Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Cosmic Story: Aries/Libra Full Moon 2017

The Cosmic Story: Aries/Libra Full Moon 2017
The Sacred Marriage: Equality, Union, Balance

What if we really believed that Mother Earth is alive and responsive to our heart’s hope? What if we live in our bodies as the temple of our spirit? What happens when we reunite Spirit and Matter?

These are the questions that the Virgo New Moon brought to our attention. The Virgin unites spirit and matter, soul and body. If we live in that consciousness, can we discern what Mother Earth is trying to tell us?

What happens to our sorrows? Are they drawn up into the sky and transformed into Mother Earth’s tears, which can cleanse and nourish us? When we are out of balance, our emotions overwhelm us. Is our collective anguish so great that Mother Earth is responding with floods of rain, winds that tear up and topple our reality, quakes that shake us out of our complacency? Are the fires burning throughout the western US the anger that burns within our hearts at the chaos our leaders are creating? Is Mother Earth responding to our heart’s despair that the old order refuses to acknowledge the Spirit in the world?

It’s time to decide what we believe. And then live out that belief. Saturn is moving forward through the last 10* of Sagittarius, giving us a final chance to clarify our beliefs. If we truly believe that we are incarnated Spirit, we have to let our Spirit shine out of this temple we’ve been given. We have to let our body awaken to the fullness of Spirit, so we can enjoy our life and create that heaven on Earth we were sent here to create.

The issue, as Maurice Femandez correctly points out, is whether we’ll finally accept that living fully here on Earth is our spiritual initiation. Spirit is not ‘out there or up there’, as all our patriarchal religions would have us believe. For the past 2000 years, these patriarchal religions have punished the body and the Earth, believing that our ‘rewards in heaven’ were more important than living a fully creative and joyful life in the body. It’s time to remember that Spirit lives within us and is all around us. This is the basis of Goddess religions and pagan belief and as a ‘Pagan-o’, I know that being rooted in the cycles of Earth’s year can bring us into relationship with the Earth’s spirit.

Our ‘flat-earth’ belief that only the things we can see are ‘real’ must go. While fanatical Christians are quick to point out someone they hate as anti-christ, the reality is that our whole corporate culture is ‘the anti-Christ’ – the belief that we are not spiritual beings, that we only need money and physical security in life. That we become ‘consumers’ rather than Stewards of the Earth. Christ consciousness is suppose to be the goal of Christianity; we are here to acknowledge the Spirit of Mother Earth and to infuse our spirit into the life we live and share.

The Leo Solar Eclipse and the New Birth
The Leo solar eclipse speaks to this necessity (ANANKE was the primordial goddess (protogenos) of necessity, compulsion and inevitability or destiny). The Sabian symbol for the degree of the solar eclipse, 29* Leo, is: A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form. 

Edward Burne-Jones

A mermaid is a feminine spirit that understands the longings of the heart, living as she does in the ocean of the collective unconscious. Because she has a fish’s tail, she is a feeling consciousness that has no ‘legs to stand on’ in the outer world. This eclipse changes that. Now our inner mermaids are going to have legs to stand on and feet to walk on. She is going to ‘incarnate’ within each of us if we nurture her.

I’ve always felt like a mermaid (especially since most of my personal planets are in the 12th house of the collective unconscious). And I tease my friends, telling them that “Next lifetime, I’m going to the mermaid planet.” Anais Nin shared my feelings. “I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

This eclipse has awakened me to the need to fully incarnate. It’s time to stop longing for a better ‘home’ and just ‘be home’. While I’ve been swimming toward it all my life, now I can feel the shift in my body. I am home. ARE YOU?

We are the Stewards of the Earth, the Guardians of the Sacred Flame of Life. It is our job to keep our Light burning brightly, not by ignoring the Dark but by bringing a light to bear on what is unconscious within ourselves and then what is unconscious in the world.

Here’s some more information about the archetype of the Mermaid.

The Aries/Libra Full Moon 2017

This Aries/Libra Full Moon is the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the full Moon that occurs closest to the Autumn Equinox. It’s called the Harvest Moon because at Fall Equinox the Moon rises more swiftly than at other times and for three days it looks almost full. With it rising so close to sunset, the Moon’s light gives farmers more time to harvest their crops—even in the night! For more information about the Harvest Moon, see the Farmer’sAlmanac.

The Aries Full Moon occurs on Thursday, October 5th at 11:40am PDT/ 2:40pm EDT/ 6:40pm GMT.

This Full Moon is all about relationships, balance and the union of feminine (Being) and masculine (Doing) energies, not only because the signs of Aries and Libra symbolize Self and Other, but also because the ruling planets of Aries (Mars) and Libra (Venus) unite and begin a new cycle just hours before the Full Moon.

So let’s take a look at what’s going on in this important cosmic story.

