Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Cosmic Story: Sagittarius New Moon 2014

Sagittarius New Moon 2014

We enter the darkest time of year with a fire sign that wants to light up the sky.  The Sun and Moon enter Sagittarius almost simultaneously on Saturday morning, November 22, and the New Moon occurs soon after.  The light Sagittarius has to offer to the world is its mainstay—the Truth.  

As we emerge from our Scorpio death, rebirth and initiation into Sagittarius’ new vision of Life, we get to confront the truths in our lives we’ve been avoiding.  Truths we cannot avoid any longer. 
On November 18th, the Sun joins Saturn in the last few degrees of Scorpio making us aware of the lessons Saturn has tested us with over the past 2 ½ years while it sojourned in Scorpio. What have you learned regarding sharing who you are with other people? With being open and honest with your feelings and needs?  With sharing your resources with others?  With weighing your values and seeking those with similar values?
Old emotional wounds regarding sharing yourself hopefully have been cleaned up and healed.   Saturn in Scorpio tells us that it’s time to stop blaming others, the world and ourselves for the emotional pain we all suffer.  Scorpio’s lesson to us is that pain is part of life.  Our job is to handle that pain with consciousness and courage.   
Saturn enters Sagittarius in December 23rd for the first time since 1986.  (What was happening in your life back then?)  It will retrograde back into Scorpio from June to September 2015, and then it begins our testing of Sagittarius’ goals—to know what our beliefs are and if we live by them.  Never doubt we’ll be tested!
That’s why it’s important for us to see our truth, walk our talk, and share the vision of the possible human—an awake and responsible human being.  This month before the Winter Solstice is celebrated as a time of visioning and hope, a time when the light comes from within each person as the outer darkness grows.         What if we each became a light to the world this month?  What if we shine out this month with our Truth, regardless of what others expect of us? 
What beautiful Light we have within us!  Bring it out and let it guide you through the darkness of these times.


A New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle, a time when a seed idea or feeling is planted in the unconscious so it can grow to awareness up until the next Full Moon. 
A Sagittarius New Moon poises the question: What do you believe and do you have the faith to keep believing?  What do you understand how following the Cosmic Laws of the Universe (uni=one—world) makes us whole? 

Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker, the philosopher, the curious wanderer.  Sagittarius wants to find the meaning of life, and so keeps looking over the horizon for a new way to see the world.  Out of the dark rebirth of Scorpio comes a need to see the Light and understand the grace of that re-birth.  Our mind projects outwards into the unknown and we open to unexpected experiences.   We are on a Quest—the quest for the meaning of life.  While our experiences define us, our ability to look at different perspectives sets the tone for the intuitive leap of understanding which is central to Sagittarius’ quest for meaning.  
There is optimism and a sense of enthusiasm for new adventures that defines Sagittarius’ energy.  This mutable fire sign wants the freedom to explore and expand our awareness until we can see into the cosmos and know we belong to it.  Our life has meaning and we are not alone in our search. 
We don’t need to travel to foreign countries to find a bigger perspective, although that is always fun, and Sags’ do love to travel.  We can also travel in our minds with a good book, or just travel outside our daily habits.  This is a great month to break old habits and develop new ones.  Think and act outside the box!

Sagittarius New Moon 2014

The Sagittarius New Moon occurs on Saturday, November 22 at 4:32am PST/ 7:32am EST/ 12:32pm GMT.

The New Moon is joined by Venus, Ceres and Vesta in Sagittarius, bringing the feminine gifts of connection, nurturing and wholeness to the party. These feminine energies want to be integrated into whatever your new belief system is.  This is a good time to begin to operate in a partnership mode—using both sides of the brain and working with men and women who share your vision and can expand on it.
The New Moon’s energy also squares Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  Both these planets are ending their retrograde phase and turning direct—Neptune on November 16th and Chiron on November 23rd.  They challenge us to integrate other realms of consciousness into our new routines. 
Meditation is always a good start.  Stay open to the gifts of the imagination so you can’t be deluded by the manipulation of symbols by the corporate media.  Weave creativity, imagination and intuition into your understanding of life.  We have to become a more compassionate society, one in which is it not against the law to feed the hungry and find shelter for the homeless.  We have to see the big picture as well as the details.
Neptune turns direct on November 16th at 5* Pisces: A Church bazaar.  This is a symbol of giving the most mundane activities a spiritual basis.  Spirit/God/Goddess is present in everything we do.   Be joyful when you cook, be gracious when you shop, be loving when you deal with people.  These spiritual values never go out of style.  Pay attention to your dreams now that Neptune is moving forward again.
The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 1* Sagittarius is: Joyous reunion of Army veterans around a campfire.  These veterans share a common vision and ideals, committing themselves to stand up for their beliefs and even to suffer hardships for the good of others and for those ideals.  Let us also stand up for what we believe and not back down when it seems the darkness is growing.  All darkness is dispelled by the Light.  Be a Light to the World!

