Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grand Earth Trine Magic: Time to Manifest

Magic is in the air today.  Make sure you go breathe it in.  Then do a ritual to help you manifest your heart's desire, because there is a grand trine forming today and tonight in the earth signs of the zodiac.

That means manifestation.

A trine is a triangular aspect which contains the flow of energy in a positive, creative way.  It often reveals past life talents in a chart.  See what past life (or lost dreams) energies want to help you now.   Use this trine with confidence because it can help you magnetize favorable outcomes.  Don't forget that you're not in this alone. Trines are generous with their riches.  They want us to share.  Magnetize something that will benefit all of us.

The earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.  The planets are Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Mars.  If your sun, moon or ascendent are in earth signs, you'll add a stronger energy to your ritual.  If any of these 4 planets are your ruling planet (meaning the ruler of your ascendent and if you want, the ruler of your sun sign), you'll probably have an easier time focusing the energies of this trine. 

So center your ritual or meditation around these images.

1.  Pluto is in the cardinal sign of Capricorn.  That means it drives the energies of this trine. Pluto is the energy of Death and Rebirth, of the passion that drives evolution, and the riches that come to us when we let the old die to make way for the new.  Pluto in Capricorn is slowly shredding the fabric of the patriarchy, leaving openings for new and better ideas about how we can live our lives here on this beautiful home of ours.  What aspect of this disintegration really speaks to you of the need for healing or rebirth?  Trust that feeling.  Follow your passion.

The Sabian Symbol for Pluto at 10* Capricorn is: On a sailboat, seamen are feeding an Albatross.  This symbolizes our interdependence with all of life.  Helping, nurturing and cooperation are important aspects of any society.  A sailboat uses the wind and the waves to travel over the waters, an apt symbol for working with your dreams - both your night dreams and your day dreams.  Seamen work with the energies of wind and water, hot and cold, above and below.  There is a belief that an albatross is the soul of a dead seaman, and so this would become a symbol of our need to feed our lost souls.

2.  The 2nd earth sign is Taurus.  This sign 'fixes' the energy of transformation from Capricorn, concentrating it because Taurus is where manifestation begins.  Both Jupiter, the planet of expansion, of luck, of travel and cosmic law and Venus, the planet of Love, beauty, sexuality and money are conjoining tonight in Taurus.  Go out and see it in the western sky after sunset.  Venus rules Taurus as the Empress in the Tarot decks, the Earth Mother and Queen of new Life.  Jupiter rules the Tarot card called The Wheel of Fortune, bringing in positive change.  Jupiter brings us more room to grow, to plant, to become in Taurus.

The Sabian Symbol for 10* Taurus is: A Red Cross nurse runs to aid a wounded man.  Here is another call for unity with all of life, our compassion and our need to be of service.  How will this new life you want to manifest be of service to the world?  Don't forget to make it be beautiful, feminine, nurturing and compassionate.  It's not all about the money.

3.  The 3rd earth sign is Virgo, a mutable or dispersing energy that wants us to 'get real' and down to the practical issues involved in manifestation.  Virgo pays attention to the details and makes sure everything is working well.  Mars is our desire nature, our action-oriented energy that can either carry anger and aggression or determination and willpower.  

The Sabian symbol for 10* Virgo is: A man with two heads looking out into the Beyond.  This is a great symbol for our ability to look both within and without, above and below.  It seems the basic paradox of life is that while we all appear to be separate, we're really all One Being.

Virgo is good at ritual, so when you set up this ritual, call in your Virgo/Mars energy to direct where you want this magical energy to go.  Then call in the four energies.  Let them work on your imagination and see them combine into a triangle of Light.  Set this triangle as a seal over whatever it is you want to manifest behind your 3rd eye.

Have a magical day!

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  1. You are wonderful, Cathy! Thank you for the work that you do...indeed, the images you share enrich my life!