After the Leo solar eclipse we were instructed by the Cosmos to bring together Spirit and Matter (Pisces/Virgo Full Moon) and then integrate them within our own bodies, souls and spirit (Virgo New Moon). Once we ‘belong to ourselves’ we can go out and relate to others (Aries/Libra Full Moon) and discover just how ‘fair and balanced’ we are.

The mass murder in Las Vegas Sunday night is an extreme example of how out of balance our society is. While we point fingers at the whole Muslim religion for the acts of just a few fanatical men, we refuse to call out as terrorists the fanatical Christians/white males who commit these horrific acts. Why are men creating terror at a time of crisis, when we are called to participate in conscious evolution by choosing to change our way of living for the good of the future and the healing of the Earth? Is it because patriarchy sees death as a final stop on the road of Life, so why not kill everyone? Instead of taking the more feminine view that life is a cycle, and while we might be in the death aspect of the cycle, we are also heading back to the rebirth part of the Wheel?

We refuse to implement responsible laws to keep automatic weapons out of private hands. In part because of our president’s bad example of giving military weaspons to police departments; in part because gun manufacturers have bought our politicians; in part because Americans seem to be so afraid they feel we need guns to protect ourselves. (I know some gun owners like the sport of it, like archery. That’s not the issue here.) Who are we so afriad of? Obviously, each other. Why? Why are Americans so cowardly that in the midst of what most of the world would deem ‘plenty’, we feel the constant need to protect and defend ourselves? Why isn’t America the land of the free and the home of the brave we keep tooting our horns about?

Pluto just turned to direct motion on September 28th. He quickly got back to work showing America another aspect of our society we need to let die so we can evolved into a more brave and responsible nation. Why do we feel so insecure? Perhaps because we’ve been naughty? Have we engaged in domination, terror and repression? Are we the Shadow we project onto others? Is it because we’ve made money our god and will have ‘no other gods before money’? Just where is all this fear coming from? Is this why fanatical Christians think the End is coming? Because they’re afraid of change? Where is this fear living within our souls? Isn’t it time to heal ourselves of this collective wound so we can help others heal? How do we get over this existential fear of life?

We do it by living life fully!

Susan Seddon Boulet ~ Libra

Pluto plays a big role in this Full Moon, squaring both the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries while it’s still almost stationary. It exerts a big pull on this Full Moon, demanding that we look at our society and its wounds when we consider how we contribute either to the fear or the peace, the truth or the injustice, the collapse or the creativity of our society.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 13* Libra is: Children blowing soap bubbles. This image speaks about engaging with others in playful imaginations using collective rituals, rituals such as Full Moon ceremonies, parties, sports events (players kneeling!), and drama (The Handmaiden’s Tale). I just watched 25 little children get mesmerized by a bubble machine – it was magical. Let your magic out and play with others.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 13* Aries is: An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest. This is an image of an immature refusal to take the time to change the world peacefully to match your idealistic hopes for the future. This is adolescent frustration at its worst.

What a contrast of images! Children playing with bubbles vs. a desire to blow things up. This Aries Full Moon is challenging us to learn patience by using our imagination and allowing oneself to play with possibilities. Being horrified by what is going on in the world isn’t enough. We have to start imagining how we can change things. First change our own lives, then the world’s.

The Sabian Symbol for Pluto squaring this Full Moon at 17* Capricorn is: A repressed woman finds psychological release in Nudity. Pluto challenges this Moon and us to break free from the repressive rules and beliefs of patriarchy (work-worthiness, sex-sinful, relationships—unequal, otherness—enemy). We do this by listening to the wisdom of our bodies – to our own inner guidance rather than trying to meet with society’s approval. We need to relearn how to trust our natural instincts.

So how do we work with our fiery Aries passions—anger, assertion, desire, doing? Aries’ lesson is identifying what turns you on and gives you vitality (life-force). The Sabian symbol indicates that we have to see how our unconscious anger, assertion or desires need to be expressed differently. It’s time to grow up and take the time to imagine (the soap bubbles) different ways to give form and voice to those emotions instead of letting them control our decisions unconsciously through the Shadow.

The Shadow throws the bomb! Don’t project your Shadow – embrace your anger and discover what it’s trying to tell you. Own your desires – if you repress them you twist them out of shape. Be assertive when you need to, and when not, let others lead.

The Libra Sun shines her light on the questions of balance, equality and beauty. With Mercury and Vesta close by, truthful communication is a must to bring things into balance, especially in close relationships. We have to be willing to disagree as well as compromise to come into balance. What can we do about violence? How can we help our devastated neighbors? How can we create beauty in our relationships rather than ugliness, while staying true to ourselves?

Being conscious is hard work. It takes discipline and courage and honor. We need more of these values in our society, don’t you think?

