Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Venus and Jupiter goe Direct on Thursday the 18th

Two planets that have been in retrograde motion - seemingly moving backwards from Earth's point of view - are going to station (stop) tomorrow and resume forward motion.  

You don't have to understand the language, just visualize that the Earth had pulled ahead of both planets in their respective orbits and now they are going to move forward again.  Look at the night sky where Jupiter has been shining in the past months and watch its movement.  If you get up early enough, you'll now see Venus as a Morning Star.

Venus and Jupiter share many attributes for they are both benign energies, helpful and joyful, expansive and creative.  They give us hope for the future.

Venus went retrograde on October 8th at 14* Scorpio, the degree of the Scorpio new Moon a few weeks ago, confirming the importance of the cosmic message to us:  Telephone linemen at work installing new connections.   Have we made those new connections?  I hope so.  If we take a stand on our beliefs and values, we communicate in ways that create peace within our own families, communities and nations.  We can do this with strength and love.  They are not mutually exclusive.   

The planet Venus just turned to direct motion, becoming a Morning Star in the process of descending to the Underworld of Scorpio.  Venus turned direct on November 18th at 28* Libra:  A Man becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting him.   At first I was going to change ‘man’ to ‘person’, but then I realized that the image being a man is the point.  First, sorry men:), but in general in my experience, men have a much harder time accepting the invisible, the spiritual, the intuitive than women do.  We’ve all been waiting for you to join us in our beliefs.  Welcome home!  Also, the man in the image symbolizes our action-oriented, outgoing side.  Venus wants us to see that when our actions are based on our values and beliefs, we are helped and sustained by spirit.

Jupiter has been retrograde since July 23rd and it also goes direct on November 18th.  When Jupiter is retrograde, we turn our search and curiosity within, questioning old beliefs and working to discover new aspects of ourselves. 

  Jupiter went retrograde at 4*Aries: Two Lovers strolling on a secluded walk.  This symbolizes the process of becoming conscious of our polarities and working to integrate them, so that we are whole human beings.  This is a dynamic inter-play of masculine and feminine energies.  Jupiter turns direct at 24* Pisces: On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction.   Taken after the image of the couple, we can see that the goal of this Jupiter retrograde is to make sure that we integrate all of the energies within ourselves as well as taking our unique purpose and interacting with others of like mind.  In remembering we are all in this together, we also have to be unique individuals.

Take time this weekend to enjoy yourselves.  We all deserve it!