Sunday, April 14, 2013

Venus in Taurus: But first, Jupiter is in the sky with the crescent Moon.


If you go outside tonight, you'll see Jupiter with the crescent Moon high in the western sky.  Moon gazing is in order.  And of course, Jupiter sparkles as it approaches the degree of the Venus transit over the face of the Sun last June.

This past week saw many celestial shifts.  After the splendid Venus/Sun/Mars sacred marriage last weekend, we finally shifted energetically into 2013 with the Aries New Moon on April 10.   Pluto in Capricorn went retrograde on Friday April 12th.   Mercury shifted from watery, dreamy Pisces to fired-up Aries on the 13th.  If you're a bit confused, you're probably not alone.  Give it a few days to let the energy settle.

And early Monday morning, Venus leaves fiery Aries and moves into her garden home in Taurus.  The sacred marriage between Venus/Aphrodite and Mars/Eros last week in the solar bridal chamber united their energies.  A new union of love and desire.  We can all benefit from this new relationship energy.  Work with it consciously because now the energy of our love and our desire is one!  Be your heart-self and do what you love and be with those you love.

Venus in Taurus says, 'If you build it, they will come!'  Our Taurean Venus wants to build something: She wants to plant a garden, build a home, create something lasting, love someone deeply.  Venus in Taurus offers us fertility if we align ourselves with the green, growing powers of nature: our body, our senses and our desire show us the way to what we love.

Venus leads the way into Taurus, the sign of ancient Wisdom--the Wisdom of the Earth.   The Sun follows her on April 19th, and Mars follows quickly behind on April 20th.

Get ready to lay the foundations of your future life.  Taurus energy is made for it!



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