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The Cosmic Story: 1st Leo New Moon, July 23, 2017

The Cosmic Story: 1st Leo New Moon, July 23, 2017
Sekhmet: The Sacred Power of the Sun

Constellation of Leo

This morning, just after Mars moved into Leo, I got a skype call from my grandson who’s just about to have his first Mars return. He roared like a Lion for me, showed off his stuffed animals and let me enjoy his playing. That’s Mars in Leo for you. With the Sun in the last few degrees of Cancer, family and fun, sons and grandsons can make your day!
We’re about to enter the twilight zone – a lunar month that begins with a Leo New Moon, which grows into a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo and ends with another Leo New Moon that is also a powerful Solar Eclipse. This is the month when we reclaim our heart’s power to transform our life with love. This is a month to open to the power of creation and let it rip through our psyches until we are breathless with the fun and wonder of the Light. This is the month to step into our heart’s power.
Since Mars will be conjunct this 1st Leo New Moon, he’s in the spotlight. In the past 6 week as Mars journeyed through Cancer, he dove deep into our emotional depths to explore what our souls really desire. Just after he arrived home (Cancer) on June 9th, he made a delightful sextile to Venus in Taurus, who inspired him to envision a future full of environmental justice, love, peace and pleasure, perfecting just after the Sagittarius Full Moon and Jupiter ended his retrograde. Venus helped him get his head aligned with his heart regarding his deepest desires concerning partnership, family and our individual soul desires. What did you discover about your need for security, love, relationship and family?
Then a few weeks later on June 24-25, Mars was challenged by Jupiter to make good on his truth, instead of overreacting to his situation. Did you choose partnership over domination? Where you able to step into real partnership? On the 26th he connected with Neptune in Pisces, the World Soul, embracing the wisdom that to be really happy and at peace, everyone else has to feel that way too.
Mercury joined him on the 28th to make sure he was getting the message because on July 2nd, Mars opposed Pluto in Capricorn, giving him the opportunity to choose to go back to aggression and domination or to align his will with the higher Will of divine evolution. What did you choose? On July 17th, Mars squared Uranus in Aries, offering us the opportunity to shape and channel our own unique way of doing things – or letting things explode because the tension and frustration got too much for us. During those 6 weeks, Mars engaged the dynamic T-Square of revolution, evolution and equality on a feeling level. As he enters Leo, Mars has been reborn!
So now we find ourselves with Mars engaging this first Leo New Moon. There are two New Moons this astrological month, similar to when we have a Blue Full Moon. Every year and a half, the lunar cycle catches up with our solar calendar and the moon cycle flips. For the next year or so, after the 2nd Leo Solar Eclipse New Moon, we’ll find that the Full Moon will be in different signs than the New Moon. This split will make us work a bit harder to integrate our shadow side and stretch us to allow the seeds of these New Moons to blossom in new territory.
At this Leo New Moon, our inner warrior nature will be filled with Light. And because Regulus, the star at the ‘heart of the Lion’ has just precessed into tropical Virgo, the underlying energy of our warrior will be decidedly feminine. Yes, we can look to Wonder Woman as an example of this new feminine warrior, dedicated to ‘saving the world.’ But I’d like to bring in another feminine solar warrior energy for us to contemplate.
Over 10,000 years ago, the Age of Lion held sway. Many people believe the Sphinx was created to represent that age. We also know of an ancient Goddess who probably comes down to us from both Atlantis and Lemuria. The Goddess is Sekhmet, the Lioness Goddess of Egypt. She was the original power of the Sun, way before she became Ra’s Eye (after patriarchy demoted her)

The Sekhmet Temple of Goddess Spirituality in Nevada
Sekhmet is called the powerful one, a warrior goddess who also heals. She was known by 1000 names, although only a few are known to us now. Here are a few of her Sacred Names.