Other Astrological Happenings

Last week Mars reconnected with both Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  In April, Mars in Libra became part of the cardinal grand cross along with this Uranus/Pluto square. 
On November 10th, Mars joined Pluto instead of squaring it as it did in April.  In hardworking Capricorn Pluto and Mars join up to get some work done.  Have you been sensing some urgency in getting yourself on track?  With these two planets, we can develop the discipline, purpose and concentration to eliminate obstacles to develop skills that can transform our lives.  Power struggles can occur but it isn’t about overthrowing external authorities but rather the internal patriarchal voice that criticizes and confuses us.  This combination can give us the passion to make positive changes in habits.  We have to learn to take care of our own needs, so we can really understand what others need.
On Wednesday November 12th, Mars squared Uranus in Aries instead of opposing it as it did last April.  The surprises no longer come from outside ourselves, but now are more internal.  These energies are rebellious and push us toward independence—helping us break free from our own expectations as well as those of others. 
Pluto tells us the truth we’re reluctant to face, Uranus brings us the surprise of this discovery and Mars gives us the present moment in which to work things out.  We can’t plead innocent about our responsibility.  It’s up to us to embrace what we’ve been denying.
The 6th square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries is coming up in December.  Look for more about it in the Gemini Full Moon Cosmic Story.
Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is slowing down, preparing to turn retrograde on December 8th.  It’s in Leo, so let it show you where you need to get more creative in your life and spend its retrograde period working on your project.
There is a brilliant grand trine in the sky between this New Moon & Venus in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Juno and Jupiter in Leo.  With all that fire, don’t be afraid to light up your life with vision, inspiration and fun during the holidays!

Walk in the Light,


Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Cosmic Story: Taurus Full Moon 2014

Full Moons are the perfect expression of the seed planted at the New Moon.  Our last New Moon was a solar eclipse, a more intense version of our monthly new moons.  Solar eclipses start a new cycle and birth something new, something that’s been waiting to be expressed and lived out. 

With this Scorpio solar eclipse, the energy was intensified by Scorpio’s tremendous emotional power. You might find yourself compelled by others to confront your projections and fears.  What have you been feeling and hiding?  What feeling is bursting to come out?  Why won’t you let it out? Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admitted he was gay and proud of it.  What have you pulled out of your closet? 

An intense Goddess for this time of year is Ereshkigal, the Sumerian Goddess of the Underworld, sister and twin to the bright goddess Inanna.  If you want to go soul searching and confront your Shadow, Ereshkigal is the goddess for you.  You can read more about Ereshkigal at my Lady Wisdom blog at:

At the solar eclipse two weeks ago, we were challenged to birth a new emotional body—one that can relate to others in a healthy, self-aware way.  That means examining those feelings and needs you usually repress and try to ignore. That means letting our emotions speak to us so we know what we’re feeling and then can communicate it to others.  With Venus and Pallas joining that solar eclipse, we were seeded with the cosmic intelligence and strategy to ensure that a deep emotional purge could take place.  Venus gives us the self-love we need to let these stagnant waters drain away.  We need to let these repressed feelings flow out of us, so new feelings can flow in.  Our emotional bodies need to grow up.  Now’s the time for it!

Scorpio relates to how we are intimate with others, how we share values and ideals, how we differ and yet how we get along despite those differences.  Scorpio helps us change through the alchemical bath in its Cauldron of Transformation. 

Our Scorpio nature desires and fears in equal measure. We all desire, first and foremost, love.  Our desires are centered on people, activities and things we love.  But we also have a fear of love, a fear put there by patriarchal thinking.  Because patriarchy has always feared love as the one force that can make you forget all loyalties and commitments to the social order.  That’s why it’s so hard for most people to take the leap and stop working just for the money and start working at what they love.