Pluto’s square to this Full Moon gives us an energetic push towards transforming old complexes and habits. If we don’t take the opportunity and make the right choice for ourself, these energies escape our intent and control and can cause havoc as they mingle with our collective chaos.

The Venus/Mars Conjunction

Astrology is all about cycles. Two planets orbit the Sun, coming together and moving apart at regular intervals. The previous Venus/ Mars cycle started on February 21-22, 2015 at 1* Aries, whose Sabian symbol is: A woman just risen from the sea. A seal is embracing her. Can you see a pattern here? A new feeling (woman) is arising in the world. Along with the Leo solar eclipse symbol of the mermaid, Life is asking us to incarnate the feelings arising from the collective unconscious (ocean), from the matrix of life itself. Life itself needs us to consciously evolve so we can once again vibrate with Mother Earth and strengthen her life energies.

Venus is the archetypal energy of our heart’s hope, the love that connects us to our world. She connects us through our bodies, our senses and our heart’s values. Mars is the energy of our will and intention, our desire to get what we need and the actions we take to get it.

The Sabian Symbol for this Venus/Mars conjunction at 20* Virgo is: A caravan of cars headed to the West Coast. Dane Rudhyar states that this image speaks of the ‘need of cooperative effort in reaching any ‘New World’ of experience’. A caravan speaks of people banding together to share resources and companionship on the journey to a new life. We hold a unique vision for the future and so must journey in the knowledge that we ourselves must embody the vision. It’s time to leave the past behind and step into the great ‘unknown’ adventure. The call has gone out. Will you respond?

Venus and Mars in Virgo are the priestess and priest who embody the new energies and use them for healing and health (Virgo), for self-knowledge and wisdom, for integration and wholeness.Meet each person in your role as priestess or priest, so that each encounter is sacred and blessed.  This can change the whole dynamic of any relationship you engage in, deepening it and making it meaningful.

The Venus/Mars conjunction squares Saturn in Sagittarius. As a waning square, the energy produced calls on us to make conscious choices. The Sabian Symbol for Saturn at 23* Sagittarius is: A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into the new country. Need I say more! Just remember, moving to a ‘new world’ or experience of life means that the old rules might not apply. We have to discover the new rules of our newly incarnated embodied soul. Consciously acknowledging Spirit in all of life daily and with gratitude in our hearts, no matter what comes. Take it slow, but do it. This waning square calls on us to exert more self-discipline and to aim for a purposeful direction.

Pluto trines the Venus/Mars conjunction, giving strength and power to our discipline as well as honing our instincts about what needs changing.

With Jupiter ending his year-long journey through Libra on October 10th, it’s a good time to ask yourself if you’ve deepened your relationships, if you’ve balanced your masculine and feminine energies and if you stand for justice and equality. Jupiter takes us deeper into intimacy, death and rebirth as it swims in Scorpio for the next year.

Walk in the Light,

Sonnets to Orpheus, Part One, XII

Bless the spirit that makes connections,
for truly we live in what we imagine.
Clocks move along side our real life
with steps that are ever the same.

Though we do not know our exact location,
we are held in place by what links us.
Across trackless distances
antennas sense each other.

Pure attention, the essence of the powers!
Distracted by each day's doing,
how can we hear the signals?

Even as the farmer labors
there where the seed turns into summer,
it is not his work. It is Earth who gives.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~

(In Praise of Mortality, translated and edited by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Cosmic Story: Pisces/Virgo Full Moon 2017

The Cosmic Story: Pisces/Virgo Full Moon, 2017
Demeter and Persephone: Honoring our Harvest

The Day Sky gives us Life.  The Night Sky gives us Meaning.

Leo Total Solar Eclipse

After the big buildup to the Leo Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, don’t feel let down if your life hasn’t changed yet. The solar eclipse was a New Moon, so this new life was conceived in the dark – Secret. New. Unknown. Lots of issues are coming up to be resolved. Everyone is very tired. Just like after a new Birth. So stay quiet and listen within.

Mars has reached the eclipse degree this weekend (September 2-3), so notice what new things come up for you. Also Mercury is retrograde until September 5th, the day before this Full Moon. He stations on the degree of the solar eclipse, 29* Leo, (A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form), so he’ll retrieve the message of the eclipse before heading back into Virgo to fine tune it. Let the energy of this important eclipse unfold in its’ own time and own way. Follow your instincts. Trust your Heart. Stay true to your vision.

At this first Full Moon after the Leo Eclipse, we’re blessed with an out-of-sign opposition in the signs of Virgo and Pisces, since the lunar cycle shifted with this 2nd Leo New Moon. Now for a year or so we’ll have New Moons in one sign and the following Full Moon in completely different signs. We’ll have to stretch ourselves consciously to learn the lessons offered to us. (The usual Moon cycle is for the New Moon in a sign to come before the Full Moon that corresponds to that sign – for example, a Leo New Moon gives rise to an Aquarius/Leo Full Moon. Because our lunar calendar is different from the solar calendar we live by, every few years we either get 2 New Moons in a sign or 2 Full Moons (a Blue Moon) in a sign. Then the energies flip.)

