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The Great American Eclipse, August 21, 2017: Cathy's Special

 The Great American Eclipse Special

North America is about to experience a potentially transformative total solar eclipse on August 21st on the royal star Regulus.

If you have any planets around 26-29* Leo/Aquarius/Taurus/Scorpio -- you will be impacted by it in powerful ways.  This eclipse's influence is already being felt and that influence will continue through next year and possibly beyond.

If you want to know how the eclipse is affecting you and your destiny, I have a special for you this summer.

A 1/2 hour eclipse reading for $55.00.  We'll look at which planets are most effected and what parts of your life will be impacted.  Email me for an appointment at


As a student of astrology, numerology and Women's Spirituality, I've just had my very first "Eclipse Reading" from, Cathy Pagano, Jungian Psychotherapist, Astrologer, Life Coach. Very Interesting, eye opening info was rendered to me on this upcoming and very potent August 21, 2017 Leo Eclipse. For info please check out her FB page and her site. Gotta Leo Moon tonight...go for it!!!

Chickie Farella, "A Kinder Brand of Patriarchy!"

More on the eclipse:
Did you know that America is hosting a total Solar Eclipse, country-wide, on August 21st, 2017? The eclipse crosses the Continental US on a diagonal from the Oregon in the Northwest to South Carolina in the Southeast. (See Map below.) Because it crosses the country, millions people will experience full totality and the rest of the country will experience it as a partial eclipse.

The 70 mile corridor of totally will offer up a spectacular show – the day will turn to night, and the stars and planets will shine out for about 2 ½ minutes. Check out the map and if you live within driving distance of totality, I suggest you go and experience the mystery and magic of a day turning into night.
The whole Earth gets quiet.
This Solar Eclipse occurs at 28*53’ Leo and it conjunctions the Royal Star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion. So the first thing we know is that we have to be ‘lion-hearted’. 
Constellation of Leo
Regulus 'Heart of the Lion'
Then the Sabian symbol for this 29th degree of Leo is: A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form. While mermaids have a vast mythology, their psychological meaning is a ‘personification of a stage of awareness still partially enveloped by the ever-moving and ever-elusive ocean of the collective Unconscious.’ (Dane Rudhyar: Astrological Mandala) Mermaids sing a siren song – they beckon us on with an intuition of something spectacular, that’s just beyond our reach. Will the intuition be reabsorbed back into the unconscious or will it emerge into a concrete form? This symbol expresses our deepest desire to live spiritually, consciously and creatively. Can we grow legs?

What an invitation to awaken to our creative essence! What a gift from the cosmos at this most chaotic time.

If you have any planets at 26*-30* of Leo and Aquarius as well as Taurus and Scorpio, this eclipse is calling to you.

Eclipses occur in series that last over 1300 years and that repeat every 18+ years, so we can study some of the results throughout history. Each eclipse has a meaning we glean from the first eclipse in the series. The first eclipse occurred on January 4, 1639 with the Sun and Moon at 13*49’ Capricorn. The Sabian symbol for 14* Capricorn is: An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture. It is an eclipse series that demands that we remember what values are important and let go of the inconsequential things. At this moment in history, we have to let go of our consumerism and neglect of our Mother Earth. We have to rise up to defend life!
This powerful eclipse can bring us a new reality based on the spiritual laws of life. Bernadette Brady rocks the astrological eclipse world and she says this is the meaning of the August 21st total solar eclipse: the unexpected fortunate turn of events. Expectations that are unrealistic but success comes through an older person or those where you least expect it.

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The Cosmic Story: Summer Solstice & Cancer New Moon 2017

The Cosmic Story: Summer Solstice & Cancer New Moon 2017

Sacred Marriage

The Sun goes into the sign of Cancer at the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, on the night of June 20th--June 21st. And this year, the Cancer New Moon occurs on the third day when the ‘Sun stands still’ at the Solstice before it turns back South. So this Cancer New Moon is supercharged with the blessings of the Summer Solstice, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth.
Summer Solstice, when life is abundant with heaven’s blessings, is also a time to come home to yourself so that Sacred Marriage can happen within you as well as out in the world. This is the season to find your inner Beloved and marry that energy to your consciousness. You will birth something awesome this next year if you do. 

