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The Cosmic Story: The Grand Conjunction: Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction on Winter Solstice 2020


The Cosmic Story:

The Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction of December 21, 2020


Jupiter - Saturn - Moon

On Monday, December 21, 2020 – the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere – two planets will come together to form a single star in the sky and we get to see it for the first time in 800 years, when they came together in 1226 at 2* Aquarius, the sign of the Collective mindset.

Every 20 years these two big planets come together to start a new cycle of collective experience, but rarely do we get to see them in the sky. If you’ve been paying attention to them, you’ll know that throughout the summer and fall, they’ve been high in the sky but slowly descending into the west. Now if your skies are clear, you can see them just after sunset in the west. In fact, December 16th you probably saw them quite close to the crescent Moon.

The two planets are Jupiter and Saturn and as you can see below, they could be seen in the daytime sky. These two planets, along with Pluto, have been traveling through the sign of Capricorn for the past year or so, highlighting the need for new collective structures and possibilities as Pluto’s energy of death and rebirth continues to take its toll on our world. This Covid year of 2020 has seen these three planets begin 3 new cycles that will help us restructure our social institutions in the coming years. 



2020 has been a heavy, hard time for the whole world, echoed in the heavens by these three planets in the serious, patriarchal sign of Capricorn. But their new cycles will bring an end to patriarchy and a more balanced harmony between the masculine and feminine energies of life. Capricorn can also be imagined as a council of Grandmothers and Grandfathers. The Wise Elders.

We’re about to enter a new phase of human evolution. And the energies will be lighter and more easily handled. There are better days ahead.

Both Saturn (December16) and Jupiter (December 19) will be leaving Capricorn behind and entering Aquarius, where they will meet up on Winter Solstice, December 21st at 1* Aquarius. This is the beginning of a new 200 year cycle in Air signs for these two social planets.

This Grand Conjunction will occur on December 21, 2020 at 9:21am Alaska time, 10:21am PST, 1:21pm EST and 6:21pm GMT.



Besides the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, we have a Sun/Mercury conjunction at 1-2* Capricorn, bringing the collective Mind online with our goals. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune, inspiring big dreams. Uranus in Taurus is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, awakening us to our most natural, earthy feminine soul needs. Mars is joining Eris, his sister warrioress, making sure that the New Masculine is aligned with the heart. And Venus is waking us up to the truth of Love – that Love is the answer to our most basic desires for community, security and partnership.

But back to the main event. We call Saturn (contraction, concrete reality, responsibility, structure) and Jupiter (expansion, exploration, good luck, benevolence) the social planets because they shape our social paradigm, our outer, shared life in society. These two planets meet every 20 years so we’re at the very tail end of the conjunction of 2000.



For the past 200 years, these planets have come together in earth signs, signaling our concern and preoccupation with the material world. As is fitting for the very end of a cycle, we’re seeing how this attitude toward life is no longer sustainable. We’re seeing the breakdown of an old paradigm that needs to die.



Before the 1800s, these two giants met up in water and then fire signs for 200 years each. So the last time they joined together in air signs was from about 1220 to 1420 CE – the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. That’s the energy we’re heading into now.

On Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020 these planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will come within a 16’ arc to each other at 0*29’ Aquarius, the entry point into Aquarius, and perhaps the fertilizing of the Age of Aquarius. These two planets will be so close they might appear as one star. 



The Grand Conjunction, beginning a new cycle in a new element, was understood to be an ending and a new beginning by early astrologers. But it is just the beginning. There will be about 6 more conjunctions in Aquarius before it moves on to another air sign.

Before cycles end, there is always a brief moment when the new cycle appears and then it reverts back to the old cycle. We saw that in 1980-81 when Saturn and Jupiter came together in Libra – an air sign. And then in 2000, the cycle reverted back to earth with a conjunction in Taurus. What did we get out of that Libra/ relationship cycle? Well, for one thing, gender differences came out of the closet and new forms of relationship are now part of our society.

Also, it brought us computers and the world wide web – new forms of communication—air signs.

So this Grand Conjunction in Air will be concerned with new forms of communication, ideas, ideals, as well as communities and new technologies. But we have to bring those ideas down to earth and that’s what the upcoming Saturn square Uranus will do. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius along with Saturn, will challenge us to bring our ideas down to earth/Taurus.

