Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taurus Full Moon, 11.21.2010

Greetings everyone!

Before we begin the holiday season, this Taurus/Scorpio full Moon gives us the opportunity to unload our old baggage, clean out our emotional closet, and re-discover the values of life we want to embody.  As we passed through the veils of death this All Hallows, we were supposed to honor our dead (both our literal dead and those parts of ourselves that are no longer viable) and release them.  This full Moon, helped along by Venus and Jupiter going direct, gets the job accomplished if you want it to. 

The work isn't simple.  It is often a titanic struggle.  With the arrival of winter through the Scorpio gate, we have to shed our old skins so that we can grow new ones. The skins can't be shed if we don't release the old feelings.  And if we don't move on, we will find ourselves back in the same place next year, only more discontent and uncomfortable.   This year's Taurus full Moon invites you to accomplish this task, because the years ahead will demand real wisdom from us.  Taurus is practical and understands the laws of life.  It also wants to build something that will last.  That's why we say it rules our values and self-worth.  We know our worth when we live our values and ideals.   We can't be truly wise if we cannot accept life on its own terms and give it meaning.  It is those feelings of being a 'victim of life' that keep us unbalanced, unaware and resentful.  These old feelings have to go!  If we can do this, we have the opportunity to create a deeper, more creative life.

This month's Full Moon Cosmic Story newsletter gives you some insight into the energies at play leading up to the full Moon on Sunday.  If you go to you'll see the Taurus Full Moon newsletter and link.


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