Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jupiter in Aries and Saturn Retrograde


Well, the' full speed ahead' energy of Jupiter going into Aries has been having a tug-of-war with the 'let's stop and consider' energy of Saturn going retrograde in Libra.  And I couldn't slow down long enough to write about it until now.

Jupiter is by far the largest of the planets. It is more than twice as massive as all other planets combined; if it had been only about 100 times more massive at birth (not so much by astronomical standards) it would have become a star instead of a planet. Then the Solar System might be a double star system instead of a single star with a planetary system.

So it makes sense that Jupiter has a big personality, because he was king of the Gods of Rome.   Jupiter symbolizes all that is expansive, excessive, curious, boundless.  Zeus, who was the Greek version of Jupiter, had a boundless appetite for lovely ladies, making him (literally) the father of the Gods.  Whatever Jupiter touches, expands - whether it's your waistline or your wallet.  

On Saturday, January 22, Jupiter moved into Aries (again - it was there for a few months last summer from June 5-6 to September 8-9).   You might be experiencing a rush of energy - that full speed ahead feeling I mentioned earlier.  Expansive Jupiter in combative, adventurous 'it's all about me' Aries will certainly get the juices flowing and I get the feeling that people are finally starting those exercise regimes they intended to begin on New Year's Day.  

Jupiter will travel quickly through Aries, entering Taurus on June 4th.  So take advantage of this energy during the winter and spring months.  It's time to discover a new identity.  We are all being asked by the Cosmic Story to step into our power and purpose.  We, the People of the world, must take our destiny into our own hands and create a better future for our children's children to the 7th generation.  So open to the archetypal energy that you were born to incarnate, and step up to the plate with your part of the story.


Saturn is Jupiter's father, and yet in the old stories, Saturn swallowed all his other children for fear of losing power.  Jupiter's mother, Rhea, hid him in a cave and gave Saturn/Chronos a rock to swallow.  So you can see, they were antagonists right from the start.  

Saturn's personality is limiting, restrictive, disciplined, testing.  Whatever Jupiter wants to expand, Saturn wants to contract.  They just have opposite points of view.  Saturn is the god of time, and the limitations of time.  Jupiter opens us to the timeless realms of possibility. 

Saturn retrograde in Libra will help us figure out just what we need to do to relate in a fair and balanced way.  Saturn first tests us, and then he gives us time to consider what we did wrong.  And you can bet he'll test us again, once he goes direct on June 12th.  A lot of us have the outer planets in Libra - there is the Neptune in Libra generation (1942-1957), the Uranus in Libra generation (1968-1975) and the Pluto in Libra generation (1971-1984) - and this Saturn transit through Libra will bring those qualities to the forefront.  Can we bring our Dreams (Neptune) into reality?  Can we learn to be free (Uranus) and equal (Pluto) in our relationships?  Only time - and our choices - will tell.

On March 28th, Jupiter and Saturn will oppose each other, letting us know how well we have integrated our new identity into our relationships.  Keep working at it.  The future is calling our names!

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  1. As my friend Caroline Casey is just now mentioning on her radio program - Saturn stations at 18* Libra: Two men placed under arrest.

    And so we ask reverently that those people who deserve to be arrested - to be stopped in their pillaging of the 'commons' - be arrested for their own soul's good as well.

    Whatever we love, whatever story we are called to, let us be a focus.