Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Cosmic Story: Capricorn Full Moon 2016

Long ago...the world's circle danced. The people danced with the trees, the trees danced with the land. The land danced with the sea, the sea with the moons and the moons with the stars. So went the music and the dance, without beginning, without end.
The Tenth Power, Kate Constable, p. 181.

The astrological sign of Cancer is 'ruled' by the Moon, meaning that these two energies work in the same way. The Moon pulls the tides of Cancer's waters.
The Moon's cycle includes us in the dance of the cosmos. We live to Her rhythms, our bodies pulse to her ebb and flow. The Moon brings us visions of those past times when people danced with all of nature. And in the union, we are blessed.
But we were exiled from our home within the Moon by patriarchy. And it wasn't Eve and her snake that exiled us—it was the development of our power-driven Ego, the Yahweh (I AM THAT I AM) who demands our singular worship. Our civilization developed from the belief that humans are separate from the Earth and Her other children. And in our unconsciousness, we raped and pillaged not only our Mother, the Earth, but our own psyches/souls. And so we live in a society that is soul-sick.
But we can reclaim our connection to the web of Life when we spiritually connect to the Moon and Her rhythms again. We do this by listening to the silence. If we listen to our instincts and imagination, to the Moon, we will know the wise thing to do. This is Cancer's gift.
The image of the Goddess I believe will lead us to Wisdom is: A Woman clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon, crowned with Stars, in labor, giving birth to the [New Age].
To stand on the Moon means to take our standpoint from the intuitions and feelings of our emotional body. To listen with our right brain imagination before we do things by using our left brain rationality (clothed with the Sun).
The Woman herself is not a goddess as much as she is the divine feminine within each of us. I do believe that women have a special purpose this lifetime—to leave behind our patriarchal chains and find our own true nature and way of doing things.1 For too long, we have been made to support the masculine way of seeing and doing in the world and forced to leave our own wisdom behind. Now, at this moment of evolution, the way forward is for all of us, but most especially women, to embrace our unique powers and birth a new civilization.

Capricorn Full Moon 2016
The Capricorn Full Moon occurs on July 19, 2016 at 3:56pm PDT/ 6:56pm EDT/ 10:56pm GMT.

Capricorn is the sign of our collective institutions—our governments, our financial systems and all our cultural institutions. As Pluto has traveled through Capricorn since 2008, we've seen the corruption in these systems and pushed by Uranus in Aries, people are clearly seeing the need to reform them. The power of the corporate world-view, that has even gotten the world to think of them as 'people' in their own right, is geared toward one thing—the worship of MONEY and POWER. Not for the many but for the welfare of the few. The evil empire is alive and well in America and around the world.
Capricorn is also the sign of our dharma, our true work in the world. Not our 'jobs' but our purpose. This lifetime, we have to make the necessary changes to these systems before they collapse and cause destructive chaos. Before the Earth's ecosystem is so damaged, that our children's children will be left with the destruction that our petty, selfish, consumer society has wrought. It's going to take a sacrifice, a sacrifice of our wasteful life-stype for the good of the world.
We have to align ourselves with a vision and purpose that will bring us 'back to the garden' where we can once again dance with the trees, the seas, the Moon and Stars. That is what our Cancer emotional body wants more than money and power. Like a good Mother, Her power within each of us calls us to make Love and Connection our goal.
The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 28* Cancer is: A Native Anerican girl introduces her white lover to her assembled tribe. This symbolizes the need to unite our instincts and intutions that are grounded in community to a new way of doing things. How can we belong to a 'tribe' while at the same time retaining our individuality (the white man)? How can our connection to Nature open our intellect to a bigger vision of life?
The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 28* Capricorn is: A large aviary. This place where birds are kept is a symbol of our ability to hear inner guidance. Birds have always been a symbol of spiritual messengers, and the container of these messengers is our own soul. We have to learn to listen to the voices within us, while also discerning which are true and which are false.
This Capricorn Full Moon is challenged by Uranus in Aries, as it slows down to turn retrograde on July 29th. So Uranus is very powerful right now. Uranus in Aries is a clarion call to awaken to our destiny. This energy radicalizes our emotional body (Sun in Cancer) and disrupts 'business as usual' (Moon in Capricorn).
The Sabian symbol for Uranus stationing at 25* Aries is: The possibilithy for humans to gain experience at two levels of being. Let the inner match the outer.
All three symbols speak to uniting what has been separated. As the Beatles said: "I know you, you know me. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free. Come together right now over me.” (Come Together)
This Full Moon also forms a grand trine—a talent and gift—in water between Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. It's a gift of emotional intelligence where we see deeply and act on what we see (Mars in Scorpio) to heal the wounds (Chiron in Pisces) to our collective soul.
Which means, it's time to envision how we want our world to change. What will a 'new world order' that the people create look like? For me, it's about smaller is better. Local regions need to manufacture there own needs—food, clothing, cars etc. Wouldn't that be better than having these goods come from all over the world? And people would actually have jobs where their families live, so we aren't separated anymore. Also work less, enjoy life more. What's your vision?
Venus and Mercury are in Leo, forming a nice trine to Saturn, the ruler of our Capricorn Moon. Our creativity comes from our belief that we each have wisdom to share. Don't worry about what others think. Just come from your heart and show us what's there.

Yes, I know this is shorter than usual. I'm away helping my 91 year old mother move. So enjoy July and see you in August.

Walk in the Light,

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