Summer Solstice chart 2017

This year’s Solstice chart has the Sun in Cancer and it’s ruler, the Moon, in Taurus, the sign of its exaltation. That means the Moon is very happy in Taurus where it can ground in its nurturing power to make things grow. The Moon is conjunct Taurus’ ruler, Venus, and receives a power boost from Pluto in Capricorn as well as a little magic from Neptune in Pisces. I would say this Solstice chart invites us to manifest our deepest dreams with love, intelligence and grace, both for yourself and for the world. We have to birth a new society that will bring our deepest ideals into reality. We do that by living those ideals. The American Revolution is in its second phase: the future is calling our names.
Summer Solstice has always been a time of joyous celebrations, for the Light is bright, the Earth is fruitful and life’s pleasures are appreciated, because we know that soon the Dark will Rise, for the Dark is as important to life as Light. Unfortunately our society no longer honors the Dark for its true gifts of inner vision, possibilities and silence; rather we misunderstand it and twist it into our cruelty to life, our fear of death and our unconsciousness. So at this great festival of Light – embrace the kernel of darkness within you, the seed of future possibilities, without fear. Change is the only constant.
We honor the Great Mother of Life as the Sun rises high in the North, just as we honor Grandfather Spirit when the Sun travels to the deepest South. (Happy Winter Solstice to everyone down there!) Cancer the Mother symbolizes the primordial waters/womb that give birth to all life. As Above, So Below. Cancer also symbolizes our emotional bodies, just as our particular Moon (ruler of Cancer) shapes our unique emotional body. The emotional body processes the emotional energies that activate and carry us through life, reflecting how we experience life. Do we embrace life to the fullest, or try to hold back and control it? Do we meet life as an adventure or as a responsibility? Do we love to sink into a depression and stay there or do we let the river of our emotions flow unimpeded so when we get pulled under by depression, we pop right back up and take a breath and see what else life has to offer? An Aries Moon will process her emotional life differently than a Cancer or Virgo Moon. Their emotional wounds will be different.
This month as the Sun travels through Cancer, most of us will turn our attention to home, family, nurturing, beach, relaxation – whatever says mother love and nurturing to you. It’s a season of self-care and abundance, so don’t miss this opportunity to pamper yourself in all the right ways. Excess is sloppy and not really nurturing. Unwind and get centered.
A few hours after the Sun enters Cancer, Mercury, who just raced through Gemini after trudging through Taurus, leaps into the arms of Mother Cancer and then dances with the Sun in the early morning. When I was a kid, early summer mornings were the best – soft breezes blowing through open windows, bright light filling the room and best of all, no school! In that relaxed, happy moment, I was totally at one with the world. That’s what Mercury in Cancer’s mission is. A dive into the watery depths of life to bring back the heart’s messages on how to recapture that peace, pleasure and at-one-ment. The emotional security of home.

Cancer New Moon

Cancer New Moon 2017

This year’s Cancer New Moon slips home on June 23rd during the window of the Summer Solstice. All New Moons are energetic births and beginnings, but the Cancer New Moon stands out because Cancer is the Moon’s domain. The Cancer New Moon re-births our emotional body, asking us to dig ever deeper to find our true home. To feel most ourselves.
The Great Mother ocean, symbolized by the sign of Cancer, gave birth to life on this planet and continues to give birth to each of us on Cancer’s New Moon.
The Cancer New Moon occurs on Friday, June 23rd at 7:31pm PDT/ 10:31pm EDT and Saturday, June 24th at 2:31am GMT.  
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun and Moon at 3* Cancer is: An arctic explorer, following up reports of a unicorn, brings back a reindeer instead.  (the Revised Sabian Symbols, Steven D. Eardley)   So here we set off to explore the unknown, expecting to find magic.  The Unicorn symbolizes the magic of self-ownership, a purity of spirit, for he only comes to a virgin--a woman who belongs to herself.  And that leads to infinite possibilities.  But expectations can cause trouble, so this symbol cautions us to let go of expectations and see what happens.  Reindeer symbolizes wisdom, resourcefulness, cleverness, knowledge, creativity, inventiveness and cleverness. That's the real way to embrace magic!