This Taurus Full Moon will ground those desires, since Taurus is the Builder and form-giver of the zodiac.  This is the sign of manifestation, of bringing something into form.  Taurus is also the sign of values—not just social values, but our personal values.  What we value, we pursue.  Taurus wants to know what we value in life, how we value life, and how we value ourselves.  Reflecting on Scorpio’s hidden watery depths, this Taurus Moon helps us become aware of what we want most in life.  What will give us joy, what will bring us peace, what will open up our creativity! 

Taurus Full Moon 2014 
          The Taurus Full Moon occurs on Thursday November 6, 2014 at 2:23pm PST/ 5:23pm EST/ 10:23pm GMT. 

This Full Moon occurs at 15* of Scorpio and Taurus—the power gates of these two signs.  Honored at Samhain and Beltane, these are the gates of winter and summer, death and life, darkness and light.  The veils are thin when the Sun passes over these degrees and energies can pass back and forth through the veils.  Something significant can come through these gates if we call.  What do you love?  Call to it! 

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 15* Scorpio is: Children playing around 5 mounds of sand.  This image symbolizes the development of the higher creative mind.  Humanity’s destiny is to develop into a five-fold being—the Pentagram or Venus’ 5 pointed star.  The number 5 symbolizes the mind in its most creative and penetrating aspect—the mind that can work through Love.1   This is a symbol of future-oriented growth.  So play around and see what you come up with!  

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 15* Taurus is: Head covered with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, a man braves a storm.  Hats symbolize authority and power.  Since a hat covers the head, it contains our attitudes and opinions about things.  This silk hat seems incongruous to wear in a storm, but there’s something endearing about the rakish tilt and the luxurious material that says that our thoughts must be sophisticated, noble and just a bit mischievous to brave the storms of life coming our way.   

Venus is still traveling with the Sun and both are catching up with Saturn.  Venus in Scorpio renews herself.  Love is deep and passionate and committed.  When Venus joins up with Saturn on November 12th, try to find a way to express your love—to yourself and to others. Saturn is another form-giver. 

Mars and Pluto’s energies most definitely influence us on this Full Moon. Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn on November 10th and squares Uranus in Aries on November 12th, upping the ante on the desire to CHANGE!  Expect emotional upheavals that will free up your energy.  Mars and Pluto are all about the best use of power.  Mars is focus and will while Pluto provides the power punch of evolution.  When Uranus joins the story, expect the unexpected! 

Uranus’ quirky relationship with the Sun opens us to our originality and uniqueness.  We each have our own path to wholeness, our own personal perspective on how to bring about change.  Follow your own guidance system now.  

At the moment there is a very big sunspot sending out gigantic solar flares. The entire atmosphere is getting supercharged by these explosions.  Besides communication satellites going down, our own electrical body will be resonating to this cosmic energy.  We need to focus that energy on change.  

Thankfully, the Taurus Moon will help us ground it.  If you get too overwhelmed by the energies, meditate on being a tree.  Reach your roots down into the earth and spread your branches to the heavens.  Become the World Tree, the Axis on which everything spins.  Get centered and you can ground this energy.

We are still in the energy of death, so spend some time thinking about your ancestors—both your biological ones and your heart ones.  Set up an altar to them and give them the food and drink they love best.  If we honor the best of what came before us, we can bring those energies into the future.

Happy Samhain.
Walk in the Light,

1.     Rudhyar, Dane, An Astrological Mandala.
I Am Completely Different

I am completely different.
Though I am wearing the same tie as yesterday,
am as poor as yesterday,
as good for nothing as yesterday,
I am completely different.
Though I am wearing the same clothes,
am as drunk as yesterday,
living as clumsily as yesterday, nevertheless
I am completely different.

Ah ...
I patiently close my eyes
on all the grins and smirks
on all the twisted smiles and horse laughs---
and glimpse then, inside me
one beautiful white butterfly
fluttering towards tomorrow.

~ Kuroda Saburo ~

(translated by James
Kirkup, Burning Girraffes: Modern and Contemporary Japanese Poetry)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Solstice 2014

Happy Summer Solstice!

As the sun spirals its longest dance,
Cleanse us
As nature shows bounty and fertility
Bless us
Let all things live with loving intent
And to fulfill their truest destiny
Wiccan blessing for Summer

​ We've arrived at the mid-point of Summer.  Solstice literally means "sun stand still", for at the solstices the sun seems to stop on its course before it reverses itself.  The Celtic pagans call Summer Solstice Litha.