Instead of a big Leo realization about our creative expression and self-confidence, which we hopefully experience at the Aquarius/Leo lunar eclipse on August 7th, we’re going to dive deep in the Collective Unconscious (Pisces Moon) to see those aspects of life which we’ve neglected and abandoned in favor of our patriarchal need to ‘get ahead’. As we deal with our shadows, we can figure out how we can be of service (Virgo Sun) to our world. But before we can be of service, we have to integrate our own body, soul and spirit. That’s Virgo’s purpose: to integrate all of who we are so we can offer our talents and gifts to the world.

With the Sun now traveling through the sign of Virgo, the Eternal Virgin, it is time to honor the ancient Great Mother of Life and Death, Demeter and Persephone. Long before Jesus the Christ died and was re-born again, the Goddess went through her natural transformations, descending to the Underworld of Renewal to bring back the riches of Life. Virgo is symbolized by a celestial Woman bearing a sheaf of wheat. She is the source of the Harvest. She is also the Virgin Mother, with her Child seated in her lap, symbolic of the life she brings forth. She is both seed and fruit, Mother and Daughter.

This divine Mother and Daughter teach us about soul, about cycles and about belonging to ourselves. Demeter is the Goddess of all things that grow upon the Earth, a goddess of abundance and fertility. Her daughter Persephone is the soulful aspect of that growth, the aspect of life which knows when it’s time to grow and when it’s time to die, knowing that in time, She will be reborn again. While we do not know what the Eleusinian Mysteries entailed, we can guess from the symbolism that it had to do with knowledge of the immortality of the soul and the possibility of its rebirth throughout time.

We have arrived at the harvest season, when we gather in our harvest and save seeds for the future. Nature shows us that we need a time of rest and quiet, a time for the fields to lie fallow, for the seeds to lie in the dark so that they can germinate in time for next year’s new growth. 

Persephone ~ Susan Seddon Boulet

At this part of the cycle, Persephone is not the Flower Maiden of Spring but the Medial Woman who knows how to traverse different dimensions of life. She is the harvest who willingly dies so that new life can be regenerated by the healing sleep in the dark. We too have to rejoice in our harvest – the life we’ve lived up until now. Instead of seeing our mistakes, our ‘missed chances’ and our fears, it’s a time to validate the life we’ve been living by honoring it, being nurtured by it and then letting it go.

Because Persephone was willing to go into the Underworld (before patriarchy, She was not ravished by Pluto but went willingly), She can take our life’s harvest and lay it to rest in the underworld. While we do this every year, this year we are called to honor what came before the Leo Solar Eclipse and then lay it to rest. The Pisces Collective Unconscious will gather it in as a part of human experience. This theme is echoed by the opposition between Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and the asteroid Ceres (Demeter’s Roman counterpart) that has been moving through our skies this past month. We are ready to descend into our own underworld to find those seeds for the future.

And then, we await the birth of our new story, our new life, our new purpose. This new life is one of service (Virgo) to our collective well-being and oneness (Pisces). The first thing to do is step away from the patriarchal paradigm of spirit and belief (which has devolved into the Protestant Work Ethic belief that if we have money we’re saved and if we’re poor we’re sinners), then away from its rules and categories, and finally get back into our bodies and realign ourselves with our original blueprint for our life. The purpose we reincarnated to manifest after we worked through the pain and insecurity of coming up against our society’s twisted expectations. Once we are free of these patriarchal strictures, we can be free to create our own life, the life of our spirit.

The first step in this new life is to release and honor what has come before – the life-giving and life-denying experiences we went through to get to this point. To honor the person we have become now. If we can’t love this self, how can we love our higher Self?

Persephone voluntarily goes into the underworld to gather in the dead and honor them. We need to do the same if we’re going to change our society and re-make it into one where we are all equal, where life doesn’t revolve around how much money we have but how much we contribute to our communities and each other. A society that is based on all living beings – including Mother Earth – having a healthy, creative, fulfilled life. We are at that point in our human evolution where we have the power to change our collective destiny if we have the will.

We have a US president we need (yes, believe it or not) at the moment. He’s constellating the people of the US to take up our responsibility as citizens, not consumers (the Leo solar eclipse opposed the Sibly Aquarius Moon – which represents the people). To rise up to our responsibilities. We are seeing our collective Shadow: the insecurity, the adolescent need to be exceptional, the relience on ‘big daddy’ to take care of things, the predominance of an out-of-balance masculine view of life that is hierarchical, competitive and domineering. This is what’s been keeping us from being truly free. But we have opportunities and choices to make in these coming years to contribute to the collective so we can make this transition into the future.