The Great Mother

This Cancer New Moon is very juicy. The Great Mother is cooking up a sweet and spicy stew for us. Its taste is fiery, bold, rich and sweet – a truly subtle blend of spices. Just what the Mother ordered to nurture our emotional bodies so we can embrace this summer’s Great American Eclipse that occurs on ‘the heart of the lion’. So we can embrace our soul’s work in the world.
As a base note, the bone broth has been cooking since the mid-60s – an initial blast of evolutionary fire sustained by an ever growing, awakening consciousness. It’s been deepening ever since, and took on a new depth and richness in the last 5 years. The multiple flavors add zest while the chaotic undertones add excitement. This stew is cooking!
Nested within this soupy broth, the Mother added a magnificent contradiction: How to bring light and dark, sweet and sour, fiery and cold together? Or Heaven and Earth/ Neptune and Saturn? How to get down to business, how to re-imagine a society, how to contribute to society as spiritual beings? This past year she’s had to separate out the truth from the lies, what is unhealthy from what feeds the soul. Skimming off waste so the true taste can shine through.
The stew is thickening. Now it’s time to bring in the big taste that will bring it all together. Pluto bursting out through Jupiter in Libra has been exposing all the ways we are not a fair and just society everyday in the news; it’s also been bringing out the peacemakers and justice seekers to rectify imbalances. Uranus beaming through Jupiter offers its unique take on the world. This big taste has to be added with a light hand, or instead of being the perfect blending agent, it could tip the scales into something too hot or too bland. Don’t take your individual mandate too far in either direction. We’re meant to work together on this new creation. 
 The fires of Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and the Leo North Node bestow the gift of transformation on us.  Let your passionate inspiration and vision come through in your creation. 
That’s where the personal planets make all the difference. Know yourself and how you uniquely express these universal energies. Then see how those birth energies are influenced by these added textures.
As mentioned, Mercury slipped into Cancer just after the Solstice, so the Mind takes on a watery depth, dispersing through the stew to pick up intuitive clues about our emotional state. Since Mars is also in Cancer, just beginning to connect with Jupiter before hitting Pluto’s power and then Uranus’ awakening, expect some hot and spicy exchanges, especially with family and friends – probably about politics. Try to listen, because the other person probably won’t.
Mars in Cancer can steam up quickly and first the Moon and then the Sun and Mercury will gather steam as they move through the sign and connect with Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. There’s a need to protect your people, not just yourself. Fiery, revolutionary energy is around for this 4th of July. This must have been what our forefathers and foremothers felt like before the Revolution. Dissatisfied and electrified and listening to what their emotional bodies needed. Freedom from tyranny.
Venus is in her own sign of Taurus, bringing music and laughter, art and dance, love and sensuality to the mix. This goddess holds ancient wisdom and we need to embrace what she brings to our lives. It is our creativity, our enjoyment of life, our love and self-worth that make life rich and fulfilling – just like the Mother’s stew. As in the Solstice chart, Venus is offered Pluto’s powerful energies as well as Neptune’s creative imagination to do her part in making this life, and stew, worthwhile. She’s also resonating with the new lunar nodes in late Leo, offering her gifts and talents for our much-needed Self-expression.
All in all, the Mother is offering us deeply satisfying nourishment at this Cancer New Moon. She can help us re-birth ourselves through a deeper, fuller connection to our soul’s desires. Help to strengthen our emotional body for the work ahead – it’s time to bring your new form into the world, a form that is juicy with life and light and love.

Because these Cancer planets are re-activating the deep energies of revolutionary awakening, remember that these emotional energies can scare you as well as enliven you. Try not to retreat behind Cancer’s hard shell when you fall into fear. Just let it flow out of you and acknowledge the experience. Don’t hold onto the emotions; rather, ride the waves. Fear and guilt are society’s control mechanisms. Let them wash through you and free your heart. It is magnificent! Let it do its work of nurturing the seed of light within you.

Blessed Be!

In Praise of the Earth - John O'Donohue
Where there is no vision, the people perish.
-- Proverbs 29:18

In Praise of the Earth

Let us bless
The imagination of the Earth.
That knew early the patience
To harness the mind of time,
Waited for the seas to warm,
Ready to welcome the emergence
Of things dreaming of voyaging
Among the stillness of land.

And how light knew to nurse
The growth until the face of the Earth
Brightened beneath a vision of color.

When the ages of ice came
And sealed the Earth inside
An endless coma of cold,
The heart of the Earth held hope,
Storing fragments of memory,
Ready for the return of the sun.

Let us thank the Earth
That offers ground for home
And holds our feet firm
To walk in space open
To infinite galaxies.

Let us salute the silence
And certainty of mountains:
Their sublime stillness,
Their dream-filled hearts.

The wonder of a garden
Trusting the first warmth of spring
Until its black infinity of cells
Becomes charged with dream;
Then the silent, slow nurture
Of the seed's self, coaxing it
To trust the act of death.

The humility of the Earth
That transfigures all
That has fallen
Of outlived growth.

