Monday, April 4, 2011

Neptune in Pisces: Renewing the Archetypal Patterns of Life

Neptune with his mystical vision, creative imagination and longing to dissolve back into unity with the Divine has arrived back home at last. 

Early this morning, Neptune, ancient King of the Sea and servant of the Great Oceanic Mother, dove into his watery Piscean realm from the heavenly heights of Aquarius.  Behind him, his golden nets swept up all the bright ideals and humanitarian impulses that his stay in Aquarius has inspired in us and carried them into the watery womb of the Collective Unconscious. 

There is something new in the collective mindset (Aquarius) , something that our telecommunications and the Internet make possible.   We know we are not alone!  We know that many people in the world want freedom, equality, peace, cooperation, and community - while their governments choose war and economic competition.   We know that many people want to stop ravaging the Earth.  We know that we need to get back in touch with the cycles of the Earth and of our human nature, so we’ll know how to meet the challenges ahead of us.  We know that we have to stop blaming ‘the Other’ and start looking at our own Shadow.  As a group, we know that we must inhabit our spiritual nature if we are ever going to be mature enough to meet these truly transformative times.   While these are not new ideas they are now collectively desired ideals.  

There is a new Spirit being born, the Spirit of Enlightened Humanity. 

So Neptune has gathered the light of all these aspirations in his golden nets and cast them into the Ocean, the womb of Life here on Earth, as well as the womb of the Collective Unconscious.  Here in Pisces, the world is water.  And Neptune shapes the waters for good or ill.

Neptune will not be happy when he sees what we humans have done to his home since his last stay in the 1860s.  Instead of honoring the oceans as the mysterious realm of possibilities that it is, humanity has polluted its waters and endangered most of the life within it.  Neptune will find that oil in the Gulf of Mexico and radiation off the coast of Japan and a floating garbage dump of plastic are not the only trouble spots in his homeland. 

That is where we come in.  All those shining aspirations and ideas that Neptune netted will attract the archetypal energies that enliven the world soul, our collective unconscious record of Life here on planet Earth.  We need t get in touch with the Source and let our ideals merge with these primal energies and engender new breakthroughs and new stories.  The next 14 years while Neptune is in Pisces will change our view of ‘Reality’ and the possible.   We will become a new humanity. 
My teacher Jean Houston calls this new Being   ‘the possible human’. This is our task when Neptune returns to Pisces.

New relationships with other dimensions of Life could open for us.  If we do the work!  

Neptune’s work is to engage the Creative Imagination and work with the Archetypes that shape Life in the Universe.  We have to let our old expectations, our old stories dissolve back into the Void and allow Neptune to work his enchantment and create new forms for the archetypal energies.  The old archetypes need renewal.  People are more conscious than ever before, and these energies that make us human want to evolve in us and make new myths and new patterns.  

Just before Neptune went into Pisces, I saw the Disney movie "Tangled" and was pleasantly surprised by the beauty and symbolism they employed in their re-telling of the old Grimm's fairy tale, Rapunzel.   It is a story that resonates with both Uranus going into Aries and Neptune going into Pisces.  Our collective fears of getting old and dying (Neptune in Pisces)  imprison the potential (Uranus in Aries) we each have in us for healing and renewal.  Rapunzel longs for the Light that celebrates her birth and intuits that she is somehow connected with the lights she sees every year floating up into the sky to commemorate the lost princess.  Her longing to be part of that celebration of Light makes her willing to risk everything to find the source of that Light - and of course, the answer to who she is.  She awakens to the courage of Aries, sometimes foolish but always fearless.  She is willing to trust her Pisces imagination to bring her to a new life.  (Neptune in Pisces also rules fantasy - I recommend this movie.) 

Go down to the waters and be refreshed.  Go down to the waters and greet the great Lord of the Oceans and welcome him home.

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