Midsummer is the time when we celebrate the bounty of the earth and the power of the sun. Our fields are flourishing, fruits are blossoming on the trees, herb bushes are fragrant and full of life. The sun is at its highest point in the sky, and it has bathed the earth in its warmth, heating up the soil so that when autumn rolls around, we'll have a rich and bountiful harvest.
Summer Solstice celebrates the marriage and Heaven and Earth, the fruitful time of year when the new life and light that was born at the Winter Solstice is manifest in our lives and in the world. Summer Solstice has been celebrated in practically every culture on Earth, and is a time of joy and celebration of the powers of life. The Sun is at its fullest power, and the darkness of winter is a fading memory. But just at this moment of greatest light, we begin to face death, for now the days begin to shorten and the darkness grows.

Summer Solstice was the most important and widespread festival in Europe. In Celtic countries, it was celebrated on Midsummer's Eve and was a vegetation-fire-water ritual, when all the elements of life were celebrated and honored. It is a time of magic, both good and bad; a time when the faery folk once again come out to dance. Fires are lit to help the Sun in its course, the waters bring blessings, and dreams are potent.

But most of all, Midsummer is a time for lovers, for it is the moment of the marriage of Heaven and Earth. The Sun fertilizes the Earth with His heat, and She becomes pregnant with Life. But there is a cost to all of this, for the Summer King must fight the Winter King for his Flower Bride, and although he overcomes the darkness, yet will the darkness overcome him as well.   


The Summer Solstice chart is still carrying the intensity of this April's Grand Cross and Pluto/Uranus square.  Today's Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn, opposes Mars in Libra and joins Uranus in Aries before squaring Jupiter in Cancer.  Our emotions will be supercharged today and tomorrow, so step back and breathe!  We can also eliminate excessive waste, align with allies and spark innovative actions as we open ourselves to new growth at the Solstice fires.​
​    The Saturn/Uranus inconjunct indicates we'll all struggle with our need for freedom vs. our need to face our responsibilities.  The truth is that freely chosen responsibilities are the order of the day.  Pursue whatever unusual interests you have (Moon and Uranus in Aries) and try not to fall back into old emotional patterns of fear and betrayal (Saturn in Scorpio).  This summer is a time to re-discover your own original Self!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Living the Symbolic Life: A Pisces Challenge

Living the Symbolic Life: A Pisces Challenge

                                                Pisces: The Fish

While the Sun is in Pisces, our awareness is called back to the Source, after traveling around the whole zodiac.  The ocean is an apt symbol of the womb of the Collective Unconscious—the place of memory where we find the essence of what it means to live here on Earth.  Love and anger, hardship and plenty, death and birth, family and country—it contains memories of all of life’s experiences, human and otherwise. This is where new life gestates. It is the source of the Wisdom of Life, the World Soul.  

So after flying to Aquarius’ starry heights, we are called to dive into the deepest oceans to regenerate our lives through the agency of those heavenly lights.  If we take that photo of Earthrise to heart, we need to get out of the old patriarchal story that refuses to take that image seriously.  

We can dissolve the old patriarchal story within us during the Sun’s journey through Pisces.  Like the Catholic’s Lent or Ra’s nighttime journey through the Underworld, humans need to take the time to let go of, withdraw from and dissolve what no longer serves our new vision in preparation for the new life of spring. 

Your new story of life will shape your energies this year, energies which will emerge into the world with the Spring Equinox.  So consider sacrificing and making sacred (Pisces) your daily schedule for the next month by adding some spiritual practices into your day: 

1.     Find quality quiet time to listen to your body, your heart and your mind.
2.    Meditate on letting go of old fears and patriarchal beliefs.
3.    Imagine the gift you want to give to the world.

2014 is a 7 year, a year of completion, initiation and conscious choice.  The energies are building toward a strong stellar configuration in April, so taking the time now to get balanced and centered will help you tremendously in a few months. 