The kindness of the Earth,
Opening to receive
Our worn forms
Into the final stillness.

Let us ask forgiveness of the Earth
For all our sins against her:
For our violence and poisonings
Of her beauty.

Let us remember within us
The ancient clay,
Holding the memory of seasons,
The passion of the wind,
The fluency of water,
The warmth of fire,
The quiver-touch of the sun
And shadowed sureness of the moon.

That we may awaken,
To live to the full
The dream of the Earth
Who chose us to emerge
And incarnate its hidden night
In mind, spirit, and light.

~ John O'Donohue ~

(To Bless the Space Between Us)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Cosmic Story: Sagittarius Full Moon, 2017

The Cosmic Story: Sagittarius Full Moon 2017
Truth, Lies and Choices

Today I was listening to NPR’s On Point and the talk was about the fact that human beings are hard-wired to lie. I don’t know if I agree with them completely. I think our culture hard-wires us to develop shadow personalities, and so we learn to lie to protect ourselves from the harsh rules and judgments of patriarchy. Our religions have made us feel unworthy and afraid of any minor infringement of the rules. But who is to say that if we had a different society, we would not lie, because we wouldn’t have to be someone we’re not.


But then again, Gemini’s ruling guide is Mercury, the god of lies and cons as well as the psychopomp who leads soul between realms. And other cultures have their gods of lies and deception, so is it built into our human nature or is our nature shaped by our society?
It is true that all of us tend to lie at some point in our lives. I know that many women will lie when they don’t feel they have the right to state their needs and desires, especially when they don’t want to make love to their husbands. Our fifth chakras need lots of work if we’re going to speak our truths instead of hiding behind lies. Lies aren’t always bad – they can be as simple as a woman’s cultural conditioning to say ‘yes’ to helping when she really wants to say ‘no’. But lies can also destroy trust between people, especially when the liar refuses to admit he’s lying when he’s caught out.
Or the lie can be big, so big that it controls people’s lives. Like the lie that America is exceptional – better than anyone else. Like the lie that capitalism is the best economic system in the world and it will work for anyone willing to work. Or that a certain religion is evil. Or that a rich man, who has never cared for anyone but himself, suddenly says that he has compassion for poor and struggling people and they believe him, even when he takes away the very government programs that help them, while shunting more money to the wealthy and powerful.
Lies are cons, and we all have a little conman in us. The worst lie, the worst con, is the one we perpetuate on ourselves. When we lie to ourselves. The lie that we’re right and everyone else is wrong. The lie that the life we’re living is good – even though most of us are addicted to something that takes us away from life. The lie that we can’t do anything to change our lives, that we’re stuck where we are. Lies become truths when you can’t see the big picture. That what this week’s Sagittarius Full Moon can show us. The Big Picture.
Are we predisposed to lie? Maybe. But we all have choices—it’s called free will. The one rule I had for my kids was that we didn’t have to lie about things. That they didn’t have to lie to me if they fought, got high, snuck out of the house or got bad grades. And they didn’t. The truth helped us all stay true to ourselves. I find that for the small and big issues in life, if you don’t have to lie to your parents, you don’t lie to yourself.
And that’s what we need to do now, as we continue the roller-coaster ride through the next decade as the revolution unfolds. Our operating system needs an upgrade. Too many old ways of thinking are no longer viable. They just don’t work in this new world we’re creating. They twist our thoughts and words to fit into an old schematic. And so we lie. We can keep what is good from the old ways while letting the rest go. But the powerful don’t like to give up their power, and so we each have to stand in our truth so that there is so much Truth shining out we can’t ignore it. The future is calling us. And we need to see and speak the truth if we’re ever going to make it.

Sagittarius Full Moon

This week’s Sagittarius Full Moon lights up the issue of truth and lies. Sagittarius is the archetypal energy of the journey, the Quest to find the Truth. Christina at Zodiac Poetry speaks about Sagittarius’ quest as the hero’s journey, the goal which is attained is really the self-discovery and growth of the hero. As we journey toward our life’s goals, our old, outworn prejudices, beliefs and values are outgrown and left behind, and we emerge into a new world. What we discover there is eternal. 