Now is the time of the Dragon of Revelation – this old patriarchal paradigm that refuses to die a natural death. The power structure goes to war on us, especially because women have reclaimed our freedom and we’re giving birth to the new age of freedom. While the ‘prophecy’ of the Book of Revelations has been used by corporate Christianity to create the inequality in our lives and the destruction of the Earth, the one image they never dwell on is that of ‘The Woman clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon, crowned with Stars, in labor giving birth to the Savior’. This is an image of Conscious Woman and she is alive and well and ready to roar! Now that the royal star, Regulus, has moved into Virgo, the Heart of the Lion is feminine and she is symbolized by the great goddess Sekhmet, Lioness of Egypt and possibly of ancient Atlantis. So don’t be afraid to roar when necessary!


It’s becoming clearer every day that we are the change we’re waiting for. In these next decades we must go out and create a new society, where you can offer the gift you alone know how to give. That’s the Virgo part – mastery of your gift. The Pisces part is taking in what you, as part of the Collective Unconscious, intuit and envision so you can manifest it in the world.

There were many choices we all made that went toward creating the life we’ve been living. Perhaps your choices didn’t give you the fulfillment you expected. Perhaps because your whole heart wasn’t in it? Perhaps because you need a bigger imagination, a bigger category then those patriarchy allows? What more do you thirst for, with an unquenchable thirst?

Who are you really? A healer, priestess, shaman, bard, magician, sorceress, wise woman, sage, judge, teacher, artist, mother, father, steward of the Earth? What is your purpose? To awaken, to envision, to inspire, to create, to save, to grow, to pass on ancient wisdom?

If you would enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to become as a little child!” We have to go back to our days of wonder and magic. To those times when the world was open and new and we could name things, if only our parents and our society would stop telling us what things were. Now we can explore those mysteries with fresh eyes when we allow Persephone to take our harvests and bless them. 
Something new will soon arise. But now we celebrate the harvest. And give ourselves credit where it’s due.
The Great Spirit of life calls to us, Come Home! Come Home! It is time for all of us to come home to our hearts. The Divine Feminine is that Heart and she is Home.

The Pisces/Virgo Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon occurs on September 6, 2017 at 12:02am PDT/ 3:02am EDT/ 7:02am GMT. 


This Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, helping us access our deep compassion, our sense of one-ness with our world and our imagination. While Neptune can delude us when we refuse to also use our intelligence and stay true to our values, his great gift to us is to open our abilities to see the unseen, to travel in many dimensions and to access our past lives and creative imagination.

With Mercury turning direct, this Pisces Full Moon can send us dreams that can direct our lives toward our soul’s goals. So pay attention to your dreams this week. I’ll be holding a free FaceBook Live session next Sunday to discuss some of your dreams. Send them to me beforehand if you want me to work on them.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 14* Virgo is: An aristocratic family tree. This symbol speaks to the power that comes from awakening to our soul’s past lives and the values and gifts we’re shaped by. While it can mean your physical ancestry, at this time in our history, our soul’s history becomes more important. With the Leo Solar Eclipse, we are called to remember that we are all kings and queens if we take responsibility for our own lives and for the world. That’s a true aristocrat!

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 14* Pisces is: A Lady wrapped in a large stole of fox fur. While PETA might object to this image, symbolically it refers to using our ‘foxy’ instinctive cunning and intelligence to adapt to what life brings to us. The divine Feminine connects us to our instincts and Fox is good at protection and camouflage.

The Sabian symbol for Neptune at 13* Pisces is: An ancient sword,used in many battles, is displayed in a museum. Swords symbolize the use of our Will to direct our life and meet the many ‘battles’ we are faced with. Like Arthur’s Excalibur, this sword can be used to protect and defend against those forces which would abuse their power. Don’t be afraid to take up your sword when needed. We’ve all been warriors at some point in our past lives and courageously facing our coming challenges is a given if we use our WILL to make it so.

This Full Moon and the September 19-20th Virgo New Moon are cradled once again by the ongoing T-square between the Uranus/Eris in Aries opposition to Jupiter in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter has reached the degree where it went retrograde on February 5-6th, and as it moves forward, it opposes the asteroid Eris, Goddess of Discord (Dis-against, cor – heart),who like the Greek Furies, hounded those who went against the Feminine Heart, not for personal vengeance, but to protect the disenfranchised, especially against those perpetrators who were not made to pay for their crimes. Eris has made her presence known in the power of the Native Grandmothers and Water-Keepers in South Dakota, in the character of Wonder Woman and in all those women who stand up against patriarchal domination, like Alex Wubbels, the Utah nurse who was manhandled by a cop for not drawing blood from an unconscious patient.  