If Winter Solstice 2012 was the end of a great age, then 2013 was the beginning of the next stage—the gestation of a new age.  Back in the 60s we sang about it as the Age of Aquarius.  Our vision was very idealistic and full of fun.  The Baby Boomers are the Pluto in Leo generation, and we not only want to stay young till we die, we want to give our creativity to the world.  Now that we’re becoming senior citizens, don’t you think we’re called to step into the world with wisdom and compassion to help our children bring about the changes we envisioned back in the 60s, since the same issues are confronting us once again at this turning point in the cycle between Pluto and Uranus.  
When we let the Cosmic Story inspire us and choose to live a symbolic life, we can more easily bring that heavenly energy down to earth. The other option is to remain caught up in the fears and illusions of patriarchy, fighting the energy of change. 

Here are some images to meditate on for Pisces.

Genevieve Cseh, Sedna, Inuit Goddess of the Sea

Sedna symbolizes some of the goddess energy of Pisces.  She sacrificed (Pisces) her fingers to create the bounty of the seas, exemplifying the need sacrifice our ego’s perceptions and open to what comes to us from the deep unconscious. When we turn our attention to our dreams, we find new life and new sustenance.  The Collective Unconscious is open to us during Pisces.  

Kali is a good example of Plutonian goddess energy with her demand that we release the old life so we can engender the new life waiting to emerge in us.  But first we have to die to the old vision. 

Christ embodies the energies of Pisces—the need to say, ‘Not my will but thine’, to surrender to the Source of Life, to sacrifice our ego desires for the good of the world.  Christ speaks to our need to become the light of the world.

These two energies—feminine and masculine—encourage us with the knowledge that sacrifice is part of our human heritage, that life is not all about our desires and needs, but about the needs we share with others.  The more compassion and imagination we bring to our own time of ‘letting go’, the more wisdom we will gain from our sojourn through Pisces.

So who will engage in the Pisces challenge with me?  The challenge involves releasing the old stories of separation, domination, and violence because we have discovered the new story that we are all one family sharing Mother Earth.  Through these times of crisis and transition, we will learn to live together in a very different way.   We will create a new civilization which is founded on absolute equality between feminine perceptions of life and masculine ones.  We will live in the mystical brain where right and left sides of the brain work together to give us a better vision of how we can live in harmony with the Earth and each other.  Let us create a world full of depth and light and beauty, where we take responsibility for our actions and treat each other and the Earth with courtesy and respect.  

Starting on Tuesday, February 18th, when the Sun goes into Pisces for a month, create a different daily routine for yourself, one which includes playing in those creative, inner spaces where we can touch the Source and imagine a different way to live in the world.

Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again!  Blessed Be!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Living the Symbol Life: The Archetype of Wholeness

