Sunday, November 30, 2014

The 7th Uranus/Pluto Square, March 16, 2015

The 7th Final Pluto/Uranus Square

Monday March 16th 2015 at 6:50pm PDT/9:50pm EDT, Uranus and Pluto will square (90*) each other for the 7th and last time since 2012.  The wild awakening of the 60s’ conjunction (0*) of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo was the awakening to a deeper and higher consciousness, opening up doors of perception and states of awareness that our parents still can’t wrap their heads around.  This was to prepare humanity for our future.
These two planets have been dancing with each other since June 2012.  Each time they've met before, one or both planets have been retrograde, but for their final bow, they are both going in direction motion, meaning that the kinks have been worked out and now things are set to move forward.
This 7th square indicates that we have reached a point in our evolution when we have to make a conscious choice about how we’re going to live the rest of our lives.  Can we let go of our personal and cultural stories of need and greed, violence and sex, power and domination, inequality and death, them and us?   Or can we step into quantum theory’s new paradigm that states that we actually do create our own reality?  As viewed, so it appears.  The observer influences what happens in quantum theory.  That means we have to take responsibility for the life we create.  And it also means that if we pursue our true purpose, we can create the life we are meant to live.
Carl Jung’s psychology works within the quantum field.  In our engagement with the Unconscious, through dreams, visions, active imagination, story, archetype, mythology and symbols, we play with the part of the psyche that can engage this quantum field through the Creative Imagination.  The Creative Imagination is what helps us co-create with the Universe.  It is through our right brain feminine consciousness that we access the Quantum Field, which contains all the possibilities of Life.  We just have to learn how to access it correctly and for the right reasons.

The 60s’, Part 2

Once we developed the capacity to annihilate the world in the 1940s, our inner psyches were brought face to face with the possibility of horrific death at any moment.  The very hell-fire that Christianity predicted for evildoers could descend on us at any moment!   Of course that just made life more interesting and more immediate.  If death was lurking just around the corner, why not live life to the fullest?  Besides sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, that meant exploring new ideas about the possibilities of life and of death.
In stepping outside the box of those dogmatic beliefs and judgments instilled in us by church and state, we explored the possibilities of who we are and what we wanted to create.  We rebelled (Uranus) against the status quo (Pluto). 
We Baby Boomers are great creators, having Pluto (transformation) in Leo (creativity).  We just have to learn to turn our creativity toward the good of the world, rather than the good of ‘me’, which is the shadow side of Leo.  That’s the side Pluto works to transform, because that kind of selfishness is no longer viable.  We are here on Earth to enrich life, not consume our way through it. 
We BB’s also engaged in a more personal spirituality which led to embarking on the soulful journey to enlightenment, freedom and bliss that so occupied the 60s’ generation.  How our generation influenced subsequent ones is evident. Young people today are all on their spiritual quest. And many of them already operate innately out of the Quantum Field.   They are taking up the challenges of the future with vision and hope. 
Back in the 60s, the original seed was planted in the sign of Virgo, symbolizing both the harvest and the mastery of life.  Virgo asks us to grow up and utilize our gifts and talents in appropriate ways.  To become Masters at the Art of Life.  Pluto and Uranus started their new cycle in 1965-66 in Virgo with concerns about social justice, women’s equality, food production and our environment, war and peace, space exploration and resource depletion, sexual freedom and religious freedom, artistic freedom and technological freedom and world unity. 
That new seed has grown into a deep-rooted plant these last three years as we’ve gone on the hero’s journey, working to overcome the obstacles to incorporating this new vision into our personal consciousness as well as into the collective consciousness of the world.   Now that new life calls us to be of service (Virgo) as we learn to be co-creators of Life (Pluto square Uranus).  
This Cosmic Story of awakening and transformation has completed ¼ of its cycle.  This part of the re-birthing of our consciousness has been about the struggle with the powers that be to bring needed changes into our social, political, economic structures and belief systems.  We are outgrowing our childhood as a world.  We know we are one world now.  How will we deal with each other and our precious Mother Earth?  This is the radical choice that faces us.  

