to use their power. Truthfully, without being naive, politics does take maneuvering and changing positions which feels like a lie to many of us. Besides the missing email issue (which was completely ignored when Bush & Cheney did a similar and worse thing), wouldn't a connected heart acknowledge that maybe those deleted emails where private and about her daughter's wedding? I certainly have thousands of emails hanging around online. Why not Hillary? Perhaps because we have a disconnected link to our hearts and therefore choose strife and discord. Why choose to see only the worst of someone? We do create our own reality, don't we?
We add the Warrior's energy to the challenge for us to do what's right for others as well as ourselves. Mars and Pluto together are hard to resist. Add Pluto's primal power to our individual desire nature and will, and we become a channel of either evolution or devolution. Is our desire appropriate to our soul's task? Can we be a vessel for the energy of a transformed warrior? What needs to get done in the most life-enhancing way?
Mars will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on October 19th, carrying our Full Moon wake-up call into Pluto's cauldron of regeneration. Let the old die so the new can be reborn again.
The Sabian symbol for Mars and Pluto at 16* Capricorn is: An earthen cave crowded with uniformed men. Steve Eardley's explanation is pertinent. People are the basic resource a society can draw upon for all its group efforts. Ministering to the needs of the masses. The power of a disciplined subgroup to effect social change. Or, conformity, ignorance and authoritarianism. The symbol signals us to be prepared.
A good way to work with these intense Aries' energies—this Moon sparks our courage to explore the new, Uranus sets off the flames of self-awareness and inspiration, while Eris wants to know if we'll bring our hearts online—is to start with Eris and ask the questions. How do we handle conflict? Where do we create conflict and discord in our lives? What do we do when others create it and want to involve us? And then bring our heart into the picture. Can we get over our hurt feelings? Can we choose connection over competition? Can we step back, stay centered and bring some resolution to the conflict?
As we hold the tension of opposites, can we develop a strong compassion, a kind strength? Once we embrace Eris, the Great Awakener will use the power of the Pluto/Mars conjunction to bring down heavenly fire to inspire us to be more heart-centered in our relationships.
In the background, Saturn in Sagittarius still is challenging both Neptune in Pisces along with the Moon's Nodes in Pisces and Virgo. Now more than ever, life demands our full attention. We can stand up for what we believe and value or we can continue to let the world drift by. We can allow the lies and hypocricy to swollow our hope, or we can imagine a better future. What is real and true? Aligning ourselves with our truth is our responsibility.

Walk in the Light,

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The Cosmic Story: Libra New Moon, September 30, 2016

The Cosmic Story: Libra New Moon, September 30, 2016

Big Love!

New Moons nights are magical times. The night sky fills with millions of stars with no Moon in the sky to enchant our eyes. We look up and look out into the universe, just as the far side of the Moon does. We look into eternity. And a new seed gets planted in our collective psyche.

Each New and Full Moon occupy different signs of the Zodiac, and so different energies are evoked and different desires are stirred up throughout the year. Each sign adds a necessary dimension to our lives, and while some of us have our Sun or Moon, Ascendent or planets in the New Moon sign, we all embody that sign's energy in some way in our charts. So this month, all of us can say in truth, “I am a Libra!” It just depends on how much emphasis we put into this sign's purpose by astrological planet and house, and by our personal disposition.

Even more than with other signs, Libra strongly affects everyone, because Libra is the sign of the Other, so it impacts all our Relationships, even our relationship to our Self. Everytime we engage with another person, be it a business partner, a client, a friend, a child, a family member, a lover, a stranger, that's us partaking in the Libra archetype. Libra also initiates us into finding the balance between the inner feminine (our being) and masculine (our doing), so that we become whole in ourselves; so that we engage with others as unique individuals instead of as our projected shadow stereotypes.
Libra is a social air sign, interested in intelligent conversation, beauty and art as well as diplomacy, peace and social progress. Libra wants real justice, fairness and balance in our laws, our beliefs and our actions. And yet while it is an air/thinking sign, Libra has heart. With Venus/Aphrodite as the ruler of Libra, she balances her head and her heart to help us find truth, beauty and love. 