Jupiter in Libra opposes Eris in Aries on September 9th, so be aware of how fair and just your are, especially in affairs of the heart. Then Jupiter goes on to make its third and final opposition to Uranus on September 27-28th, when we might challenge the status quo to be more fair and just. Pluto in Capricorn is breaking down our society’s old views, beliefs and rules and we can hasten the demise of patriarchy by standing up with courage to the injustices of our world.

The Virgo Sun forms a grand trine with Pallas Athene in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, giving us the grounding we need in the midst of these wild times. Be wise to what you can manifest and make sure it can be of service to the world.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius squares Vesta in Virgo and Chiron retrograde in Pisces, offering us a chance to stand up for our truth, for the oppressed and for those aspects of ourselves that need healing. Black Moon Lilith is a point in space that signifies where we need to get down to our soul’s passion, past the shoulds and oughts of our lives to the deep truth of our souls. Aligned with Vesta, the sacred flame of life, and Chiron, the mentor of heroes and wounded healer, this Lilith breaks through the chains that keep us bound to our pain. She’s another image of the fierce feminine warrior.

The Autumn Equinox occurs on September 22nd, when the Sun enters Libra. May the blessings of the Harvest stay with you all through this coming Winter.

Blessed Be!

Last Night

Last night as I was sleeping I dreamt a marvelous illusion
that there was a spring breaking out in my heart.
I said, "Along what secret aqueduct are you coming to me
Oh water, water of a new life that I have never drunk."

Last night as I was sleeping I dreamt a marvelous illusion
that there was a beehive here in my heart.
And the golden bees were making white combs
and sweet honey from my old failures.

Last night as I was sleeping I dreamt a marvelous illusion
that there was a fiery sun here in my heart.
It was fiery because it gave warmth as if from a hearth
And it was sun because it gave light and brought tears to my eyes.

Last night as I was sleeping I dreamt a marvelous illusion
that there was God here in my heart.
God, is my soul asleep?
Have those beehives who labor by night stopped, and
the water wheel of thought, is it dry?
The cup's empty, wheeling out carrying only shadows?
No! My soul is not asleep! My soul is not asleep!
It neither sleeps nor dreams, but watches, its clear eyes open,
far off things, and listens, and listens
at the shores of the great silence.
It listens at the shores of the great silence.

~ Antonio Machado ~

(The Winged Energy of Delight, translations by Robert Bly)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Leo Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017

The Cosmic Story: Leo Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017
The Great American Eclipse at
29* Leo: The Heart of the Lion

The Day Sky gives us Life. The Night Sky gives us meaning.

The Milky Way~Womb of our Galaxy

This ‘Great American’ total solar eclipse has turned into an event, as only America can throw one. Millions of Americans are journeying to see this celestial show that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina. The Earth, Moon and Sun line up so well at totality that we’ll get a chance to see the Sun’s corona, it’s outer atmosphere. It will look like a black hole surrounded by iridescent, scintillating, delicate colors. And ‘day will become night’ as we see the winter constellations, usually hidden by our summer Sun as well as Regulus at the ‘heart of the Lion’, Mercury, Venus, Mars and perhaps Jupiter in the dark sky.
There’s a 70 mile area stretching across the US where the eclipse will be total for around 2+ minutes. Everywhere else in the US will experience it as a partial eclipse. The entire length of the eclipse will be about 6 hours. For more information about the eclipse and where to see it, go to GreatAmericanEclipse.com.
The United States is the only country this total eclipse crosses. And it’s the first total solar eclipse to pass over only the continental US since the country’s founding in 1776. It’s also the first time in 99 years that an eclipse is visible across the continental US. 
There are many articles about how this solar eclipse will affect the US and Donald Trump’s chart specifically. (See: Eclipse impact) But more important, this eclipse opposes America’s Sibly 4th of July chart’s Moon at 28* Aquarius. The Moon symbolizes We the People (We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity...) This is a chance for all of us to wake up to our unity, and our responsibilities to each other, to Mother Earth and to the future.


So we can’t mistake the heavenly advice: America, wake up and pay attention.

It is the American People, not the government or the power structures, that this Leo Solar Eclipse calls to. It is our wake-up call to create that more perfect Union. Not only in America, but with the whole world. But first we have to be at one with ourselves. Only then will we stop living in fear and start moving toward hope. To do that, we have to listen to our heart’s truest desires. And then follow our heart’s hope into the future.
This eclipse occurs on one of the four ancient ‘royal’ stars – Regulus, the King. It is the star at the heart of the constellation of Leo. For thousands of years, this bright star was in tropical Leo but in 2012, it moved by precession into Virgo, the Virgin. So while it still represents the King, the underlying energy is the Goddess’ love. So now The Queen takes center stage. With Mars and the North Node so close to this eclipse, perhaps the true King will awaken and return in this time of need. And women will call him forth.