The Story of the 6th Square

     On Sunday December 14th and Monday December 15th, the 6th square between Uranus at 12*35’ Aries and Pluto at 12*35’ Capricorn occurs.  These squares will bring up the failure of corrupt social institutions, so we can create new, more viable structures in the future. 

     The most recent example is the new budget bill that was basically written by Citigroup and the banking industry, removing the law that said taxpayers wouldn’t bail them out again—Pluto in Capricorn.  The old power structure fighting back.  And then look at Elizabeth Warren’s speech about the bill—Uranus in Aries!   

     On a personal level, it’s time to connect to your real desires and get your true needs met and to stand up for what you believe in.  Be a shining light to the world.

     To recap: This series of 7 squares between Uranus, the planet of revolution and awakening and Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and evolution began in 2012 and continues through March 2015.  All 7 squares take place in the cardinal signs of Capricorn, our collective social structures, and Aries, our personal identity and vision.  Our cultural institutions are dying (Pluto) and we have to wake up to our personal mission in life (Uranus).  Cardinal signs indicate crucial situations that can’t be put off.  They require immediate attention, since cardinal signs signal the change of seasons.  The wheel of life will keep turning, no matter what!  If we fail to take responsible action, there will be consequences.

     These planets first came together to begin a new cycle of evolution and revolution in the mid-60s in Virgo (the sign of personal integrity), beginning the revolution that is continuing today regarding the environment, women’s rights, civil rights, holistic health, healthy foods, workers’ rights and spiritual awareness.  During the 60s, these energies gave rise to new ideas and beliefs which went against the grain of the culture.  During the past 50 years, our society has integrated some parts of these revolutionary energies, but not all.  Now these new beliefs and values need to be rooted more securely in our collective mindset.  Our economic and social structures no longer serve the people and it’s time to re-set our course, away from manipulation and domination and into real freedom and individual responsibility.

     A square is a 90* angle which brings about a change in direction, a re-orientation of consciousness.  A square’s energy lets you know that you’ve come to a crossroads and now you must choose which path to take.  A square calls for decisive action which often entails struggle and assertive action, often causing lots of inner tension and friction but also opening up our awareness to new possibilities.  The energies of these two specific planets can be explosive, but also enlivening. Pluto is deep, powerful life-energy.  Uranus is out-of-the-blue electrical discharge, the spark of life.  Together they are brewing new life.  We are challenged to act on these new possibilities.  If we repress them, those life-giving energies will turn poisonous and implode.

     This square between Pluto and Uranus is very polarizing.  We are seeing many examples of that polarization between Pluto (the old) and Uranus (the new): between billionaires and workers (Walmart workers are striking, demanding a living wage and full-time hours), between Conservative oil/coal proponents and environmentalists against the Keystone pipeline, between the protests against campus rape and young men’s patriarchal attitude toward rape.  The Michael Brown judgment and harsh ID voting laws bring up unresolved civil rights issues.   The Supreme Court’s decision to aware ‘personhood’ to corporations got ridiculous when they allowed a corporation to have ‘religious’ beliefs.  And now giving banks power over our laws.  As the polarization gets wider, we are seeing all the cracks in our democracy. 

     This 6th square between Pluto and Uranus will bring up issues of balance and cooperation, especially because both Mercury Venus are involved. Venus will conjunct Pluto and square Uranus exactly on December 20th, while Mercury does the same on December 24th.   Since Venus is the energy of harmony, love, beauty, and unification and Mercury promotes better communication, perhaps we can expect some actual change to happen both within and without.

     The 6th square between these two change agents will bring yet another layer of meaning and depth to these encounters.  The number six is aligned with the form of the hexagon/ hexagram as well as the 6-pointed star, shapes symbolizing the perfect union of the feminine and masculine, as well as the energy of integration of body, soul and spirit.