The Sabian symbol for Saturn and Jupiter at 1* Aquarius is: A cubical white temple in the desert. This is a symbol of grounded, deep, experiential mysticism. It is a place of spiritual power which has persisted through millennia. Where things look most dead, that is where we find the spiritual heart of matter. The desert is a place of purification and transformation. This cube grounds in Spirit to Matter.

In sacred geometry, Archangel Metatron, the angel of life oversees the flow of energy in a mystical cube known as Metatron's Cube, which contains all of the geometric shapes in God's creation and represents the patterns that make up everything God has made.”

As astrologer Divine Harmony states, these two planets are the Great Teachers – Saturn as the Gatekeeper at the Door/The Life Initiator and Jupiter as the Guru/ Spiritual Guide.

Now that they come together in Aquarius, the sign of collective consciousness, Cosmic Mind, telepathy, groups, tribes and communities, technology, of Cosmic Law and Archetypal patterns (Carl Jung said that the Age of Aquarius would be the outpouring of the Archetypal nature of reality), there will be a shift in humanity’s consciousness. Maybe it will also be the Age when we reconnect with our galactic family. But first we have to reconnect to Nature’s Mind, which is our mission for the next few years as Jupiter and Saturn square Uranus, Nature’s cosmic mind, in Taurus.

Instead of falling into duality with these two teachers, we can alchemize their energies by holding the tension of opposites until a new, third transcendent way appears. We have to be able to live in paradox, in a sense of this is truth and also that is true. Maybe if we do this right, the deep divisions between people can be healed, because basically, most people want the same things. We’ve been manipulated and divided by the powers that rule our world so we don’t turn to them and hold them accountable.

One way we hold these opposite energies together is to see spirit (Jupiter) in matter (Saturn). If we start talking to Nature, Nature will start talking back to us. Perhaps then we’ll learn how to heal our world. (Have you seen the documentary Fantastic Fungi?-- this is one way we can learn from the natural world.)

But right now, we are still in the chaos of a changing world. It is the silence between our in-breath and out-breath. Now we just need to stay in awe of the beauty of the cosmos and its workings. We, like the Magi in the Christ story, need to follow the star and find the Divine Child within.

People are comparing this conjunction to the Christmas star of Bethlehem. Johannes Kepler, astronomer and astrologer, thought that the Star of Bethlehem was probably a conjunction of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. I can’t say if that’s true, but I do have an experience of seeing an amazing conjunction of planets on Christmas morning 1970 at about 4 am.

Venus, Jupiter and Mars came together to form such a bright star that there was starlight on the water (my in-laws live on Narragansett Bay). Later, the balsamic Moon in Scorpio rose to join them. It was indescribable and back then, no immediate camera to take a picture. But it lives in my heart and brings me joy.

It heals our hearts when we remember that Nature is alive with magic and beauty.

With this Grand Conjunction in Air, we’re going to be asked to discover how we use our Mind – the great decider. It holds the power to create with our intention. This next year is about discovering what we think, how we think and what habits of thought work against us.

It’s also a time when we need our Artists to bring in the new vision. I’ve been talking about Bards and artists for decades now, wondering why these change agents weren’t as important as they were in the 60s-70s. Music especially is an art of the Air element. We need air to hear the sound of music. Music goes right to the heart of things – that’s why the ancients always talked about ‘the music of the spheres’. 


Hopefully, all the arts will be making a comeback, for we are heading into a new Renaissance, which was so focused on the arts as change-agents. Artists can visualize details with great precision and that’s what you need if you want to go into the quantum field and manifest something. So that attention to detail, feeling and visualization is what we need to concentrate on now as we bring in a new paradigm.

Earth’s magnetic field is changing, and so is our own personal field. It’s time to upgrade our consciousness. We are shifting from the old to the new. The old unravels rapidly now, destabilizing the old order. We need the total deconstruction of the old structures and energies so that a new vision and a new way of being begins to manifest and take hold.

Our frequencies are going to manifest more fully – so magnify your values – live them and shine them out as your light. It might even begin to repair the Earth’s magnetic field. And if we maintain a higher frequency ourselves, we’ll connect to those people on our vibrational level.