Queen of Wands~ Thoth Deck

Eclipses signify shifts, completions, endings, and releasing along with new beginnings, new directions and openings. Because the Full Moon in Aquarius this month was sandwiched between two Leo New Moons, our cosmic instructions want us to bring our sovereignty, power, leadership, gifts and visions into the world. We need to learn the right way to use personal power. We old hippies learned from Carlos Castaneda and don Juan and don Genaro. This is Queenship and Kingship. We all have personal power, and so we can no longer make believe we don’t have access to power, or reject, misuse or neglect our innate power – to create, to imagine, to help, to love. Learn to let Love guide your use of power.
How do we use our power? To control or to contribute? Do we access our power from a place of Love or fear? When we give our power away, how do we reclaim it? How do we ‘stand in our power’? How do we become channels for power?

Leo rules the Heart and this eclipse opens the heart of the lion. My hope is that our collective masculine energy (especially in men) will focus on being warriors of Love and Light, releasing the Leo shadow characteristics of arrogance, self-importance, overweening pride and the need to be right.
The eclipse will affect Donald Trump’s natal chart in a big way—it sits on his Leo Mars and Ascendant, so it might change the way he deals with people and issues. Or it will keep him stuck in his own old story while his karma comes due. So far it seems to be making him more angry and volatile. (the eclipse is on his Leo Mars and Ascendant). As with all of us, it’s all about opportunities and choices. Opportunities and Choices.

The eclipse’s effect might last from 6 months to over 2 years, so don’t expect a miracle on August 21st. Take the energy in and let it move around you and settle in. The results will come. Especially watch what happens on September 3rd, when Mars reaches the eclipse degree. Also, Mercury retrograde will station on the degree of this eclipse, 28* Leo, on September 5th. You might get a hint of what new thing you’ve birthed then. Pay attention to your dreams for these next few weeks. I’ll be hosting a free on-line dream discussion of eclipse dreams in early September. Watch for it.

This Leo total Solar Eclipse occurs on Monday, August 21st at 11:30 am PDT/ 2:30pm EDT/ 6:30pm GMT. Wherever you are, if you look up to the Sun during the eclipse, you need special glasses to protect your eyes.

This total solar eclipse occurs at 29* Leo, right on the royal star Regulus, the heart of the Lion. Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 29* Leo is: A Mermaid Emerges From The Ocean Waves Ready For Rebirth In Human Form. Mermaids are magical beings who can navigate the great realm of the Collective Unconscious. Psychologically, they represent a new feeling and energy that arises out of our collective longing for a different life. For a mermaid to be reborn in a human form symbolizes the incarnation of that new feeling attuned to the World Soul. A new beginning for the Divine Feminine. It is the heart’s desire for a unified experience of life, one in which the head and the heart work together. It is a shared longing for a deeper, richer, more conscious, collective life.

Linda Olsen

In ancient times, eclipses were viewed with fear, but we now understand them in totally different ways. An eclipse is like a vortex that can take you out of your ‘normal’ perceptions of life and leave you with a different view. Just think what happens during a total solar eclipse.
When the Sun goes DARK, we see not only its crown of light (its corona) but also the Universe. We could say that the Sun, our sense of ‘reality’ and even of Spirit, is shut out and we see the wonder of the Cosmos. At the solar eclipse, our ego light (Sun) withdraws so that we can see the mystery behind it – the universal Mind.
We humans hold the universal Heart. Chiron in Pisces forms an inconjunct to this solar eclipse, asking us to include the longings of the heart of humanity. The Heart develops what Mind conceives. When we get that glimpse of eternity before the light of the Sun returns, our reality is changed forever.
On a psychological level, the Sun symbolizes our identity, our sense of self, our ego consciousness. When the unconscious blocks out that ego-consciousness, we can see two things about ourselves. We can see our Shadows, those parts of ourselves we might be ashamed of, so we project them onto others. But we also get to see our souls—the part of us that is Eternal, and so we see the big picture of the cosmos, which gives us a different perspective on who we are and what we think we’re here on Earth for.
Let go of all the old patriarchal categories we’ve lived under: how much money you need to make, who and what you should love, the things that define you. Let them go and let a new story, a new vision, a new category slip into place. This is the gift of this eclipse – finding your true ‘heart’ which has been eclipsed by patriarchal rules.

