Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Cosmic Story: January 2017

I'm in the midst of travels and change, so here is a quick review of January's Cosmic Story.

The Pluto/Uranus square that occurred 7x’s between 2012-2015 is again being resonated by Jupiter’s passage through another cardinal sign, Libra. All these planets energizing cardinal signs signify the tremendous challenges awaiting us in 2017. 2017 is a great year to creatively and fearlessly play with these energies of change

This mont
h while the Sun travels through the sign of Capricorn, it will connect with the Pluto in Capricorn/Uranus in Aries/Jupiter in Libra T-Square (when 2 planets oppose each other and both square a 3rd planet). This tension-filled aspect opens us to change. The Sun in Capricorn joined Pluto on January 6th; it will square Uranus on January 10th and Jupiter on January 11th, hours before the Cancer Full Moon. 

Are we ready to make a change? We’ll find out on this month’s Full Moon in Cancer on January 12th. The Moon at 23* Cancer moves into the 4th leg of the T-Square, grounding and resolving some of the issues it presents. Cancer urges us to pay attention to our emotional body, our family, our homes and our communities. We have to bring in the Divine Feminine, the source of our soul’s nourishment. What feels right must be rooted in our feminine wisdom, not in an unconscious lashing out over hurt feelings as some of our male leaders seem to be doing.

Uranus opposed Jupiter (Dec. 26th), calling for a balance of freedom and fairness in our relationships. Did you experience that? I did with my family, which was really wonderful. With both planets squaring Pluto, creating tensions that effect us and our society. Can we be civil even to those people who have ‘different’ values, especially since many times, we have the same values, just with different names? it’s so important to engage in civil discourse again, so volunteer to do it next time you find yourself in a conversation.

Pluto is moving slowly ahead to 19* Capricorn, continuing to expose what’s dead and offering us a space to imagine the possibility of new life if we let go of the old. Then if we can adapt to any opportunities which come our way, we might discover what we have to offer the future. Uranus challenges us from 21* Aries to experiment, to take ownership of our purpose this lifetime, which is to help create a new society. Forge ahead! You are a pioneer! Jupiter in Libra expands our vision of social justice and partnership possibilities. We will see may people standing up for equality of gender, sexuality, race, religion.

Mercury goes direct on Sunday, January 8th at 29* Sagittarius and will move ahead into Capricorn on January 13th. Mercury in Capricorn is practical and organized. If you didn’t do it already, clean up your files and leave space to dream.

Mars in Pisces is a spiritual warrior, more apt to stand up for others then himself. Mars squares/challenges Saturn in Sagittarius on January 19th, just minutes before the Sun enters Aquarius. What are our goals and which might need to be changed? In what ways have our goals changed since the late summer? We might have one goal at harvest time that no longer is viable as the Winter sets in. What do we want to focus on now that we see a new year shaping up?

Venus is also in Pisces, a sign she is very comfortable in. Here she can express herself as Divine Love, Compassion and Wisdom. She meets up with spiritual, imaginative Neptune hours after the Cancer Full Moon on January 12th,, adding her compassion and care to Cancer’s nurturing. Venus will square Saturn on January 27th, hours before the Aquarius New Moon, focusing us on what our compassion can accomplish if we stand for the Truth.

So, this month stay conscious of all the challenges facing our world—and facing you. Your practical mind and compassionate heart will be tested. Stay true to your values and your beliefs.

See life as an adventure and everything that happens to you as a blessing in this time of wild beauty.

Walk in the Light,

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