Edward Burne-Jones

 Where do you think Libra's social skills come from? Aprhodite's Courtesans throughout the ages where the ones who shaped much of our Western aesthetic. With Aphrodite comes the Muses, inspiring us to create Art That Matters to others. During this month of Libra as well as this whole next year, we get to express ourselves through any of the arts that inspire us. What about using ART to speak about this election in the US? Where are our musicians and artists in this time of dire beauty and chaos? The Arts speak to justice, beauty and truth. It is a heartfelt expression that speaks to us viscerally.
Now, to add a little more spice to this juicy energy, the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, has just arrived in the sign of Libra, and will be traveling through it until next October 2017. So the sign of Libra and all our relationships will be especially energized this year. That means, pay attention! Jupiter is a big energy. Learn to work with it. Especially through the lens of your chart. Astrology can give structure to your life and help you name parts of yourself and your gifts so you can make the best choices for your life. Jupiter in a chart indicates how you fit into the larger culture. So knowing where Jupiter and Libra are in your charts can open doors to the outer world for you. Libra says: Don't be afraid to look for partners to do it with.

Jupiter, the Light-Bringer

 Jupiter in Libra can engender in us a desire to become more noble and honorable in our actions to others and to ourselves. Jupiter gives us the enthusiasm, curiosity and wanderlust to expand our sense of the possible and in the sign of relationships, this year could very well see some relationship healing for those generations with Uranus (1968-75), Pluto (1971-84) and Neptune (1942-56/57) in Libra, since Jupiter will become part of the still ongoing revolutionary and evolutionary Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn. More change is on its way. In fact, be prepared for Revolution 2.5 as Jupiter lights up the Pluto/Uranus revolutionary-evolutionary energies again.
Jupiter is the Roman Father god, in many ways similar to Zeus, the king of the gods of Olympus. Zeus was the Greek ideal of kingly rule, upholder of social law and order, merciful Father and judge, mediator and wise counselor. (This is why Jupiter/Zeus rules Sagittarius, the sign of cosmic law.) Sitting high on Olympus, Zeus overthrew the rule of the Titans and represented a more civilized world than that of the primal, titanic powers who ruled an earlier age. Or at least that's the story patriarchy tells.
With this expansive energy focused on the realm of relationships, we might find our hearts growing big enough to encompass the compassion we need to help bring the world back into balance. We might find ourselves stepping out of our personal concerns and opening our hearts to future generations who need us to stand up for justice now. Saving our planet isn't about saving Mother Earth—she'll heal in time. Saving our planet is about leaving a sustainable and sustaining Earth for future generations. Jupiter in Libra can encourage our more noble character to stand up and have a say in how our laws affect us and the world.
And in the relationship realm, Jupiter in Libra can help us be both noble and truthful about our relationship needs. So on all levels, this is the year to engage with zest and joy in relationships!

The Libra New Moon, September 30, 2016

This Libra New Moon occurs on September 30th at 5:11pm PDT/ 8:11pm EDT/ and October 1st at 12:11am GMT.

The Sabian symbol1 for the Sun and Moon at 9* Libra is: Three 'Old Masters' hanging on the wall of a special room at an art gallery. Dane Rudhyr's symbolic reading suggests that going back to these 'old Masters' in a time of chaos can help us find the right values we need to sustain us during the deep changes we're going through. He speaks of our three-fold soul as the Rays of Power, of Love-Wisdom, and of Intelligence-in-action. That means we have to learn to be pure channels for these three dimensions of our psyches, consciously choosing how to use our spiritual inheritance.
This New Moon calls us to concretely identify ourselves with our HIGHER SELF. We do this by being inspired by great teachers and leaders and legendary characters. Jupiter in Libra will help your meditation in this way. Get back in touch with the archetype that calls your name and let its energy give you the confidence to Be in a new way and to act from that new Being. This type of meditation uses the imagination to open us to new wisdom, being and action.
The Sabian symbol for Jupiter at 5* Libra is: A man revealing to his students the foundations of an inner knowledge upon which a 'New World' could be built. Rudhyr sees this as a form of 'transmission' from teacher to student. Ancient wisdom being transferred to the student from the guru. In reality, it's the feminine embodiment of this inner wisdom which will build the new world. Once we learn to access this inner knowledge—the foundations—we open to the world of quantum possiblities. This is the feminine, heroine's journey—the inner journey of self-knowledge and connection to the Higher Self, the other side of the Hero's Journey. Both journeys are necessary to bring balance and peace to our own lives and to the world.
So this New Moon, we are being blessed with the inspiration and tools for a New Birth within our psyches, which in turn can open up the outer world for us in new and enriching ways. This winter, learn to work with the imagination so that your springtime will blossom and next year's harvest will be fruitful.