Living the Symbol Life: The Archetype of Wholeness
    Living the symbolic life means that we inhabit an image to find its meaning.  Since meaning is rarely valued in patriarchy, we have to re-learn how to use our imaginations to do this.  So one of the first images we can meditate on is the image of Earth in the photograph called 'Earthrise'. 
Even after seeing the amazing images of our universe taken by the Hubble space telescope, it is no surprise that the picture of Earthrise is still a powerful image after almost 50 years (the crew of Apollo 8 took the photo on Christmas Eve Day, 1968).   Our universe is vast, mysterious, a bit scary as well as breath-taking, but there's something hopeful about that image of our beautiful Earth shining in the darkness of space that touches my heart and soul.  Do you feel that way too?
I've been drawn to that photo since the first time I saw it back in 1968.  I put it on the front page of our college year-book the next year; it's on the cover of my book of seasonal fairy tales, Stories of the Earth, and for me at least, it is connected with my vision of Lady Wisdom as the ‘Woman clothed with the Sun’.  Our Mother Earth is indeed ‘clothed with the Sun’ in this iconic photograph.  
     This image of our Earth evokes what the Ancients called the Anima Mundi or World Soul, the idea that there is an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to our world in much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body.  (Also see Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock's Gaia theory.)   When we look at this picture of our home planet, we can sense the truth of that belief.  There's only one world shining out in space.
The Western idea originated with Plato in the Timaeus.   Therefore, we may consequently state that: this world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence ... a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related. (Timaeus:29/30)
An Eastern image of this connection is called Indra’s Net.   ‘When Indra fashioned the world, he made it as a web, and at every knot in the web he tied a pearl. Everything that exists, or has ever existed, every idea that can be thought about, every dharma and destiny that is true, is a pearl in Indra's net. Not only is every pearl tied to every other pearl by virtue of the web on which they hang, but on the surface of every pearl is reflected every other jewel on the net. Everything that exists in Indra's web implies all else that exists.’
"Imagine a multidimensional spider's web in the early morning covered with dew drops. And every dew drop contains the reflection of all the other dew drops. And, in each reflected dew drop, the reflections of all the other dew drops in that reflection. And so ad infinitum. That is the Buddhist conception of the universe in an image." –Alan Watts
Carl Jung called the archetype of wholeness in a person the Self.  The Anima Mundi is the archetype of wholeness for our planet. This Feminine principle manifests within us as the collective unconscious, which contains all the images and feelings and experiences of humanity throughout the ages.  Is it any wonder that this image of Earthrise speaks to us of the Wisdom that creates worlds and galaxies and conscious beings?
     Joseph Campbell felt that the image of Earthrise was a symbol of new myths arising in the future.  I believe it, because the image has worked upon my unconscious to open me to the mystery of Lady Wisdom.  There is an image of the returning Divine Feminine that shares this image of Earthrise  
And a portent appeared in the heavens: A woman, clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon, crowned with Stars, in birth to the Savior.
     The Cosmic Story is calling us back to re-work the soil and tend the plants that were seeded in the 60s.  As Uranus and Pluto square (90*) each other seven times, we find ourselves at a crossroads.  Will we let the powers of repression and domination continue to shape us?
'If myth is a storied way to feel out our place in the world, then we can grasp the significance of ‘Earthrise’ by considering what it rode in on. The Environmental Movement, Ecopsychology, Systems Theory, the Internet that joins us across the globe, global structures of finance, the Goddess movement, the push toward sustainability, organic agriculture, Brian Swimme's inspiring cosmological reveries: these and other worldly-circling matters grew up in the light of Earthrise. This image did not "cause" these movements so much as announce them as they swarmed into collective consciousness.'    (Craig Chalquist, Ph.D. Earthrise: A Mythic Image for Our Times.
Images are not owned by any one religion or corporation.  Symbols are universal and they come to us pure in our dreams and through synchronicities in our waking life, and through true myths, music, art and stories.   Of course, patriarchy is very aware of how to use images to capture our attention, but they use it to lie, manipulate and control.  When we look at an image and let it speak to us—just as we can let this image of Earthrise or that of the Woman clothed with the Sun speak to us—we really can arrive at the wise answer to any question.
If we want to evolve, we all have to undertake a Heroine's Journey.  It is an inner journey that can free us from the patriarchal corsets and straightjackets we've been shaped by.  And the gift we receive and the treasure we bring back will be the Wisdom of the World Soul—the wisdom to find solutions to the personal and collective crisis which face the world. 
Some of those solutions involve the archetype of community.  In patriarchy, community was usually centered around the tribe, the nation, the race, the gender, the religion, the army, the family.  Usually it involved being separate from others, being special in some way, being chosen.  
When we look at this image of Mother Earth and see that we are one world, opportunities for community expands.  Our new communities are connected via the Internet—much like Indra’s Net—where we connect with like-minded individuals around the world.  These communities are based on common ideals, interests and beliefs and make no distinction between races, religious beliefs or genders.  
There are other communities being formed, much like the communes of the 60s.  Family now consists of close friends as well as blood relatives.   People feel they are citizens of the world rather than just one country. Patriarchal religions are losing ground to spiritual communities comprised of Christians, Moslems, Jews, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.  Sports teams honor the player, not his or her race.  In this new idea of community, no one needs to be the leader, because each of us can lead when our expertise is needed.  This re-birthed archetype of community is all about equality.
Community gardens, business co-ops, and charter schools are just a few ways to be in community.  People with common skills form guilds or unions.  People with common ideals gather to stand up for what they believe in, such as the Occupy Movement.  We still have spiritual communities, although these are different from the patriarchal monastery or convent.  There is a common bond between the members of the armed forces just as there was with the ancient Irish warband called the Fianna; and of course, we have the image of the Knights of the Round Table.   
When we look at this image of our one world, we can imagine a multitude of new ways to be in community. 
We are living in a time of choice.  The Cosmic Story is supporting transformation and rebirth.  Will we stand with the Earth, with the Anima Mundi and with our souls?  Will we find new ways to be in community?
Perhaps we need to meditate on this picture of our Mother, the Earth and remember that we are indeed all connected. 

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!