Sagittarius -- the Archer
Sagittarius is the sign of cosmic law as well as mundane laws,: the sign of spirituality as well as of mundane religions, the sign of expansion, optimism and vision as well as religious fanaticism, which is basically a narrow, pessimistic, rigid vision. The Moon in Sagittarius is comfortable when she knows her beliefs and lives them. But most of our beliefs are unconscious, created at an early age before our ego develops. So rational thinking can’t change our lives; we have to change our limiting beliefs. We do this through the imagination, through working with our dreams, through journeying within to discover what energies are holding us hostage. Then we can discover our Truths. We might be surprised at what we find. But the gift is that then we can change those beliefs.
We have a Sagittarius Full Moon when the Sun is in Gemini. Gemini is the archetypal energy of the Mind, the energy of experiencing life through the Mind: the fact-collector, seeking information and putting it in categories that help us frame our world-view. Gemini loves to connect with people, experience everything and act as the go-between. But Gemini is so busy categorizing life’s experiences fun, boring, interesting -- that he often doesn’t find the meaning of those experiences.
That’s where Sagittarius comes in – Sagittarius finds meaning for us. When we understand the meaning of our experiences, we can let go of the stuck energy around the wounds, freeing up that energy for new life. Understanding gives rise to greater consciousness, which opens us to new and greater experiences. This is what archetypal Mind is for. We need to heal our collective Mind to enter the Age of Aquarius, the sign of a future-oriented group consciousness. We have to unite the left & right brains and operate out of a whole brain, opening to the wisdom of our imaginations so we can name and organize that information with the rational mind. Finally, any conclusions we arrive at must hold true to our spiritual beliefs. This is how we live a meaningful life. 

This Sagittarius Full Moon falls close to Saturn retrograde, adding a dimension of reality and discipline to the mix. What is the Truth? What is my Truth? Those are the questions everyone is talking about today. We are living in the energies of last year’s Saturn/Neptune square and this Full Moon re-engages with those energies, with the Sun and Moon/Saturn squaring Neptune in Pisces (which turns retrograde on June 16th). Saturn in Sagittarius formed a waning square to Neptune in Pisces all last year, opening up a Pandora’s box about truth and delusion, fake news and ‘real’ news, facts and alternative-facts. Neptune’s realm of the imagination can deceive us if we operate out of our personal desires. We can cloak ourselves in delusions and believe we are seeing the truth. Or Neptune can bless us by opening us to the voice of Spirit. The difference comes through our ability to let go of our ego’s need to be right and to actively listen. By now, we need to make friends with Neptune in Pisces and get over being deluded by it. It is a great opening of the creative imagination, so stay centered and listen.


The Cosmos is asking us to look at the world and see the Truth. Nations talk about democracy, equality, fairness and freedom, but do we really live those ideals? Do we ignore the disconnect between how we see ourselves and how we act? Are we living up to the best of humanity, to our beliefs and values, or are we hypocrits who say one thing and do another? As we come to the end of an evolutionary cycle, we get to see our Shadows because we can’t advance into the future without healing the darkness of the past. We heal it, not by throwing money at it and not even by apologizing for it, but by understanding the truth and meaning behind our actions so that we can leave that behavior behind us. But it cannot be the old patriarchy’s truths which will give us the wrong meanings. Being gay is not evil! Loving two people isn’t evil! Trying to control a woman’s body IS EVIL! We have to open ourselves to freedom, see the big picture and choose who we want to BE. This is the task that Saturn on this Sagittarius Full Moon sets for us.
Take into your hearts the Truth and change!

Hermes, the Alchemical Mind

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, also works through the Mind, and unfortunately, in our present culture, we often limit him to the rational, left-brain. But Mercury is the messenger who travels between worlds and so he’s also the right-brain imagination. Mercury is the communicator, the translator, our vehicle of expression and he wants to use both sides of the brain to make decisions. This month, work with the mind as he travels quickly through three signs of the zodiac: in Taurus from 5/16-6/6, where he looks at practical applications of his ideas, in Gemini from 6/6-6/21, where he looks for many options about where to go from here, and in Cancer from 6/21-7/6, where he dives deeply into the feeling of ‘being home’. This month is all about shifting our attention, opening our Mind and listening in different ways to what life is offering us.
Caroline Casey offers us a way to work with our Mercury: “Ask for the power of words and articulation so that you may be more effectively and uniquely expressive. Ask for tolerance for the modes of expression of others. Inculcate a willingness to speak to everything in its own language. … Offer yourself as a voice for those things that have no voice.” (Caroline W. Casey, Making the Gods Work For You, Piatkus, 1998, p. 233.)