The Birth of Venus by
 William-Adolphe Bouguereau, c. 1879

As I mentioned earlier, Venus/Aphrodite is the ruler of Libra, housing her archetypal energy, which expresses itself through connection, love, wisdom, sensuality and sexuality, beauty and art. While patriarchy has done everything it can to vilify as well as dominate Aphrodite's energy and blessings, we can still re-discover her power when we express love, create art, listen to our bodies' wisdom, care for the Earth and each other. These beautiful, feminine gifts of life have been raped and pillaged, polluted like the waters of the Earth. And yet they will rise again when we consciously own them. Why have we been taught to be embarrassed by, afraid of or unconscious about our bodies? Why don't we trust Love? Why is it so hard to communicate our feelings? Why haven't we been taught how to be in relationships, since it is something we all crave? Why don't we understand ourselves and others?
Patriarchy has tried to make us forget the power, wisdom and intelligence of a loving heart. Or at least has tried to make it irrelevant to important issues of life. Aphrodite/Venus can show us how to reclaim this power. At this Libra New Moon, the planet Venus is in Scorpio, the sign of psychological transformation. Venus in Scorpio looks deeply into the heart of things and digs out the truth, whether we like it or not. This tranformative Venus can help us look at and accept our Shadows, those wounded aspects of our psyche that when seen and embraced, give us new energy and inspiration.
At this New Moon, Venus helps us dig out the truth of our hearts—what fears live there, what hopes want to blossom, what visions want to manifest. All too often in astrology, we reduce Venus/Aphrodite to a few key words like love, sex, beauty and money, values. Or even worse, flirtatious, jealous, moody, manipulative, competitive. But those words do not begin to describe the deep mystery of Venus/Aphrodite, who leads us to Wisdom! Any goddess energy that can give us that gift is deeper than a few catchwords.
If you actually go outside and follow the planets in their nightly rounds, you soon discover what many ancient cultures knew: Venus tracks a 5-pointed star in the sky over 8 years, which repeats over and over before shifting to another place in the sky. A few astrologers are working with this Venus cycle again and the results are rich indeed. Both Arielle Guttman's Venus Star Rising2 and Adam Gainsburg's The Light of Venus3 shift our awareness to the living, moving night sky and its cycles and patterns. Venus makes a pentagram in our skies over an 8-year period. Both Venus and the pentagram symbolize feminine energies. These are the energies our culture has tried to deny to its detriment. It is appropriate that we reclaim this Heavenly Venus/Aprhodite again.
Venus has always been associated with the brightly shining Morning Star, rising before the Sun. As Morning Star, she is closest to the Earth and is more assertive and warlike, waxing to her fullest. She is also the Evening Star, when the planet Venus is furthest from the Earth. As Evening Star, Venus brings Heaven down to Earth as Aphrodite Urania, gifting us with Wisdom. We experience peace and tranquility and gather in the harvest of our knowing. As Adam Gainsburg3 says of this stage of the Venus cycle, this is the time to integrate the deep internal feminine transformation that we've just experienced. It's time to have practical outlets for our new understanding and intuitive wisdom.
This Venus in Scorpio is an Evening Star. She is just starting to separate from the Sun and if you go outside at sundown, you'll see her rising higher and higher into the sky. She's sending her beauty down to us, so that we too might shine brightly. As Evening Star, Venus gives us a bigger stage to act upon. What and who can you influence with your truth and wisdom? Venus is asking us to remember who we really are and to access our wisdom. We live in a livng, evolving universe. Anything is possible if we love life rather than sink into darkness and death.
Venus is the call to life. Venus is so important that I'll be working on a blog about her this month. Check in at my Lady Wisdom Chronicles to see when I post it.
Mars just slipped into the sign of Capricorn, finally leaving Sagittarius, where's he's been coming and going since early March 2016. As our Mars desire nature gets grounded, it challenges (squares) this New Moon in Libra. Whatever we're planting and hoping for and communicating with others about has to find practical outlets.
Saturn and Neptune and the Nodes are still in play. How can we release limiting beliefs to make room for new possibilities and stories that fit our Triune Nature: our Power, our Love/Wisdom and our Intelligence-in-Action. Our Body, Soul and Spirit.
We are being called home to our Selves. Don't forget you're not alone.

Walk in the Light,

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3. Adam Gainsburg, The Light of Venus.

Looking, Walking, Being -- Denise Levertov

Looking, Walking, Being

"The World is not something to
look at, it is something to be in."
-- Mark Rudman

I look and look.
Looking's a way of being: one becomes,
sometimes, a pair of eyes walking.
Walking wherever looking takes one.

The eyes
dig and burrow into the world.
They touch
fanfare, howl, madrigal, clamor.
World and the past of it,
not only
visible present, solid and shadow
that looks at one looking.

And language? Rhythms
of echo and interruption?
a way of breathing.

breathing to sustain
walking and looking,
through the world,
in it.

~ Denise Levertov ~

(Poems, 1960-1967)