This Grand Conjunction holds the blueprint of society for the next 20 years. So we are at a seed time. Look at the house in your natal chart where this conjunction is happening for you and know that if you make an intention now, you have time to manifest it in the next 20 years.

Just one more bit of hope for our future. Looking at America’s birth chart, which shows us the energies that birthed the American Revolution and our country, we can progress that chart just like a personal birth chart. Using the July 4, 1776 chart that astrologer Caroline Casey thinks we should work with, one that sets the time at 2:25pm, something amazing turns up.


 Progressed 4th of July chart

In a country’s chart, the Moon symbolizes ‘the people’. And in the US progressed chart, the progressed Moon was at 29* Capricorn conjunct Pluto for the past few months. Americans have been through a real death of our belief in our government, as we watch the president and half the people and their representatives refuse to abide by the rules of ‘the changing of the guard’. The end of Capricorn finds us at the end of empire – we are no longer a shining example for the world. We have let ourselves be brought low and now we’re experiencing a death. A death of our ideals as Americans but also a death of the corporate culture of capitalism. But rebirth follows soon after.

Now comes the good part. By Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020, America’s progressed Moon will also be at 1* Aquarius right where this Grand Conjunction is taking place. Perhaps it is a cosmic promise that we will all be looking at and moving toward the future in a more positive way.

Consciousness changes the story. Are you ready to co-create a new story?

It’s time to Evolve.

Warm blessings for this magical Solstice.


St Francis of Assisi explains the creative process this way: “The woman who works with her hands is a laborer; the woman who works with her hands and her head is a craftswoman; the woman who works with her hands, and her heart is an artist.”

May the artist within each of us rise up and create!

Here is my gift of a Winter Solstice story for you:


  1. Luminous Awakening

    Debut Game from Luminous Productions Unveiled. PROJECT ATHIA Coming to PlayStation®5 and PC - Luminous Productions

    New days, new dawns, new destinations;
    open, endless, unforeseen* * *

    surging Wonder navigates celestial array,
    merrily rips through veils
    as each, cast away, reveals greater lumination.

    Each new day we relive the old, acting out dramas unresolved.
    All we need do is breathe to play to dance into our unbound creation.

    Dawn imbues inspiration,
    bounteous gifts free of obligation,
    energy gleefully received.
    Before the dawn
    take peace into each breath, each incantation
    from the strength to align impeccably
    with who we best might be.

    Words of Peace
    speak beyond mundane language
    sharing profound
    graceful dancing
    to rising
    carried forth through song.

    Lightning aurora bursts
    expose prospective trails.

    Hope emanates, flows into form.
    We charge fiercely into each new
    Initiate, ignite, rejoice.

    Enchanting pipes
    of Pan, dawn's magic, drawn on
    painted sky.
    What was lost may be re-crafted,
    re-tuned to future minds.
    Onward humans seen in flashes,
    hale and strong, brave and true.
    Joined in conjure,
    raise our glasses.
    Do as we must do.

    We are calling in the dawn.
    Calling, gently, our many voices.
    How do we call thee, oh joyfully smiling mother?
    Welcome arising in our hearts,
    anoints our many-colored soul.
    Take in the day.
    Join in dance in the sunshine.
    We are alove and strong
    in primeval paradise.
    Upon a windswept beach,
    our eyes, our arms
    raised in blessing.
    Totality is ours.

    Imagine the day that dawns when
    you are no longer dreaming.

    The new day dawning
    will encounter clouds and hailstorms,
    turbulence and destruction.
    It will be a day of startling showers and
    unsettled wind,
    of unreasoned pain
    and empty solace.
    It will be a day to try already devastated souls.
    But it will be a day of infinite possibilities.

    A new day dawning, look up everyone.
    Breathe, energized in
    luminous awakening
    to a season of wild abandon
    a golden moment of sensation
    In a flash --
    Alive to a new imagining

    This is the first measure of the first movement,
    a pirouette, a dervishly delightfilled whirl.
    Cast upon this rocky estuary, dance inner wise,
    third eye calling dawn into destiny.

    What world is this
    in swaddling clothes
    at the break of dawn?

  2. Thank you for this. Happy solstice blessings to you