Another dimension to this Full Moon is that Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, stations and turns to direction motion within an hour of this Full Moon. Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of peace, partnership, equality, justice and the Arts. Retrograde since February 5-6, we’ve been on an internal quest to achieve that balance and find our creative voice. Jupiter trines the Sun in Gemini, adding a more balanced view of things to Gemini’s usual bag of tricks. Jupiter is the archetypal storyteller, the one who carries all those stories in his traveling bag. Art is one of the most effective forms of communication we have, strong enough to break through the hypnotic trance of mass media. Tell your story in whatever medium it wants to inhabit. With its powerful curiosity and seeking, Jupiter’s archetypal energy gives us the optimism to expand our lives and the potential for healthy growth and positive change.
With Jupiter starting to head back into his T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, the revolution continues. Don’t forget to be part of it in whatever way you can.

And there is a brilliant grand fire trine – the flames of desire that inspires – that will liberate us from our inner darkness and free us to bring that light into the world, where it is so needed. Uranus, Pallas Athena and Eris in Aries awaken us to what we need to do. The North Node moved into Leo from Virgo on May 10th, awakening our creative expression and finally it connects to Saturn and therefore the Moon, in Sagittarius, bringing our new hopes and visions into these fires of creation, fires of liberation.
The personal planets connect to each other in early degrees of their signs: Venus is in her own sign of Taurus, opening us to the Earth and to what we value. Mercury is in his own sign of Gemini, twirling faster as he breaks free of earth-bound Taurus. Mars just moved into Cancer, so you might find yourself or your loved ones being over-protective and steamy.
This is quite a strong Full Moon, cradled in the arms of the Revolution/Resistance, exploring the eternal truths and leaving behind useless information and illusions of grandeur. Settle back into your instincts and let your original Mind do its work of making sense of your world. For those of you who are tired of the news, try re-watching the old TV show, The West Wing. It will inspire you with a vision of how mortal men can still uphold Truth with power.

So let’s finish with some Sabian Symbols to speak to your right brain imagination.
The Sagittarius Full Moon occurs on Friday June 9, 2017 at 6:09am PDT/ 9:09am EDT/ 1:09pm GMT. 

The Issues
The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 19* Gemini is: Two Chinese men converse in their native tongue in an American City. Dane Rudhyar sees this as the feeling of isolation we feel when we expand our horizons into the unknown. We want to connect with like-minded people, people who speak our language.
The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 19* Sagittarius is: Pelicans, menaced by the behavior and refuse of men,seek safer areas for bringing up their young. Rudhyar sees this as the need for people concerned for the future to discover new ways of living that are sustainable. So find your people and go back to the land and learn how to sustain yourself. Just in case.

The Initiation
The Sabian Symbol for Saturn at 25* Sagittarius is: A Sculptor at his work. We are tasked with envisioning our future and then manifesting it.
The Sabian Symbol for Neptune at 15* Pisces: An officer instructing his men before a simulated assault under a barrage of live shells. There is going to be a struggle between the old and the new, both within each person and in society. This image asks us to be prepared, while not falling into the delusion that all is lost.

The Gifts
The Sabian Symbol for Jupiter at 14* Libra: In the heat of the noon hour, a man takes a siesta. Remember, there will be moments of Grace and blessings.
The Sabian Symbol for the North Node at 27* Leo is: The luminescence of Dawn in the eastern sky. There is a new Dawn coming and we are challenged to find the new opportunities it offers us. A new Day is Dawning.
The Sabian Symbol for Uranus at 28* Aries is: A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations. I think we all know who this one is talking about. Just don’t forget to look at your own shadows as well. Let’s take our own responsibility for letting the world go to hell in a hangbag.

We are living in exciting time!
Walk in the Light,

There are two poems today. Thank you Joe Riley!

Let's Remake the World

Let's remake the world with words.
Not frivolously, nor
To hide from what we fear,
But with a purpose.

As Wordsworth said, remove
"The dust of custom" so things
Shine again, each object arrayed
In its robe of original light.

And then we'll see the world
As if for the first time.
As once we gazed at the beloved
Who was gazing at us.

~ Gregory Orr ~
(Concerning The Book That Is the Body Of The Beloved)


Old spirit, in and beyond me,
keep and extend me. Amid strangers,
friends, great trees and big seas breaking,
let love move me. Let me hear the whole music,
see clear, reach deep. Open me to find due words,
that I may shape them to ploughshares of my own making.
After such luck, however late, give me to give to
the oldest dance.... Then to good sleep,
and - if it happens - glad waking.

~ Philip Booth ~
(Lifelines: Selected Poems 1950-1999)