     The number six stands for Truth, union and lovers, harmony and balance, equality, perfection, integration and real communication.  To understand the harmony and union of a 6, think of beehives, which are hexagon-shaped and serves their communal life-style so well.

     The energy of six is ideal for joining opposites together to form a unified and much more powerful entity—in fact, generating a whole new energy. Since six-energy promotes harmony and balance, we might naturally discover solutions to issues if we engage with others in a calm and diplomatic manner.   Perhaps after this square, both sides of the philosophical spectrum will learn to work together to serve life.  Let’s envision that!

     On a spiritual level, six energy deals with enlightenment, showing us where we need to come into spiritual and mental balance. Like the 6-pointed star made up of two triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down, six energy can bring about the integration of feminine and masculine consciousness, the union of the right and the left brain so we can engage in holistic thinking and processing.

      Seeing is believing, and hopefully, more and more people are coming to understand that if we want a healthy environment, if we want fair wages and affordable housing, if we want real equality amongst all people and between the sexes, we the people (Uranus in Aries) have to do what it takes to change our social structures, government and especially the economy (Pluto in Capricorn).  

     If Americans want the promise of our Declaration of Independence that says we each deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, isn’t it about time to become patriots and stand up for our principles and get involved in making the world a more just and peaceful one?  First we have to change ourselves and our beliefs about life, and then we have to change the way we relate to each other through our social institutions.  We cannot survive alone—we have to care for our communities.

     Our way of life is going to change.  There’s no question about that.  Whether those changes come through acts of Nature (the flooding of our seacoasts which will send people on mass migrations), or through the depletion of our resources (water, metals, soil, food), we can no longer sustain our economic philosophy of consumerism. 

NASA probes — sent to other planets and their moons in our solar system over the last 30 years — reveal massive changes in brightness, magnetic field strength, atmospheric weather features, and other scientifically measurable phenomena. Massive changes are happening on the Sun and throughout the solar system, and not just on Earth. This has to do with our solar system crossing the plane of the galaxy. On a more subtle level, these same cosmic energetic shifts are bringing about a massive change in human consciousness on planet Earth.  © 2014 Louis Acker

     The next step is for us to open our higher consciousness to a new vision of what we want our lives to look like so we can create a more sustainable and responsible way of living in the world and in connection to Mother Earth.
Our deepest connection must be to the Earth right now, since that’s where the answers to our problems will come from.  We have to remember we are Earth’s children as well as children of Heaven, and realign ourselves with the World Soul—the consciousness of Mother Earth.  This consciousness is available to each of us when we listen to life with our imaginations and open to our dreams.  We’ve been trained to ignore and vilify the very things that can connect us to each other and to the Earth.  Right now, we need to find some Wisdom to deal with these changes, and Mother Earth and our own souls can help us if we listen.

     This is the challenge of our times—to open to our own brilliance and re-create the world.  We have to become conscious co-creators of life—we have to consciously evolve ourselves and our society to the next stage of human awareness.  Facing what’s going on can’t make us so depressed that we give up and opt out.  That’s what patriarchy hopes we’ll do.  That’s a failure to evolve, because the next step for humanity is conscious community in the Age of Aquarius. We have to be living examples of those principles for the future good of our world.

     We also can’t ignore the bad things going on in the world because it brings a negative vibe to our lives, disturbing our peace and balance.  That doesn’t cut it either. That’s refusing to face our collective Shadow, of which we’ve all contributed a part.   We have to face what’s happening in our world—face our collective choices of war and fear and of giving over power to our ‘new kings’—the corporations and banks.  If we withdraw our support from those corporate entities as much as possible, they will die out from lack of life.
To live our spiritual values means that we have to become social activists and live out our beliefs.  And so we become leaders in our own small way.  

      That is the Aquarian ideal, you know—everyone at the Round Table is equal, free and responsible for the collective welfare.


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