Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Sacred Marriage of Venus and Mars: A New Chance at Sacred Partnership

On Saturday, April 6th, we get the chance to unite our heart’s desire with the power to manifest it.  Venus and Mars, those two archetypal lovers, are engaging in the sacred marriage this night.  Once every two years, Venus and Mars join together in the sky in Libra to unite their energies of love and desire. Their objective was to ‘make nice’ with each other.  This year, their bridal chamber is within the bright blaze of the Sun, which only happens every 32 years.  It all happens when the Sun’s primal fires of life return to shine upon the land.   The fact that Venus and Mars begin their new cycle of relationship in the Aries Sun’s glow is another cosmic promise of a new beginning. 
Venus is the power of attraction, connection, bonding, cohesion.  Like attracts like!  It is a blessed gift that here on Earth, we have transformed this primal root energy of creation/destruction into the beauty, power and comfort of Love.  Venus leads us to what we naturally connect to: beauty, art, sex, love, wisdom, Life.  And because Venus/Aphrodite is a goddess, she embodies Feminine Spirit and symbolizes women!  Aphrodite is the goddess of Spirit incarnated in the Body, making the body holy.   

Our bodies tell the tale of who we are this incarnation.  When we reject our differences, we stay stuck in patriarchal thinking.  The old system has taken over.  Our bodies are different: they look different, they function differently.  Instead of ignoring the differences, perhaps we need to explore the knowledge and wisdom they might contain.  It doesn’t mean that there is only one way for a woman or a man to live.  It does mean that women and men have different gifts to contribute to our world.  As Venus/Aphrodite is a female goddess, her blessed gift to women is Wisdom.
Mars is the power of desire, of striving, of attaining, of action and results.  We have been blessed with the power to grow, change, to achieve and to sacrifice.  Mars is the warrior, the protector, the individuality of the ego.  Just what kind of warrior are you?  What is your Mars up to?  What do you desire? 

 I discovered as I got older that the baby boomers—yes my generation—want to stay young forever and they think to do it by holding on to the desires of their youth.  This is not the way to go, people.  As we get older, there are different joys and desires that are much more satisfying.  Each age of life has different personal priorities and goals, as well as larger, social concerns.  Mars is the masculine power to achieve those priorities and goals.  Since Mars is a masculine god, his great gift to men is Integrity.  “Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles and outcomes.” (Wikipedia)   When men are empowered, they stand in their integrity, their honesty, their Truth, their honor, their reliability.   
When Venus and Mars unite in the fiery rays of the Sun, you know that this new energy is important to bring into consciousness.  The lovers declare, “Be who you are, love who you are, act out of who you are.”  While common knowledge would say that Mars is more powerful then Venus here in his own sign of Aries, our Mars is ‘clothed in the Sun’  and is consciously uniting with his Lady Wisdom, his inner guidance and spiritual yearnings. 
Remember, Venus and Mars know how to make love!  Under the light of the Pisces Balsamic Moon, their lovemaking will be filled with great imagination and great compassion for each other.  Their sacred sexuality grounds in these new energies, nurtured by the Piscean moonlight.  Both these planetary energies have just been renewed through the Piscean waters of loss and healing, the fiery transmutation of joining the Aries Sun, and the cultural jolting and re-visioning of the Uranus/Pluto square.   Their lovemaking tonight could remake the world!  Let them renew your hope and love, so that at the Aries New Moon, you’ll plant the heritage seeds of your own future, rather than the GMO seeds of patriarchal compliance.
The Sabian symbol for the union of Venus and Mars at 20* Aries is: Two beautiful white swans feeding in a shimmering lake.  The archetypal image of romantic love and companionship, swans have ever been symbols of sublime beauty, poetic inspiration and devoted love.  An ancient totem of beauty, the Swan awakens the power and beauty of the Self, our spiritual essence.  A herald of new realms and new powers, Swan teaches us how to see our own and others’ inner beauty.  Swans are sacred to Aphrodite/Venus and have ever been the totem of the poet, mystic and dreamer.  Swans mate for life, and so they symbolize the power to see with the eyes of Love.  First see and love yourself so you can see and love another.  And then dream big!

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