Lady of Fragrance,
Source of the Words of Power,
At Whose Wish the Arts were Born.
Lady of Flame,
Whose Essence is Fire.
Eye of the Sun.
Powerful One who Empowers Us.
Lady of Enchantments
Who Controls the Waters of Life.
Lady of the Magic Lamp.
Mother of All the Gods,
Who Makest Sound Their Bones.
Mistress of Life.
Ancient One.
Goddess of the Galaxies.
Sparkling One.
Keeper of the Divine Order.
Light Beyond Darkness.
Great One of the Place of the Appearance of Silence.
Guide and Protectress from the Perils of the Underworld.
Guardian of the Gates of Life and Death.
Darkness Beyond Light.
Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time.
One Who Was Before the Gods Were.
Encircling One.
Bringer of Wisdom.

Sekhmet’s’ prayer is: Sa Sekhem Sahu. Sa means the breath of life or life force. Sekhem means source, power or might. Sekhem is the power that animates the Sahu, the spiritual body. Sekhem is the power that leads one to spiritual consciousness. 

 Below is a video my fellow priestesses at the Sekhmet Temple in Nevada helped make with our beloved high priestess, Katlyn Breene.

1st Leo New Moon 2017

This Leo New Moon occurs on July 23 at 2:45am PDT/ 5:45am EDT/ 9:45 am GMT.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 1* Leo is: Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition.
Blood from the heart rushes to the head, giving us the energy to act on our desires. Leo is the sign that rules Individuation, Carl Jung’s term for the process of becoming conscious of the soul’s purpose. So this New Moon energy calls us, not to an exaggerated sense of our own ego power, but rather to be the agent of our soul’s purpose.
The Sabian symbol for Mars at 2* Leo is: An epidemic of mumps. (Yes, sometimes these symbols seem strange!) An epidemic is something that spreads throughout society. Mumps is a childhood disease which affects adult males’ testicles. Another sign to me that we need Sekhmet’s warrior power instead of the old Mars power, which tends to dominate and compete. If we’re going to spread anything, we must spread the warrior power of LIFE.

Mars conjuncts the Sun on July 26th at 4* Leo, initiating a new 2-year cycle of our masculine desire nature. Steve Eardley’s Sabian symbol for 4* Leo is: A pointy-eared man from the future flies through a time tunnel to find himself in a business man’s convention. This symbol seems to indicate that a Mr. Spock-like male energy is needed to bring about a change in our economic system. I can’t imagine Spock allowing the continued rape of Mother Earth or the repression of women and minorities to continue in business. It’s just not logical!
The rebirth of the masculine is once again offered to us as Mars meets up with the Sun. How will we use our energy, our vitality, our passion and our desires? Will the men of the world awaken to the path of Heart? Will we become vital, meaning essential to life, so that our light can shine out into the world? Call we all find the courage to discover and then follow our heart’s hope as we head into ‘the great American Eclipse’? This eclipse can be a bridge to a new life so dig deep this month into your heart’s most secret chamber so you know what lies there in preparation for the eclipse on August 21.
This New Moon makes what we call an ‘out of sign’ square to Uranus in Aries, challenging us to be our own unique selves, regardless of what others’ think. That’s a big lesson this month with the South Node in Aquarius. Now is not the time to try to ‘fit in’. Stay true to yourself and let the Sun’s power, and Sekhmet’s power, energize you for the big changes we’re all feeling. Find your community to support you on this much-needed journey.
These are some questions that my friend Divine Harmony asked us. They’re good questions for all of us to ponder.
What are you wanting to bring into manfestation in your life?
What is your greatest desire/inspiration/vision?
What is the obstacle to your desire manifesting or inspiration/vision materializing?
What are you willing to let go of to open up to your destiny more?

Watch what happens to you – and in the news – on July 24th. That’s the day Mercury hits the Eclipse degree of 29* Leo, which it will go back to during its next regrade, which starts on August 12th. It will prefigure what the Eclipse might hold in store for you and for our world.
Mercury slips into its home sign of Virgo on July 25th. Venus moves through Gemini and into Cancer on July 31st, so be prepared to put away your dancing shoes and stay closer to home.
On August 3rd, Uranus begin its yearly retrograde at 29* Aries, whose Sabian symbol is: The music of the Spheres. It’s time to listen within to your inner Wisdom!

That’s all for now until the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on August 7th.

Until then, Shine On!

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