As it has been for the past 5 years, the Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn molds and shelters this eclipse. But now we can add to it Venus and Ceres in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra, bringing in new hope, love and the Goddess of Light to help us on our way. The grand cardinal square of Uranus, Eris, Venus, Ceres, Jupiter and Pluto is the energy that will move this eclipse energy into the future. When we own ourselves and stay true to our hearts (Uranus/Eris in Aries) we search our souls to feed our emotional bodies (Venus/Ceres in Cancer) with the connection, beauty and balance (Jupiter in Libra) that rebuilds our society along partnership lines (Juno/Pluto in Capricorn).
We are still within the fiery triangle of Uranus and Eris in Aries, Sun, Moon, Mars & North Node in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius, adding passion, inspiration and creativity to our journey. Just don’t let the fire get out of hand and turn destructive.
Mercury retrograde and Vesta in Virgo is opposite Neptune retrograde in Pisces, offering us a direct pipeline to the Unconscious. It’s important to open up to the messages of the Unconscious, while at the same time being aware of what is real and what is illusion.  That’s where Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius comes in. It forms a T-square with this opposition, asking us to be responsible for the images that inform us.
Fake news isn’t just a ploy by Trump and his gang to confuse us. The Unconscious is vast and untamed, and it can overwhelm us as well as heal us. You have to be able to discern what is coming from your heart from what your left brain rationality will want. When in doubt, bring your images and understanding to a guide to help you decipher the mystery that unfolds in you during this eclipse.

I want to tell you a story, since I believe that stories speak to our souls and organize our energies into wholeness. This story spoke to me about the meaning of this heart-centered eclipse. Let it open your hearts to the mystery. This tale is by Anne Bishop in her series Ephemera.

Long ago, beyond my memory and yours, spirits who were the voice of the world walked among us. And they knew things no ordinary human could know. Like the secret to using the Door of Locks.

Now the Door of Locks was hidden in a garden that lived in the heart of a magic hill, and that hill was the country home of the spirits who resided in this part of the land. When a person had a powerful need for something that was just beyond his grasp, he would set his feet on the road and follow his heart—and if the spirits decided he was worthy, he would find that garden.

And when he reached the garden, which was protected by high walls and a barred gate, a spirit would appear and ask, “What do you seek?”

Now, a foolish man might say he was seeking gold or jewels or some other kind of treasure. He might be allowed to enter the garden after giving such an answer—but he might not. Because the correct answer to the question—and this is most important to remember—the correct answer is “I seek the hope that lives within my heart.” Give the spirit that answer, and the garden’s gate will always open.

And then, once you’re inside . . . It’s a lovely place, as beautiful as a dream, and you’re allowed to wander and look and sit for as long as you please. When you’re ready, the spirit takes you to the Door of Locks.

There are one hundred identical locks on the door, and while you’re standing there, trying to fathom it all, the spirit reaches into your heart and takes out a key, and says, “Every lock leads to a different place that lives within you. Some are dark places, some are light places, some are full of struggle and sorrow while others will shower your days with joy. Choose a lock. The key will fit any one of them. Choose where your heart needs to go. Choose.”

And that is what you must do—choose. Now, some people are hasty, ignoring the spirit’s warning about the nature of the locks and thinking that since the locks all look the same they’ll all be the same. And some people don’t ask for the lock they truly want because it’s high up in a corner of the door or too low to the ground and they don’t want to be inconveniencing the spirit and they figure a lock that’s easy to reach will do just as well.

But it won’t do as well. I’ll tell you that now. It won’t do, and if you settle for what is easy instead of what you truly want, you may never discover the hope that lives in your heart.

So you choose wisely, and you choose well, and you pick the lock that matters the most to you at that moment. Then the spirit takes the key that was plucked from your heart and slips it into that lock.

It changes you. It doesn’t matter if you end up in a place you didn’t know existed or in the village where you’ve lived your whole life. It changes you—and you will never again see the world in quite the same way.

Except we’ve lost the way of it, you see.

A dark and terrible Evil swept through the land in that long-ago time, and the spirits disappeared. Some say they were all destroyed in a great battle against that Evil. Others say that those who survived went into hiding and still tend the magic garden. No one knows the answer, just as no one knows how to find the magic hill or a spirit who can pluck a key out of a person’s heart and open the Door of Locks.

But I can tell you this. That magical place still exists. And someday someone will remember how to find it—and how to open the door that leads to all the hope that lives in the heart. ~Elandar story

(Belladonna by Anne Bishop, ROC Books, New York, NY. pg. 211-212).

May you find your Heart’s Hope.


It doesn't interest me if there is one God
or many gods.
I want to know if you belong or feel
if you can know despair or see it in others.
I want to know
if you are prepared to live in the world
with its harsh need
to change you. If you can look back
with firm eye,
saying this is where I stand. I want to know
if you know
how to melt into that fierce heat of living,
falling toward
the center of your longing. I want to know
if you are willing
to live, day by day, with the consequence of love
and the bitter
unwanted passion of your sure defeat.

I have heard, in that fierce embrace, even
the gods speak of God.

~ David Whyte ~

(River Flow)